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(Comedy, Drama) "Pull Stop" is a film that uses public transportation as a "vehicle" of personal discovery.
(Drama) a woman accuses her therapist of raping her
(Drama) This story is about the courageous women volunteers who flew military aircraft in WWII, much to the chagrin of the men who were enlisted, and their fight to be recognized which would last sixty years.
(Drama) A dark, egdy story about the underground realities of the Las Vegas world of 'escorts' - AKA, prostitution - told through the eyes of Jack Moss, owner of one of the most prominent agencies, 'Vegas Playmates.'
(Drama) Soviet Space programme drama.
(Drama) John commits a heinous crime as a youth, four years later the past comes back to haunt him when his younger brother is murdered. Does John seek revenge or accept the consequences of his past actions? Has basesball rehabilitated him or is the gang life's grasp too strong?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) What would you do if the one you love lives forty years in the past?


(Comedy, Drama) Avery and Harry meet in a dream they simultaneously have one night, awake at the same time and walk to school in different ways. They pass each other in a hall only to, in astonishment, recognize one another, a relationship spiraling out of control to Animal Collective.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A family's glory and demise in the baseball obsessed-town.
(Drama) In New York City a Golden Gloves contender struggles with his love for his family and his love...for a man.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Three strangers in the same city are haunted by visions of a strange building with an evil force, that may draw their lives closer together in a deadly way.
(Comedy, Drama) Boris le saxophoniste se retrouve embringué dans une aventure complètement décalé pour retrouver les cendres de son défunt père ...
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Larkin's a devilishly handsome 25 year-old, travelling through small towns of the southern states- running from something. His mysterious character will make an impression on you, but by the time you've met him it might already be too late.
(Drama) A classic Hollywood mystery surrounding the murder of a prominent, and popular, news anchor.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) What if a machine had been invented that cured all disease with no drugs, no pain, no chemo? It was … 75 years ago. Then it disappeared. Lost for years deep inside the darkest bowels of Government. Now it's been found. But is it the Holy Grail or Holy Hell?
(Drama, Kids and Family) Highland Reisert has no money, no job, is confined to a wheelchair, and worse, is suspected of killing his family. He takes a job at a poor rural school. There he meets a 14-year-old deaf kid, that awakens gentle stirrings of the soul and breathe hope into his life again.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Child forced to support parents crack habit. Her parents dies, She goes from orphanage to foster home. She marries her childhood lover. After her 2nd mentally challenged child, She finds out her husband was sold by his parents for crack and is really her biological brother.
(Comedy, Drama) An updating of Aristophanes' classic play "Lysistrata" -- now set in contemporary South L.A., between two warring gangs.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A teenager enraged with the AIDS virus seeks revenge on all men leaving a trademark behind to inform them they were subjected to the AIDS virus. The truth of what is happening in our everyday world and a story that none of us can afford to ignore!
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A young man sets out on the Texas highway after his father's passing in an attempt to come to terms with the loss.
(Comedy, Drama) This documentary follows the year long journey of three high school "production teams" as they try and complete their films for the annual high school film festival.
(Drama) Cam is a young man with a troubled past. He is travelling for city to city trying to find the one thing he most craves. Forgiveness. Along the way he uses, hurts and steels from anyone who lets him in. Until finally he realises that forgives needs to start at home.
(Drama) Men of God creat Hell on Earth when they clone Jesus Christ.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A young Latina soldier in Iraq heroically saves the lives of her men in combat, but she cannot shake the horror of the incident. After returning home to civilian life in America, she struggles to control violent urges learned in war when she is faced with brutal injustice.
(Drama) A young abused boy with nothing to live for finds hope, strength, and salvation from a young caring teacher and wrestling coach who teaches him about life and growing up, and who believed in him when no one else did.
(Comedy, Drama) In a small Utah town, three losers are stumbling through life worrying only about where the next joint is coming from. the town also holds a banished ex-capo eunuch, Rocco Lovecchio who was once a promising up and coming soldier in a major New Jersey family.
(Drama) 'After a world-shattering accident, a hard-sell city exec learns life's lessons from the other side of the tracks ...'
(Comedy, Drama) An Alaskan high school band coach faces his demons and fights to control his first love, football.