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(Comedy) In the NBA a flagrant foul is irreverently viewed upon, but even more egregious is scheming to muffle the neighbor’s dog, which arouses snarling misfortune from the canine gods until a glitterbug upsets the applecart.
(Comedy) This is the tale of Johnny, a man, who, to the world appears to have it all, fame, fortune...and a ten mile long penis. But beneath the charade he is just a lonely guy looking for love.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Mystery series explores gay themes, gay culture.
(Comedy) It isn't easy being the Rev. Frankie Brothers. A young, handsome African-American preacher who is single and available is regarded like gold by a lot of women. He's trying so hard to be good, but there are so many beauttiful temptations out there!
(Comedy) This award-winning action-packed comedy explores the struggle for balance, as a young woman struggles to find the meaning of Christmas. While searching for inspiration, she meets a silly stranger who shows her the magic of New York City, at this special time of year.
(Comedy) In 1966 El Paso fertilizer salesman HAL WARREN made the classic film "MANOS" The Hands of Fate. Now voted as one of the worst films EVER MADE! This is the (true?) story about what happened. [ If you worked on The ORIGINAL MANOS film, please add information to this script! ]
(Comedy) Kate Goodson, is a TV producer on the hit reality show "Surprise Proposals" yet she has never been proposed to. Kate finds herself lying and telling her best friends she is getting married and is now stuck in a double wedding with no groom.
(Comedy) Grisela and Cooper, a talented brother and sister dance duo, face off with their wicked dance teacher, who is bent on making her twin daughters, Isolis and Aria, the stars of the academy’s upcoming dance recital for the prestigious Royal Endowment for the Arts.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) This is a "grown-ups" take on a typical start of school assignment, if the start of school were at mid-life.
(Comedy) “I Didn’t Know!” is a short comedy about a boy who gets into a little trouble and is sent to his room to think about it.
(Comedy) A mix between The Fresh Prince of Belair and Seinfeld, "I'm too old for this" is sitcom which captures the essence of the great sitcoms of the past, while being relevant todays generation. This is highlighted by the scenes submitted in this Hilarious snippet.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a man who is conceived into an artistic woman's mind,get out in the real world,through her art,only to meet her and to confess his true identity to her,till after she create more art about him,only to keep him into her life as her perfect sophisticated companion
(Comedy, Drama) A Mafia boss upon leaving prison quits the mob and retires to Florida where he volunteers in a nursing home. In an effort to shake the home's residents out of their malaise he forms a successful glee club. Along the way love and revenge spice up the action.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A thirty-five-year-old man looks exactly like he’s eleven years old because of a hormone deficiency. He is enlisted by the FBI to go undercover and help catch a dangerous, elusive thief.
(Comedy) When passive nice guy Wally Flick loses his wife and son to rich guy Lance Big, there's only one reasonable course of action. Wally decides to claw his way to fame and respectability in the high-stakes world of exotic Latin dancing.
(Comedy) It's got the same type humor as "Airplane 1-2-3", "Police Precinct", and "Soul Plane" all of which were and still are, major money-makers. It's the simple story of a mafia mobster who starts his own airline and this is the inaugural flight to Sicily.
(Comedy, Drama) A young couple give birth to a child and then spend the next twenty years doing their best to raise her and teach her about life while learning a little themselves along the way.
(Comedy, Drama) A middle aged man turns 50, has a heart attack, wonders where his life went, and sets out on a journey for a new one. Disaster and turmoil hit, and suddenly he's wishing he had his old life back. The journey back, turns out to be harder then the journey forward.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) 3 books of funny story about a poor stressed father with 3 terrible children... good for tv series and movies.. www.sergiobossi.org
(Comedy) A group of aimless friends in their twenties get seperated during a Halloween party and get mixed up with all sorts of strange and unsavory characters on their quest for good times.
(Comedy) Two woman scheme to have a child by seducing an eccentric refuge flamingo dancer
(Comedy, Drama) Elvis and Led Zeppelin, together and on the loose during a wild weekend in 1972 L.A.. If it didn't happen this way, it should have...
(Comedy) Dudley Moore wanted to do this one but passed away before it could be put together. Blake Edwards was interested, but Dudley.......
(Comedy) Gorgeous young black girl helps failing companies get fat government contracts
(Comedy) In a world full of negative ideas and stereotyping, different backgrounds. But with only one common right, the right to live free and happy. 4 different men will become best friends in a series of group/ individual events that will take place in the city of Los Angles.
(Comedy) There is no such thing as protocol when The President is a single father whose little girl puts the Whitehouse in chaos and her Secret Service Protection Agent puts his heart out of control.
(Comedy, Drama) Two teenage school friends owe their lives to their parents, their learnedness to their teachers but above all their enlightenment to their friendship with two beloved animals, Semira and Pluto.
(Comedy) "Shaping up" is a raucous comedy spoofing the world of health clubs and spas, with an ensemble cast of attractive young people. The story revolves around a handsome young instructor who is determined to have his own club, and how he finds romance while pursuing his dream.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) The continuing adventures of the Knights of the Round Table after the death of King Arthur. "Excalibur" meets "Night at the Museum."
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) The life of master thief Willie Sutton told in a lighthearted way. It's a kind of "Brother Where Art Thou" without the Southern fried recipe.