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(Drama) A veteran Air Force pilot leaves the war, death and destruction to become a firefighter, only to find more death and destruction as he struggles to balance his family life with his duty without being overcome by the depilating effects of Critical Incident Stress.
(Drama) A rock star, twisted by fame, fortune and addiction, confronts a choice of futures when he's left holding baby he never expected to have.
(Comedy, Drama) A coming of age story where long-time friends struggle together on the road to stardom.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) The raucous Canadian West of the 1870s is the fabric and the framework of this story of five years in the lives of two historic characters whose unlikely bonding provides a classic moment of the testing of the human spirit in a battle of the individual against the state.
(Drama) At the outset of WWI a French General defies the High Command and saves France from disaster by retreating instead of fighting..
(Comedy, Drama) The orphaned daughter of a military man struggles against her growing attraction for an Army officer. Years after ending their whirlwind romance, fate throws them back together with her as his caretaker.
(Drama) Girl twins: One has "no brain" but heart (kind, compassionate etc) other has "no heart" butbrain (over thinking, worrying, planning etc) , About a world population stereotype in two closely related people, have the same childhood and opportunities but use them differently.
(Drama) I wrote the whole think out and It disipeard please call me 256 636 -1926 I can't take It anymore
(Drama, Kids and Family) What if after running away from her drunken prostitute mother to her small town uncle’s home, a teenage girl must retrieve her two younger sisters before they are put into the big city street trade? Based on true facts.
(Drama) A serial murderer picks up a pretty teen-aged runaway who falls for him on a fateful road trip from Kansas to the Florida Keys.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) For 133 years, the real story of Billy the Kid has never told. Now it has.
(Drama) Lizzie Borden's quiet Sunday School life implodes when she hacks her father and stepmother to death in a jealous rage.
(Drama, Kids and Family) Two girls, on the picturesque island of Jamaica, are competing in a popular singing contest called Star Bright. They are from entirely different backgrounds but become close friends during the auditions and eventually discover a major secret from their past.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Wes, a Native American attending Standford University has to choose between tribal responsibility and the fulfillment of a personal dream.
(Drama) A career minor league baseball knuckle-balling relief pitcher finally gets his chance at the majors and makes an immediate impact both on the pitching mound and with a family in distress.
(Drama) it's a story about conflict with the Mafia and the Camorra in New Orleans and the Chief of Police gets in the way closing down the Mafia's businesses. They take revenge and kill him This story is inspired by true events in New Orleans
(Drama, Kids and Family) Armchair-traveler and owner of a "Winter Texans" RV Campground realizes his greatest wish to see the Aurora Borealis through the efforts of his guests.
(Drama) Beware!Beware the Bight of Benin, for one that came out,forty went in. In 1850 ,a poor Brazilian farmer's son, arrives in Dahomey on a mission to reopen the slave trade with its mad, psychopathic king.Here he will remain for 35 years never to leave.
(Drama) In the Depression era America,many are leaving for the Soviet Union where jobs are plentiful and socialism appears to be creating a better sociey for all..Howeveras war approaches this earthly paradise rapidly becomes a living hell.
(Drama, Kids and Family) A young mother struggles to raise her family after her husband goes to prison. It’s the 1950s and one man in particular can't wait to make her life hell.
(Drama) A homeless man is pushed to the brim of his ability and sanity as he forges a livelihood for himself in the boxing ring.
(Comedy, Drama) The seventh part to the pace series. Too young to know enough, too old to play the part. We grew up and become the people our parents told us to avoid. Living above our budget, making the same mistakes twice. The lives inspired by real stories, and dreams.
(Drama) When the younger stars challenge the old traditions of the Philadelphia Mob, a blood bath spills onto the streets and into the lives of three women.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) this is a story of ex navy seal who lives a normal life with his parents and is found of boxing ,one day his nephew died of drug abuse this changed his life totally and does every effort to get justice for his nephew.
(Drama) A football star returns to the game after a lengthy retirement and overcomes the obstacles off and on the field in a game that has changed significantly.
(Drama) A poor manservant has a passion for making talents, but he won't do it for money.
(Drama) Shy aspiring teen rapper, must prove her talents while dealing with family and love problems.
(Comedy, Drama) The film displays how your environment can trap you in its cage. The film displays the struggles to keep a dream alive between two friends to get to college. The overall message is don’t become a product of your environment.
(Drama) Adam Towne, Chief Operating Officer of a multinational pharmaceutical company, is mired in the temptations of power and dominion over global health care. He's treading water in a corporate sea of corruption and deceit, and is waging a war for the destiny of his very soul.
(Drama) While awaiting the legalization of gay marriages in her state, a lesbian recalls how she met her partner and become someone her strict family would never approve