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(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Dark romantic comedy about a woman detective who arrests an old friend for murder and discovers he was only trying to quit smoking.
(Comedy) A campy DACA student starting college finds a giant bag of weed and works to sell it.
(Comedy) Moonlanders is a web comedy series which features stories about the generation sandwiched between the tail end of the Baby Boomers and GenX. Moonlanders struggle to take care of aging parents, themselves, their careers and their millennial children.
(Comedy) OBJECTION! is a movie directed by Dennis Dugan and executive produced by TV's Judge Judy and Greg Daniels and produced by Queen Bee Productions and Deedle-Dee Productions and TriStar Television.
(Comedy) Since the Self-Administered Neuro Transmitter Pump is supposed to make people laugh it could become the worst joke in history? Is laughter our most valued treasure? The fact that comedy is subjective doesn’t matter to a nuclear power plant.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Young Lenny starts a new job as a valet at a luxurious Hawaiian hotel on New Year's Eve, but he doesn't know how to drive a car.
(Comedy) C
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) em um mundo com tanto idosos um se mostrara mais do que um simples velhinho .tudo começou e 1947 ,.o começo de sua historia? bom o mundo acompanhou o caso de roosevelt nunca mais sera o mesmo, nossas tecnologia? bom você saberá como tudo começou
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) In a world where superheroes are for hire, and acts of super-villains are commonplace, Bobby Fried, aka Boomer, finds himself without a sponsor for collapsing a building. Together, with his telepathic accomplice Yuki, the duo mean to become Hudson Town's finest superheroes.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Terrorists target to hit SEND Orchard Park College, in London. Lecturers and the rest of the staff are unsuspicious and carry on with their work like any other day. SEND students,realise that they will be the terrorists' target and organise a plan to save the day.
(Comedy, Drama) Katie is a very successful cardiologist doctor and falls in love with her new patient, who happens to be the most famous porn star in the world. His name is Tony Gun and he instantly falls in love with his doctor, Katie.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Jay, one of the biggest pop stars, gets threaten that his life will end. Jay, hires a bodyguard in order to protect him. Jay is a very ruthless, rude, arrogant, sexist, racist man and he gets into adventures when he realises his bodyguard is gay.
(Comedy, Drama) George is a thirty year old man, brought up by a very oppressive Greek family that recently moved to London and wants to broaden his sexual horizons, therefore, he decides to experiment sex with men, while he dates a girl. should he follow his mind or his heart?
(Comedy) Four men, decide to attend to a group therapy session and despite not liking each other in the beginning, they become best friends and they quit group therapy. They decide to they help each other with their personal problems by organising the ‘four seasons’ plan.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A brand new Hip-Pop television sitcom series about two intelligent African American sophomore girls with aspirations, dealing with high school trials and tribulations with Class.
(Comedy) Tribulations of getting firewood at Christmas
(Comedy) A tyrannical High School principal is ousted by ideological students who wish to create a greater example of Democracy in school! Their plan appears to be working, until a variety of socially reflective struggles/issues creep in, & begin to challenge their pure vision !
(Comedy, Horror) Following the advice to "write what you know," Tony starts to kidnap and murder people so that he can write horror fiction stories that "feel more authentic." Officer Stephen sees the connections but needs proof to take him down.
(Comedy) After his younger sister dies a teenage boy finds out that his parents might of had second thoughts about having kids.
(Comedy) This is about three 20 somethings who are doing their graduation.
(Comedy) A cheating husband tries to find a way to cope with a cheating wife with the help of his friends.
(Comedy, Horror) In a hopeless future,  Gods living in earth like a normal people.
(Comedy) OG BOBBY LOVE" (character driven) A man of leisure that is falsely incriminated for a crime he didn't commit, after his release He's still stuck and living in the past when he once ran the streets, but now has lost it all to his nemesis "Sweet Patron"
(Comedy, Drama) As a young man seek out love in his life journey. The one most important person in his life that he love the most will become the one biggest problem in his life. He will have to choose between his life, that’s he was taught or the love of his life. Which will conquer all?
(Comedy, Drama) Forced to move into a New Jersey boarding house, a washed-up New York writer finds purpose and a new project in writing about his efforts to apprehend the local drug dealer.
(Comedy, Drama) Based on curing addiction, alcohol, drugs and gambling, by singing hymns
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A contemporary Adam and Eve, along with an engaging devil, Luci, are commissioned by God to execute His plan to corral knowledge and return all earth's sinful souls to Eden. Luci agrees to His plan because she clearly sees much to gain from the destruction of knowledge.
(Comedy) Think "The Big Bang Theory" but with less science and more "The Tick" style of comedy. The cast goes through life dealing with the limitations imposed by their bodies. But that does not make them any less than anybody else, except when they undermine each other.
(Comedy, Drama) Rex, down on his luck, struggles with the decision to leave his crew and wayward life for a new second chance.
(Comedy, Drama) Matthew goes to boarding school and makes the kind of friends you never forget.