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(Comedy) A Post Modern Screwball Comedy about the trials and tribulations of Gay Love and Marriage. Every few days: a new segment.
(Comedy, Drama) Its the End of Earth as we know it. Derek broadcasts the 24 hour countdown on BBC1. This short Comedy Drama follows the brief existence of a failing camera operator, who finally finds work.
(Comedy, Drama) A lunch. A date. A revelation: Sometimes, what you've ordered isn't really what you need.
(Comedy, Drama) After the death of a family friend, a married couple argue about how to explain the concept of death to their young daughter.
(Comedy) Uma historia de alguem que encontra um fretado num excelente website.
(Comedy, Drama) The life of the newly-businesswoman is a wonderful and calm.Young girl chasing her dream finally attains.
(Comedy) A straight guy & a gay guy decide to date each other in order score dates with women and hot gay men respectively.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Before James Bond, there was Benjamin Franklin: inventor, philanthropist, and the single largest exporter of kicking British ass. Using his array of inventions and weapons, Franklin is a one-man army thirsty for Redcoat blood, especially when he's wrongly accused of treason.
(Comedy, Horror) In Suriname, South America locals tell stories of a creature which takes the form of a beautiful woman by day and a monstrous winged demon by night. Six college students on vacation in Suriname soon discover the legends are realer than they could've ever imagined.
(Comedy) When adult life failed to live up to childhood expectations, one man returns to high school in hopes of building a new life.
(Comedy) Randy and Kyle are on a mission to have fun. Sometimes their day job at a local mom and pop grocery store makes things interesting. Sometimes the customers aren't jerks, either.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) EPILOG AT BIFF TANNINS HOUSE
(Comedy) How a beer can help in many ways.
(Comedy) Another regular day until you get fired.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) rtf, school
(Comedy) Kids eat Bomb Pops
(Comedy) Children discover how much a bomb pop can really pop their day.
(Comedy, Drama) A jewish man from New york ''Aaron'' watches a news report about another bloody day in Israel. He then sees an ad about a man made island in the coast of Dubai. He thus comes up with the idea to build a large man made island for the Jewish people.
(Comedy) In Washington DC there is a legend about a demon cat, that is seen whenever a catastrophe is about to happen. The cat is seen again and a FBI agent that is assigned to the paranormal takes it upon him to find out what it wants. This leads him down a path he had not foreseen.
(Comedy, Drama) Howard is a wealthy young man failing at philanthropy. Having lost faith in him, his enticing colleague finds herself a new project. Pride and humanitarianism conflict when he can’t tell if she is aiming for a destitute community or the man who runs it, Howard Sr.
(Comedy, Drama) A weird middle-aged man has invested his whole life to end a persistent bully, when he for the first time receives genuine support, from a student girl, who unexpectedly helps him solve absolutely everything.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Two friends dish out an argument of their living situations.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Carl Guiness' new found faith is put to the test when he learns that the tavern he jointly owns with his wife is a front for illegal gang activity.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A woman kept as a wife by her kidnapper is left in the gutter and continues on his career-criminal path to make up for the lost years spent in marriage hell.
(Comedy) Two guys wake up with no clue what happened the night before
(Comedy) Phil finds a toy guitar in the trash which inspires him to attempt to perform the 20 minute song 2112 by Rush at his local kakaoke bar. He is so sucked into the song he has an out of body experience.
(Comedy, Drama) Picked-on fat kid fights off obstacles to become a punk rocker on his own terms, proving that the only size that matters is the size of your courage.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) An international group of adrenaline-junky, ralliers, race across the deserts of Egypt in modified 4X4's and motorbikes, competing for brand bragging rights, and 70,000 francs. When a rash of racers die, a member of the medical support team begins to suspect sabotage.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Everyone on Earth learn that the world is ending, in five minutes. This story follows the one man who knew in advance, but was still unable to act until it was too late. I uploaded this particular screenplay to try the storyboard creator.
(Comedy, Drama) A boy meets a girl and has a brief "flash forward" of the life he will have with her.