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(Comedy) Two cops pull off a robbery at the wrong gas station when the men to whom the clerk owes money arrive demanding payment.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) It depicts the sweetness of being alive in your twenties in America.
(Comedy) Aging was associated with wisdom and respect, but not any more so Dorian buys a mirror and a chance to look 25. She achieves her dream career, but learns the hard way what's more important than looking good. Her cloud's silver lining doesn't last, but something better does.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When the world is in need of staying the course of time, a few are taken from the worlds timeline and deemed Voyagers, those who travel through time to set things right.
(Comedy, Drama) Dark comedy: After losing a close friend in Iraq. Bobby a fighter with a heart of gold puts a band of "misfit" paratroopers, and he is surprised by a mistaken pregnancy.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Cursed with a legacy of untalented citizens, folks from a legendary town find themselves competing for a ticket to Hollywood when America’s Idol shows up seeking contestants.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) This script s part of a series called Once Upon a Playhouse- real plays for real kids, and one senior citizen.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Alberta perfects a time machine by using aromatic concoctions that transport the passengers to another place and time. Landing in Las Vegas in the 60’s, a young girl mistakes a copy cat act of The Beatles for the real thing, and brings them back to the present time.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) After a young New Yorker experiences his family’s financial ruin due to a Ponzi scheme, he must move out of the city to a small town in Nebraska. Embittered by his circumstance, he seeks revenge on the kids of his new hometown by conjuring up some schemes of his own.
(Comedy, Drama) Un hombre intenta robar un banco y la cosa se lía.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) My real life buddy has kept a true hourly secret diary of his incredible life . These one of a kind diaries are ready to be made into 10 years worth of scripted internet television with 4 major motion pictures in between. Product placement and licensing potential.
(Comedy, Drama) After getting screwed by a Superior Court Judge, a Long Island limo driver and pals get revenge on the corrupt establishment.
(Comedy) A mom, dad and their ballroom dance champion daughter, Erica, are in the construction business; complications arise when each family member has a surprise for the others that causes many funny and touching adventures.
(Comedy) A failed writer winds up trying to teach English at a technical school.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A top morning show with an handsome host has the cheapest budget it’s skinflint owner can devise. It needs a co-host or go off the air. To the show’s rescue is Mary Jane Kander, the wildest old grandmother in the universe, Dear San Francisco may never be the same
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A famous children's writer decides to give up writing and retire to Connecticut when she runs out of ideas for Christmas stories, and suddenly Christmas isn't the same joy for her in her own heart. Into her life to examine why is a Santa Claus a little different from before.
(Comedy) Jake, a struggling writer, and his three best friends of equal but separate life problems suddenly see their luck turn around when Jake inherits a Hollywood mansion thanks to his absent and famous father. Can this sudden change in fortune change this group for the better?
(Comedy, Drama) Growing up in a racially charged world, two teenagers are trying to find their place through the birth of an underground music genre later known as “hip-hop”.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) It is the script to a homework assignment in Digital Literature.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) ETHAGY, Inventions of the future and the worlds leading company in advancements to life. With the most unlikely people secretly testing Each device before use.
(Comedy) A montage of characters from the web comic series "Cheap Secrets the Secreto Barato Show" set to the shows theme song. http://www.CheapSecrets.com
(Comedy, Drama) Mike helps Fiona, an angel who escaped from Heaven, to hide. One day, he falls in love with her, but the angel doesn't know what the human love is...
(Comedy) Hollywood Shuffle meets Gangland
(Comedy) A conman hoodwinks all the rich men to invest in his bogus investment-Light Comedy
(Comedy) It's Grand National day, the bookies biggest pay day of the year & Terry's meticulous planed STICKUP starts to disintegrate almost before it begins. Set in the gritty worlds of betting shops, mini-cab offices and council estates.
(Comedy) An intoxicated film of a helicopter ride over miami beach, florida. Impairment technology used to produce this film
(Comedy) An incompetent gangster JT BLACK continues his "unseen" reign of Crime throughout the city.
(Comedy) Desperate for money for Mom's operation, a spunky cowgirl and her scheming brother persuade a low-grade Elvis impersonator to help them steal "the King's" body from Graceland, never suspecting that Elvis is very much alive and he wants his coffin back.
(Comedy) Positive results
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Asterix, The Land of the Gods