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(Drama) Is a story about a young Gold digger who under estimates peoples because of their social class.Oneday she met an inferior look young guy who turn out to be more than she expected.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the City of London a trader uncovers the secret to success in making money, but keeps it a secret from his managers. However, when the market turns against the trader he builds up huge secret losses that will bring his bank close to the brink, and make him a rogue trader
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A bunch of ROTC kids go for their ROTC camp. When an unknown army attacks the camp it is up to the kids to use their basic skills and weapons to survive.
(Drama) An up-and-coming Heavyweight Boxer is in the fight of his life
(Drama) An Irish politician hits on the idea of solving the country's fiscal problems by converting the country's empty housing estates into prisons. He pushes through the idea secretly while dealing with a tempestuous private life.
(Drama) Niambi Cook would've taken her assignment to tutor Campion Greer much better if she hadn’t witnessed his uncle attacking a dancer outside her aunt’s club. Niambi had no wish to assist a spoiled, rich jock no matter how sweet (or sexy) he was.
(Drama) The story of a Hell's Angel chapter that operated acid labs and were being murdered by rival biker gangs and by government officials when the government went after the Angels in 1979 with the RICO statute.A dark psychedelic biker's tale of murder,paranoia,and conspiracy.
(Comedy, Drama) Cousins, Amy and Sean, help their other cousin Beth, escape from a psychiatric hospital in an attempt to recapture a sense of innocence in their lives by making a movie while on the run from law enforcement, wanted for kidnapping.
(Drama) A man must turn the law aside if it means saving his town and his family.
(Drama) Two young sweethearts from the backwoods of Georgia get swindled by a lowlife hustler preying on their Hollywood dreams.
(Drama) A Portuguese young man has an unusual dream, to travel to America in order to become a professional baseball player and to win a World Series with the New York Yankees.
(Drama) True story of mobster hiding as small time rancher in Idaho, his capture and the demise of those around him.
(Drama) The Movie is based on the TV show that was originally on ShowTime, the show came to an end in 2009 with everyone wondering if Bette and Tina will ever get married, if we'll ever find out what happened to Jenny and this movie brings it all to light.
(Drama) Years after a heist gone bad, John Stratten returns to a small western town to pick up the pieces. Money. Not realizing the complexity involved, he turns the small town on end while in search of the stash but discovers something else...... himself.
(Drama) A TV reporter discovers a drug cartel money laundering operation through a multi-million dollar church network.
(Drama) An accomplished Hollywood actress is hiding behind a debilitating personality disorder. Accepting an award at a Rocky Mountain film festival, she falls for her handler, a local real estate broker. They find love, but now they struggle to find trust.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) When reporters Mark Alexander and Ann Dubois travel to New Orleans to research the BP oil spill and its possible corporate culpability, they turn up more than they bargained for, illicit Wall Street greed.
(Drama) When Ex-Marine war vet Michael Preston is discharged he returns home only to find that life was much easier on the battle field. Unable to adjust to the civilian life Michael does all he can to keep from self destructing.
(Comedy, Drama) After waking up in a barren hospital and being told he only has weeks to live, a 90s rock star befriends a hospital volunteer and tells her a story about sex, drugs, rock n roll and the girl who got away.
(Drama) This is based on the story of the biblical Job. The character in the Holy Bible that was tempted by the devil to curse God at the expense of his riches, health etc. etc. However, I have given it a contemporary twist whereby God and Devil are on earth controlling his life.
(Drama) A woman dependent on her disguise as a man for survival while riding the rails during the Great Depression learns a hard lesson in human kindness after finding a dying man who trusts her to deliver money to his wife Rose.
(Drama) 20 Men of the Underworld depicts twenty armed robbers split into five groups led by Peter, the gang leader to unleash cruel criminality on citizens which culminated into series of rain of bullets with police.
(Comedy, Drama) A stuttering speech therapist teaches a sign language-using gorilla how to convert his signs into spoken words and in the process, she learns that a beast can be a better man than most men.
(Drama) The aught years of the twentieth century. A young lady fallen into a load of money has not a heart for any American men. One man will change her mind, through a vicarious sand amorous show that he supplies just for Rags.


(Comedy, Drama) A very sexually tense comedy that will leave you feeling thankful that you’ve never been that F’d. Unless you have, then its relatable and inspirational.
(Comedy, Drama) Based on a true story, a man finds a penpal on the internet with interesting results
(Drama) A destitute and hopeless beggar finds redemption through a stranger.
(Drama) This is a story about a girl who gets pregnant in high school, quits school, and runs away only to find out that she's terribly missed. She returns home to a lot of love and support from her family and small town community.
(Drama) Two young men win a free trip to South Padre Island for Spring Break from a local radio station but run into more trouble than they bargained for.
(Drama) It is a powerful and poignant story about two men from very different cultures and the parallel struggles they endure. A chance meeting forms a common bond, and even though they can't speak the same language, they have more in common than they think.