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(Comedy, Action and Adventure) I live in Japan. Currently not too many people metal detect in Japan. My idea is to do a show that goes to historic places, metal detect and enjoy the culture. Have fun but be respectful.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) When technology has finally mastered disease, aging and death: This film follows Mathew, the last man do die a natural death. Revolutionary gangs, starter spouses, an island of human misfits and a mom-in-the-machine. Maybe immortality isn't the best idea after all...
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Harry Lamb is a wanna be gangster, only problem is the mafia scene is pretty lacking in the UK; so what does he do? He makes his own mafia.
(Comedy, Drama) Dan rents out an L.A apartment for 4 months during "pilot season" and nothing goes his way. Will his acting career fly high? Or crash and burn?
(Comedy) A substitute teacher confronts a classroom of unruly students.
(Comedy) Amidst inflated thoughts of "making it happen", Max, Dale, and Travis, are met with the realities of life back home; meanwhile Jade prepares Shadei for her big performance.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Explores why good deeds are indispensable and fulfilling. The show encourages and engages kids to dance when good deeds are done. Our mission is to explain to youth why good deeds and goofy dancing can bring joy to yourself and others. Also, 80s aerobic workout nostalgia.
(Comedy) Our show idea is an 8 episode, 30 minute, luxury lifestyle, comedy and entertainment show. It covers celebrity interviews, hot red carpet events and the trendiest hot spots in New York, Miami and LA.
(Comedy) An officer making arrest in a funny way.
(Comedy) This is about some landscapers out cutting grass but making it fun on the job.
(Comedy) If you like comedy you may like this
(Comedy) Tom Miller (Performance Aritst, Foody, Chef) provides home cooking techniques in an offensive and ribald delivery which is in turns comic, awkward, and snooty.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) An FBI agent, using her covers, infiltrates two crime organizations to piece together who killed her brother. With a Serial Killer on the loose, a Hitman searching for reasoning and two Gang Lords going head to head, redemption comes with a price in this crime saga.
(Comedy) This is a trailer for "Off the Record" - a ripped-from-the-headlines crime procedural/comedy or "crimedy". If you like dark comedies such as "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or "Children's Hospital", you will love "Off the Record".
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Follow the escapades of filmmaker Chas Bruns as he travels the world in search of the cheapest tours, food, hotels, hostels and transportation. Chas will show you how to travel for pennies on the dollar. Chas goes sky diving, waterfall hiking, shark diving and more!
(Comedy) Joe thinks a recent job gave him a gift card to a restaurant. At that dinner he meets a man in the restroom who inspires him to get a second job.
(Comedy) Basically Anderson Cooper meets Larry David meets Wayne's World. Or maybe Chris Matthews meets Howard Stern. Feel stream of consciousness reality based humor would be well received in this day and age of uncertainty.
(Comedy, Drama) A team of teens set out to complete a group project about any region in the U.S., which leads them to a crashed helicopter on an island where they gain powers due to a fallen plant. Their character is exposed, when they must decide to play hero or not.
(Comedy) The feel good, Pee your pants, Laugh out loud Sketch Comedy Show.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) White Panther is the story of an albino who dons a costume to become a superhero. White Panther thinks movies make being a superhero look easy, but he soon finds out many challenges await his road to becoming a champion of justice - mainly his incompetence and bad temper.
(Comedy, Drama) This is a short to a true life story of a High School teen from Compton who goes to Hollywood to become a star actor. After joing a church he is told that Hollywood is taboo for the faith. He leaves but is driven back to help one of his famous friends who lands in jail.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Short-movie on the very down-to-earth reality about Human Race, The Oscars, Grammys, etc.
(Comedy) Patrick Argiro was rear-ended by a young girl as she was texting and driving. After 4 surgeries and years of therapy, he decided to address this issue by discussing how dangerous it is to text and drive and how selfish it is to do it anyway.


(Comedy, Drama) w
(Comedy) Late night talk show with Donald Trump impersonator.
(Comedy) Welcome to Carol's Special world. Carol works in a diner... Carol has always been a good size. With Carol, everything seems to be a surprise. Watch Red Peters get a morning "Joe Blob" from Carol...complete with "Creaming". Thank goodness Hoya Foya saves the day. Oh BOY!!!
(Comedy) Mix ‘Amelie’ with ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ plus a touch of ‘Rocky’ and 'My Mum the Wrestler' is the result. A child's-eye view of an adult world, witnessing the somewhat misguided exploits of a free-spirited woman old enough to know better.
(Comedy) Family Values is a indie sitcom shot three wall style like popular shows in the 90"s.
(Comedy, Drama) EOW is a Docu-series/reality comedy about 2 Producers from Los Angeles traveling around the US/Globe in search of talent. Producers include Patrice Wilson (Creator of Rebecca Black-Friday) & Richard Brown (Co Producer). You get to see their dynamic in tensed up situations.
(Comedy) Join 4 professionals creatives as they trade tricks of the trade, over a game of poker. If you are looking to grow as a professional in graphic art, video production, photography, and any other aspect of promotion - you won't wanna miss this.