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(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Kosher is convicted of murder & is released from prison after 1 year when missing evidence resurfaces. He is awarded his own cooking show on tv & meets his dream woman. Life is perfect until people around him start dropping like flies.
(Comedy) The course of true love never did run smooth, but when a socially inept millionaire disguised as a tramp falls in love with an intelligent actress pretending to be stupid (whilst fending off a psychopathic gangland boss) the results are hilariously chaotic
(Comedy) After being unexpectedly dumped by the girlfriend he adores, a New York photographer hits the road to do a cross country photo series that he hopes will alleviate his pain. But instead of finding solace, the photographer experiences three more years of emotional setbacks.
(Comedy) After buying a house as an investment just before the housing crash, Adam is forced to take on the world's worst tenants in what turns out to be the world's worst house. Will Adam collapse before the house does?
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) NYC-based ventriloquist/detective Van Trillo and his wooden sidekick, Sam Suede, travel to England. Their mission: to save the world by uncovering the guilty secrets that went to the grave with Lord Gooseford.
(Comedy) Billy Shade gets on a bus and does what millions have done, relocates to New York City with big dreams. SUBLET is a coming of age story about a young artist who falls down the urban rabbit hole and is forced to earn his feelings with the help of the people he finds there.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Danny Sheridan was a young, successful banker on the verge of a major promotion until he was killed in cold blood by an intruder. Now trapped in limbo as a ghost, he must solve his own murder while proving he has what it takes to ascend to the next phase of the afterlife.
(Comedy) Real Life Stories in the Moving Industry, As told By A Woman who had the 'Balls' to work along side of a male occupied work force. . A real life comedy but not a reality show, A comedy with real reality!
(Comedy) After a going-nowhere nineteen-year-old lucks into tickets for the World Series, he and his druggy soon-to-be girlfriend trip headlong into meeting the home run hero and having his first real-world adventure not involving a trip to the yogurt shop.
(Comedy) A funny sitcom from Italy
(Comedy) From raising children and growing up in the 90's to whats wrong with television and so much more. John moss is asking the important questions and with strangely funny stories, killer one-liners and a big 'ol shot of funny weirdness, you will laugh till your ribs hurt.
(Comedy, Drama) When their baby gets an opportunity to star in a TV show, a struggling interracial couple fears they're being replaced by the younger, smarter, and more capable black actress that plays the TV mom.
(Comedy) One young bike messenger, living in Lowell, Massachusetts, discovers a conspiracy to rig the Boston Marathon, and becomes motivated to reveal it.
(Comedy) Unstable Mia determined to meet someone new runs into her ex fiance at a bar with his new love interest. Mia struggles with the idea of murder and how to handle the situation. As she reflects back on the relationship, she is tormented to make the right choice.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Louis, a dead assassin, is offered a last chance at redemption. All he has to do is help someone. Unfortunately, that someone happens to be the man who killed him in the first place . . .
(Comedy) When the worlds of two artists from different backgrounds collide, it'll either result in sweet music or a sour note!
(Comedy) A comedy sketch show, created by, and starring, Adrian Burks and Beth Nintzel, and friends, where they tackle social issues in a satirical and silly way. Pilot: "Intervention-- Interracial Couples Edition". Episode 2: "Status Update".
(Comedy) Child actor Shaun Weiss ("Mighty Ducks", "Heavyweights", "Freaks and Geeks") tries to get back into show business after a 15 year hiatus. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
(Comedy) An alcohol abusing ex-reality star moves back home with her family to plot out her next career move, joining forces with her geeky younger brother in a plan to play at the Lonely Star music festival.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Going to a convention? Have plenty of wishes? Well, Dragon*Con is the right convention for you, especially when you come across a nutty sorceress and her djinn. Now all you need is a sorcerer, three mortals and another genie to stop them from causing trouble.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Aden, allied with his alien toy friends Gizmo, Llyia, & Hash helps any kid being bullied, NanoBix take on the nemesis with a difference because – “Sometimes… To set things right in the real world, we need to fight in the Fantasy Worlds”
(Comedy, Drama) A security guard is given three days to find true love, or else he dies.
(Comedy, Drama) In a predictable and ordinary world, there is nothing more beautiful than the out of place.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Jake is a Texas Ranger who dies in a bad traffic accident chasing jewel thieves. Clint, an over the hill, addicted, bull rider blows a chance at another world championship. Tom, a surly angel arrives and assigns the men a task with a Christmas deadline.
(Comedy, Horror) A lonely young film student named Lucy meets the man of her dreams, but those dreams are shattered when a brokenhearted female vamp makes Lucy the object of her wicked affection.
(Comedy) A pop star struggles with doubt while waiting on a romantic island for her delayed fiance.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A demon bartender named Denny opens a small bar in hell after he misses out on investing in the Heaven boom. He befriends an illegal human, Bill, who also doubles as Denny's janitor. Denny and Bill go on hellish adventures as they run the self-proclaimed "best bar in hell."
(Comedy) A very British 1980s based story, based on true events, of how a young man with no obvious talents, fell into making amateur porn films and rose to become an influential producer, creating Television X and heading up the biggest adult magazine group in the UK.
(Comedy) Deadass Town is the story of four guys who do absolutely nothing with their lives. Interesting things begin to happen in their life but they are not interested at all. Also if someone were to suggest something interesting they probably won''t end up doing it.