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(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) On 7th August 1990 Simonetta Cesaroni was killed in Rome in Carlo Poma street 2. This movie is inspired by those terrible facts and it's a personal view by the author.
(Drama) An enactment of the same crime with different victims who reported vastly different scenarios.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A car thief wakes up, after a night out, in a car he stole. He is tied up and locked in the car. He can't even imagine how big of a surprise is waiting for him, because every car has an owner.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In attempts to create a miracle serum for the military, a scientist can only watch as his creation spirals out of control.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) The event's of Paranormal conspire in a town after the death of a Soldier serving in Afghanistan.
(Drama) After washing up unconscious on a beach, an average family man is forced to discover what life really is.
(Comedy, Drama) This script is for me I created it, so don't worry
(Comedy, Drama) A dark comedy where the bad guy wins for a change. This storys anti-hero is motivated by the love for his child and the will to survive.
(Comedy, Drama) No matter what happens to your loved one, you love them unconditionally.
(Drama) Set in the city of New York, ANGELA explores the teenage struggle of love, peer pressure, and drug use.
(Drama) Based on the 2012 feature film release AMERICAN MOBSTER:MIAMI SHAKEDOWN, Nick Romano's story continues. Follow him in this Los Angeles based Mafia series, as Nick fights to keep his family business at the top of the game, while everyone else attempts to take him down.
(Drama) The first animated movie by artist Tyler J. Thierry
(Drama) Sterling’s made millions pulling off the perfect crime for years, but timely revelations have come to light that has him questioning his priorities and everything he now holds sacred.
(Drama) Cristobal is up to leave Cuba, he has in his heart a lot of friends a girlfriend and one special mate he will never forget.
(Comedy, Drama) Family comedy movie based on the interview of mrs. betty wright. This movie is hilarious for family to enjoy.
(Drama) A girl with a secret meets a man who uncovers it through their joint participation in amateur dramatics and music.
(Drama, Kids and Family) Skeeter has been seeing Denali standing at the bus stop for weeks. Today she stands in the pouring rain. With the help of an honest smile and a Mickey Mouse unbrella, Denali takes the ride that she's offered.
(Comedy, Drama) A quarrelsome wife and extreme flatulence may be a deal breaker in Randolph Caruthers marriage.
(Drama) Love wins War
(Comedy, Drama) Boris le saxophoniste se retrouve embringué dans une aventure complètement décalé pour retrouver les cendres de son défunt père ...
(Drama) Our Revolution of love and education for all the children of the world.
(Drama) two teens find body in the woods, and are not sure what to do.
(Drama) Italy, 1879: A young officer of Italian army, Giorgio, loves the beautiful Clara and, at the same time, suffers for the brutal passion of an heel and horrible woman, Fosca, who appears like a Baudelairian vampire.
(Comedy, Drama) After years of friendship, a 20-something guy finally plans to tell his best friend that he's in love with her. But after a car accident leaves him with amnesia, the two of them embark on a journey for self discovery they never saw coming.
(Drama) A troubled husband suspects his wife of adultery and hires a private eye to find out, only trouble is that it's the private eye who is sleeping with his wife.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Based on my published novel. It's 1193 B.C. and the Trojan War has been going on for 9 years. The Trojans call other countries to their aid to fight against the Greeks. The last to arrive become their temporary savior: the Amazons. Based on a old Greek legend.
(Drama) A hitman grows weary of his profession and longs for a better, normal, life.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Hitman finds it hard to stay professional and tries hard to separate his job and personal life. 9 minutes in length
(Comedy, Drama) This movie is about William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet living in the 21st century
(Comedy, Drama) One volunteer collects signatures for the good of the cause while the other is just in it for the free coupons.