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(Drama, Action and Adventure) A spinster school teacher risks all breaking her Apache lover out of jail and is pursued by the law for her actions.
(Drama) Priests don't usually jump off roofs. Yet, is it possible, that a person's life is so tormented that he cannot face the consequences of his actions, that he acts contrary to life long beliefs and commits the ultimate sin? Or, is he murdered?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) This action-drama tells the story of the LeBlanc family of Grand Bayou, Louisiana and how the family has suffered through two devastating hurricanes, indiscriminate oil and gas drilling, how native French-Cajuns and Indians are exploited, the destruction of their way of life
(Drama) Police procedural involving a young African American police officer investigating the killing of a suspected drug dealer at the hands of the police in his old neighborhood.
(Comedy, Drama) “The Weapon of Time” is a multi-character drama that explores five different people as they struggle to understand their place in the world and concepts of fairness and responsibility.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) An experimental work where Andre Peniche changes his look during a haircut.
(Drama) A one-time wannabe TV Evangelist receives the power to heal. He puts himself on a journey to help everyone he can, but he may be thwarted by his one-time hero.
(Drama) The lives of many as a musical. With different hits that we may know or not know.
(Drama) young urban setting, driven by hip hop culture and music. Young sisters struggle to manage life one sister is focused on career, other sister is a writer, rapper, singer creative type, with big dreams of making it. They have each other.
(Drama) It got off in the home so that it was received in a bell with a smart metropolitan streetcar and an old street. Things other than vigor bought Phalaenopsis orchid in the flower shop in all shopping streets that became complete. It loosely climbed a big slope....
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Jessica Cane is a mafia princess who runs the family gangster business through the voice of her aging father John. After his death, she must recruit her clueless sister and join forces with a treacherous drug lord to keep her power.
(Comedy, Drama) Three individual stories set around lives of the employees of a local cinema, all weaving in and out of each other. The three main subjects at any place of work are all tackled: love, friendships and boredom. This is Stocking Up.
(Drama) At its core, IF ONLY WE KNEW IT tells the timeless story of love and loss, but it does so in a way that has never been done before and that isn’t immediately recognizable as such.
(Drama) During an interview with a movie star, a frustrated journalist decides to take in hostage all those people present in the room. His request ? Become an actor and play in a movie scene.
(Drama) In a world of human errors, we can be heroes insight.
(Comedy, Drama) Blank
(Drama) fala de um garoto negro pobre que em dado momento de sua vida profissional em ver em conflito com valores morais, etico e familiares
(Drama) All four gospels' events put into chronological order, then decorated with story-telling elements and insights into Jewish culture at the time. The ultimate "greatest story ever told" script.
(Comedy, Drama) Suicidal Scott Gray just got released from a psychiatric hospital, and lands a job selling caskets at a memorial service. After taking on his first clients, the bereaved parents of a recently deceased, star local athlete, Scott starts to understand his own brush with death.
(Drama) The Story of a girl who had his life changed. After fights with her family and friends have an experience that will change her life.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Some young people fall asleep reading beautiful stories.
(Comedy, Drama) He was a hot young Movie star, right? – Errol Flynn’s biggest rival for the part of Robin Hood. Sure he was. So why was he trapped in this darkest corner of Olde England, working his butt off on a farm, where everyone thinks he’s an escaped lunatic? (Set in 1935)
(Comedy, Drama) Joseph Murphy is uplifting tale of a widowed everyman from rural Missouri who, to fulfill a promise to his dying wife, embarks on a quest to become President of The United States. Through a stroke of dumb luck he becomes a national sensation and a real factor in the race.
(Drama) Derrick has to fight for his marriage when a devastating secret threatens to tear it apart.
(Drama) Young buck loses his best friend to drugs and doesn't know where to go.
(Drama) A middle-aged accountant, his mid-life sexual fantasies, a failing marriage, trapped in middle-class suburbia, an indifferent wife, a private investigator, and the miscalculation of a teen prostitute.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) When James, a member of an elite band of thieves, falls in love and decides to leave the organization, the other members will stop at nothing to get him back.
(Drama) Under the Ice takes you on a journey to Wisconsin's Lake Winnebago during the annual sturgeon spearing season.
(Comedy, Drama) Story of Cowboy who creates revolution in IT world. Starts with friends and make a huge hit.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) the show is all about second chances Life after your parents die, Life after you die, Life after you loose your faith, Life after you re-find it, Life after you find love.......our show is all about Life After and second chances. Its actually a really deep message