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(Comedy, Drama) This is a story about a father trying to redeem the loss of his children and everything he loves because of systems that no longer believe in the promise he made to himself and life. so he create a non profit foundation which brings him wealth and a promise.
(Comedy, Drama) After the death of his wife, a man learns to navigate through life and repairs a broken relationship with his father along the way.
(Comedy) Young entrepreneur breaks into the barefoot cruise market and builds a unique ship at low budget cost for the passenger.
(Comedy) Since the Self-Administered Neuro Transmitter Pump is supposed to make people laugh it could become the worst joke in history? Is laughter our most valued treasure? The fact that comedy is subjective doesn’t matter to a nuclear power plant.
(Comedy, Drama) "Farce of the Seven Marias" does not satisfy the concern for values and is therefore the happiness in the foreground. Every Maria, in the northern mining hinterland finds his soul mate, just like shotgun comes in handy.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Leonardo da Vinci as a fish out of water, bridges the continuum of time to the 21st century.
(Comedy) This video is a Christmas comedy, family-friendly film that will make the whole family, laugh, sing and dance in the same time during Christmas and the entire Holidays Season. It will also remind everybody who will watch it, the true meaning of Christmas celebration.
(Comedy) A Comedy character and comic Stand The Man talks about and or interviews famous people.
(Comedy) A 19-year-old virgin must battle wits with one of Hollywood's biggest sex-icon actors to win the heart and virginity of one incredible girl.
(Comedy) A Post Modern Screwball Comedy about the trials and tribulations of Gay Love and Marriage. Every few days: a new segment.
(Comedy) How the erotic fantacies of an older man can travel through bariers of time to find it's fulfillment.
(Comedy) The comedic, heartfelt tale of how one man, in his search for happiness, takes nostalgia to the extreme by making everything in his life like the 1990’s again.
(Comedy) Comedy: EVERYTHING ISN'T ALWAYS AS IT SEEMS... Trouble has a new name. Originally written with Mike Epps & Chris Tucker Or Marlon Wayans in mind.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A Film with Justin Bieber and a Canadian Beaver that Greets people into Canada (as seen on YouTube) Beaver gets Kidnapped Justin helps him return by way of a National Sightseeing and Concerts helping the needy. Fans will Jump for Bieber Concert(s) and a kooky buddy film.
(Comedy) This is a comedy revolving around people over 40 figuring out the new world of dating, which, often times, requires lowering your standards.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Something special, some secret, something long missing is found by a young man while on a fishing vacation. This is "Alive, Alaska" where the past lives and dreams come true. The trip is well worth the time. In fact, you just may be "All Shook Up"!
(Comedy, Drama) A romantic comedy/coming-of-age story involving a female valedictorian, whose cynicism about this country’s future leads to bizarre stunts and a secretive go-for-broke night life. Please think “THE GRADUATE”, but from a female perspective.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a guy is chased by sexy girls,women and image changing female ghosts,who get sick and die after contacting him,realizing that they are in fact a different kinds of psycho/somatic diseases while he turn to be an antidote,who eliminate diseases(females) inside a male body
(Comedy) Basically Anderson Cooper meets Larry David meets Wayne's World. Or maybe Chris Matthews meets Howard Stern. Feel stream of consciousness reality based humor would be well received in this day and age of uncertainty.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) In a bet between Lucifer and the Archangels to determine the true nature of man, a hapless environmentalist is given virtually unlimited powers and finds that using them to save the planet may actually lead to its destruction.
(Comedy, Horror) Vampires have now sunk their teeth into the music business. A female rockstar set on reviving her career stumbles upon a dangerous discovery of the vampires controlling her music.
(Comedy, Drama) It's 1999 and Matt Dondeh hates his life... He hates his job; lives in his parents living room; plus he's caught up in a seemingly endless cycle of dysfunctional relationships and self-destructive behavior. But that's all about to change...
(Comedy) Two ballet teachers battle it out for students in competing mini-mall studios in Burbank. They eventually find love, and the meaning and purpose of the wacky world of ballet. LOW BUDGET. HALF MILLION BELOW THE LINE! 90% ONE LOCATION REDRESSED!
(Comedy) We talk about the celebrities that make the covers of your favorite magazines!
(Comedy) A Chicago Bears fan living in a contemporary Wisconsin village is forced to cheer for the Green Bay Packers in order to marry his girlfriend.
(Comedy) After facing a public scandal and being forced to resign, a corporate executive gets an entry level job at a PR firm, where he helps a young publicist with her first big client.
(Comedy, Drama) Attempting to reel in another soul, the Devil botches the deal and sells His own soul instead raising the proposition as to whether He is in for a face lift or if it has triggered a more caustic reign of pitchfork irreverence.
(Comedy, Drama) Two young men of different ideologies take off across the United States on motorcycles to see if America and freedom still exist, or are they just words used to control a new generation.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) As a low-budget monster movie plays in an endless loop over thousands of years, the film's characters slowly become aware that they’re fictional creations inside a terrible movie. They begin working together to escape not only the titular monster, but also the film itself.
(Comedy) Seemingly innocent, seductively charming, feisty Matilda Brown flirts her way into life's enchanting predicaments. Provocative and bold, Matilda's southern yet naughty charm leaves you wanting more.