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(Comedy) Bob's enlarged amygdala make him a Regressive. His condition makes him a problem for his wife, son, everyone. Through surgery, his "Trump Tumor" is reduced and Bob is cured!
(Comedy) Straight laced Jimmy becomes the new Health Club Manager at the disastrous Tarquin Towers Hotel on the same day as a massive Health and Safety Investigation.
(Comedy) Family Values: The series..." Uncle Matt" wants to help his teenaged niece fit in at her new high school by entering her into the town's beauty pageant. Matt's takes matters into his own hands and breaks rules and sabatoges the other contestants to guarantee "Annie's" win.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Bizarre and bumbling Detective Rex Boysex uses his knowledge of the underworld and detective "skills" to combat villains and solve the case. His unorthodox techniques routinely get him in a host of trouble, yet also endear him to his team.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A re-imagining of the 1955 Paramount Pictures film of the same title, The Conquest of Space is a completely new live-action/CGI-animated family comedy from DreamWorks Animation, Amazon Studios and Illumination.
(Comedy) A movie that introduces the new rising stars of San Francisco and the Bay Area California. A fun filled laughter romantic pseudo dark comedy enlightening the social, political, religious issues around college students and their demonic battles.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Let's Ride is a multi media show designed to share the experience of the everyday motorcycle enthusiasts.
(Comedy) Millions of us go to the gym everyday, yet few actually reach their fitness goals. Your workout might just be holding you back .
(Comedy) Premise was to demonstrate for new hires and customers, the culture about our Company. this short 2 minute movie demonstrates how we are passionate about our job and customer service, and will go over and beyond to maintain customer satisfaction
(Comedy) The main character is an Indian man who owns a convenience store and deli. He is subject to a health food inspection and tempers flare with the inspector declares that he found a vermin dropping. The main character is likened to the Indian version of Archie Bunker
(Comedy, Drama) This video is a part of Art Of Digital Magic, Out Of The Screen Effect For Coco Cola are shown as a Funny Commercial Advertisement.
(Comedy) Under the threat of death a serious and vane art-house film director is forced to direct a comedy, which would make a group of experts with no sense of humour laugh. Black comedy with the light at the end of the tunnel.
(Comedy) A comedy about the love between a doctor who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases and an astronaut, and a covert space experiment.
(Comedy) What happens when you take a punk to a hippie festival ? Well this plus alot more I never managed to get on film a drunken weekend with 2 friends and this mishaps that befall them
(Comedy, Drama) Pale Blue Light is a television drama series centered on a record company called Pale Blue Light Records. The show focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the hip hop industry and culture. How do we quantify the world’s largest demographic? Through music, that’s how!
(Comedy) Craft beer is taking over the country and Dustin finds himself in Billings, Montana, drinking from the best craft breweries they have to offer.
(Comedy, Drama) EOW is a Docu-series/reality comedy about 2 Producers from Los Angeles traveling around the US/Globe in search of talent. Producers include Patrice Wilson (Creator of Rebecca Black-Friday) & Richard Brown (Co Producer). You get to see their dynamic in tensed up situations.


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