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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Star crossed lovers in former lifetimes, meet by chance on the Mexican Pacific Shore where they engage the final healing and forgiving path into Transcendent Love
(Drama) The Shackettes is based on a true story about four women and how their love for grade-one winning racehorse, Shackleford, brought them together and eventually became known as “The Shackettes”.
(Drama) The tragic events of 9-11 changes the course of a young and talented rockstar’s life who now realizes, fifteen years later, that he needs to get back on track as middle age looms large
(Drama) Who said a nerdish kid does not know alot of things? the story is full of actions were by a boy is haunted by different things, but it all everything change with a new style.
(Drama) The Kennedy family lives in a small town where the dad Zachary Kennedy is the pastor of the community church. In this first episode the kids wrap up their summer vacation.
(Comedy, Drama) When a wounded SAS Officer on R&R heads to a foreign land to research his ancestors, he meets a feisty woman who has thrown his life life into turmoil because of his love back home.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Family is everything, sometimes we have family we know nothing about, however they know about us, then again who would want to know a family member who want's to kill you
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Titanic forces clash in an epic Take-all battle for control of illicit trade in 1980 New York City. More at www.facebook.com/JustKarmaMovie
(Drama) NO CHILD is about growing up, and the power of growing together. It explores our inner passions, becoming inspired to be responsible, and the ability in us all to overcome our disadvantages... and our demons.
(Drama) A veteran, pushed to the edge by PTSD and marriage troubles, agrees to participate in an underground fighting ring -- but too many wins puts a target on his back.


(Drama) Min Lurye, the daughter of Russian immigrants with her brother, Will, battled the Mafia, crooked factory owners and labor leaders (including the powerful David Dubinsky) opposed to her effort to bring decent wages, better working conditions and equality to women.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A murder mystery artistic expression.
(Drama) Residents of an Illinois suburb embrace growth and emptiness in a seemingly perfect world.
(Drama) When a man who uses his ability to see the future to help people develops feelings for a woman he rescued, he finds himself forced to take questionable actions to save her life
(Drama) Where the Road Ends is the true story of how Jack Kerouac was inspired to write "On the Road" and how it's success ultimately destroyed his life.
(Drama) Inspired by Edward Hoppers painting, NIGHTHAWKS, STARHAWKS flies to the present with questions about communication.
(Drama) John runs a marathon in an act of redemption from losing his girlfriend and daughter in an accident for which he blames himself. Flashbacks of his role in the relationship in all its passion, determination, anger and resentment fuels his fire to finish.
(Drama) A grizzled widow implores a young vagrant in a final act of redemption to reunite with his estranged son and hidden grandson.
(Drama) Musical of why you need to be a vegetarian. A must hear for all Pink Floyd fans, AnimalZ is about life in many of its guises.
(Drama) A second chance romance that proves there is a fine line between hate and love.
(Comedy, Drama) In a city where lies are the truth, these girls need to stick together in order to survive. When you live in the fast lane, things can get complicated and everybody wants in. Life changes but real friends don't when they're strong enough to remain tight on the westside.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) We all have "the one who got away." Ryan Mills has three. After a drunken night in a bar, a mysterious bartender grants him a chance to make amends with his lost loves while an inexplicable evil emerges from the darkness to teach Ryan that all is fair in love and fate.
(Drama) As her two beloved daughters move away to college, Susan Shaver moves to Florida for a new life and a new neighborhood, hoping for a little slice of heaven, but instead, she receives nothing but a huge serving of hell.
(Drama) An ambitious Roman politician attempts to curb the gap between rich and poor. But aristocratic senators block him, so he uses more radical means that blur the line between his personal ambition and helping the poor, all leading to a violent confrontation.
(Drama) After the well known actor Franco Stenlight, finds the girl of his dream, he finds himself making the hardest decision of his life, choosing between his acting career, or taking a huge risk to be with her.
(Comedy, Drama) Family comedy movie based on the interview of mrs. betty wright. This movie is hilarious for family to enjoy.
(Drama) A child is beaten by his father and has lost his younger brother in an unfortunate accident. The young boy (9 years) has behavior problems and becomes uncontrollable for his mother. Despite his young age and his personal problems, he has a talent for painting.
(Drama) Dani who is a college student spots a man who demolished her family and her parents's relationship. Are her family going to get justice for his actions?
(Drama) Racism is a huge factor worldwide. This poem embodies that, with the hope that one day will not be a word as racism used towards others of a different race.
(Drama) A look into the underbelly of the Cartel’s little known, but deadly, Black Cocaine drug trade