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(Drama) “The Winds of Tomorrow” enables the author to present innovative ideas when the main character, Gene Stanton, decides to expand his business by switching from publishing a Black weekly newspaper to an integrated daily that happens to have mostly White employees.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) In a world on the verge of war because cloning has become slavery, a team of soldiers, fresh from combat, are assembled to find and save the President.
(Drama) A crashed American pilot escapes the enemy with help from a brave young girl and wild Siberian Tiger.
(Drama) a disabled man attempts to commit suicide on his birthday. his best friend rushes him to hospital. but he's soon confronted with a major moral dilemma. rush him to hospital, or respect his best friend's dying wish.
(Drama) After watching her twin sister dies in a plane crash, Alli struggles to cope with the loss as her twin's visions and memories flood her mind. With the help of Sara's business assistant, Alli must embrace the visions to protect Sara's dream against her biggest competition.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) What we find, and we lose the internet. If all of the web pages to make a reality. This story about a good guy who loses everything.
(Drama) life as we know it
(Drama) A ten-year-old boy faces up to his bullies and father issues with the help of a mysterious stranger.
(Drama) After an unexpected fatal loss of her spouse and a quest to fulfill a long lost dream, successful newspaper journalist Judy Robinson searches to redefine her professional and personal life.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A dinner party goes horribly awry.


(Drama, Action and Adventure) MC)))
(Drama) A man stumbles across a vending machine that can bring him great fortune, but at a price.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) WWII volunteer for British Army's Jewish Brigade goes with demobilized Brigade illegally to Palestine. In love with Haganah unit commander, he and she participate in illegal founding of a kibbutz that results in unexpected consequences.
(Drama) A young African American soldier enters the armed forces Black but emerges White. He establish a Fortune 500 company with spice recipes stolen from his Black grandmother. He dies suddenly and a fight for money is started between his birth and present families.
(Drama) test
(Drama) This is an action love story about an affair between a girl who lies and a pilot who flies. The young captain dumps the girl who learns to be who she really wants to be, while the young pilot goes on to become an airline, airliner, Captain.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Two brothers slay an evil king and claim the throne for themselves. They set out to write their name into history through peaceful methods during an age of war. Set during the reign of Attila the Hun, they try to avoid walking down the same path as the evil king.
(Comedy, Drama) A hard-boiled Gumshoe detective from 1947 is transported to 2015 Los Angeles through a freak event.
(Drama) A middle-aged, self-destructive burn-out must enlist the help of his out-of-the-ordinary therapy group and his case carrier to overcome personal demons and win the custody of his granddaughter.
(Drama) Rose Colored Glasses Pitch: Burn-out car salesman seeks fresh start as psyche teacher for class of mentally-disordered students with amazing results!
(Comedy, Drama) A Psychologist keeps a young immigrant prisoner in her apartment
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Crew of a lost spaceship find new planet after fleeing earth destroyed by Supernova Sun and find their selves in struggle when treated as Gods by present neolithic species for having knowledge/technology. What role will they play in creation of new world? Gods or humans?
(Drama, Kids and Family) Dyslexia My Life - By Love and Grace - Movie Storyboard - Inspiring script about one person's struggle with my learning disability. Sam, the author of the book Dyslexia My Life
(Drama) Involves for students caught up in a love triangle, where there is circumstances.
(Comedy, Drama) A shy young man, finding a way out of his bubble into a new life of comedy, unashamed, and no regrets.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) After a worldwide pandemic has happened all over the globe many americans believe the end of the world is approaching. A man by the name of Kingston Martin uses every inch of his knowledge about God to get people in his community saved while also facing natural disasters.
(Drama) teen drama
(Drama) Dark face is a teen drama based on the hit movie Catfish. 16 year old Amy has fallen head over heels for the coolest guy in school... but has she?
(Drama) team drama about bullying through social media after meeting a male online
(Drama) A misunderstood surburban-teenage boy struggling to fit into his new city school, meets a rebellious girl that changes his life.