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(Drama) Jack is released from jail determined to leave behind everything that led him there, but when a dangerous game unfolds and old small town secrets come to light, Jack is forced to ultimately choose between the life he’s always known, or none at all.
(Drama, Kids and Family) The story is about the sacrifice of the most valued thing in life of a teenager for family relationships. Mine is not a script, it is a story that should be converted to a script, since i`m not a native english writer i thought i might need help in scripting this story.
(Drama) A man must start over after taking the blame for his two siblings and unhinged friend. After serving 10 years, the only way to fix things is to do the unthinkable, again.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A paranoid schizophrenic, who's battling visions of his own demons, embarks on a quest to find his estranged relatives. While doing so he quickly discovers truths about himself, his hallucinations, and secrets surrounding his family.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The dreams of a burned-out reporter are reignited when financially-strapped Americans are unknowingly turned into terrorists.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A young foreign artist in the big city to develop his art and find his creative voice until he discovers the road to his true self is through the darkest corners of his mind.
(Drama, Horror) What would happen if you saw the dead body of your father's apparent suicide and your new step father is abusive? Could you stay sane? This is what Jim Seare struggles with as he grows from child to adult and deals with the consequences of life and success of his band.
(Drama) Partially inspired by a true tale, this story concerns an escaped RAF officer in World War 11, who rather than making good with his own escape, works with the Polish Resistance to set up an escape line for other pows.
(Drama) The daughter of one of the American pilots that flew in The Bay Of Pigs Invasion grows up wanting to find out the truth about what happened to her father. As she starts to uncover information, what she finds is more than she bargained for. Inspired by true events.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In 1918, American pilots of the 14th Aero Pursuit Squadron fight for honor in the skies over France.
(Drama) Fashion designer Winnie Wong is caught up in an international chase for a computer virus, as her chasers gain ground, she is rescued by Vaughn Cooper, a law student and tour bus driver in San Francisco.
(Drama) The journey of a promising skier and what happens when a life changing tragedy occurs.
(Drama) Matthews and Sarah find the perfectly situated house to bring their families together during the winter holidays. With families come baggage, what contribute to the trouble between Matthews and his life partner Dylan and Sarah's unexpected pregnancy.
(Comedy, Drama) A very picky dater-film critic falls in love with a beautiful woman, who is a prostitute hired by his ex-girlfriend and now a long-time lesbian friend, to help him, so he can stop being grumpy and picky all the time.
(Drama) A badge, gun and uniform does not excuse you from being a dirty cop. A veteran police detective investigates the trafficing of drugs through the city only finding he must arrest a former girlfirend, lover and now a high ranking police commander.
(Drama) This is a documentary about the real Wiseguys who were the basis for the Scorsese mob epic Casino. It also serves as the foundation for the drama WiseAcre...
(Comedy, Drama) this is a story about two university students Gerrard and Edward who did not enjoy their lives, the other Gerrard would think that his other friend's life was better while the other Edward wish the same
(Drama) Old wives tales plague a broken girl as she bury her husband forcing her to go back to where she came from and face her path
(Drama) A writer and a photographer meet in San Francisco and find they are perfect for each other, but both are too cynical and jaded to fall in love.
(Drama) A short film about a childhood tainted by mental illness and parenting issues. Highlighting the importance a family love.
(Comedy, Drama) A grumpy newspaper editor is convinced by his smart-ass staff writer to journey cross-country and save his failing marriage.
(Drama) Father is coming back into his son’s life after 25 years, which will cause conflicts but also make them reconsider themselves and find out how much they are related.
(Drama, Kids and Family) A children's supernatural drama set in a rural town. Renton Hall was once a orphanage. It is rumoured to be haunted.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Jake, a paranoid and irreponsible boy, lives in the conviction that he is at the center of a conspiracy. One night he will be proposed to become a member on terms not to reveal secrets to the outside world. It will violate the conditions by overturning the whole system.
(Drama) Without a Promise is a short film that demonstrates the ability of love to overcome geography, war and family obligations.
(Drama) Taken away from a life she thought was perfect. Dealing with her mother who is hiding a secret. Falling for someone who isn't who she believes he is. Feeling as if no one cares.
(Drama) A homeless man films himself while fusing into a self discovering journey. Through his lack of material possessions, he finds elements of spirituality, friendship, artistic expression, and attempts to diagnose the homeless problem in Los Angeles California.
(Drama) “Witness to Glory” – The Grantland Rice Story A time as the 20"s Roared & the Golden Age of Sports was born, Writers wrote about them, in Victory & Defeat. This is a tale of one, the Best, Grantland Rice, who bore Witness. This is his story.
(Comedy, Drama) A computer savvy dog fights websites who only want screenwriter content. Wolfie hates online websites that offer compensation but awards none. Wolfie takes a bite out of crime.
(Comedy, Drama) 7 friends relive there most unforgetable dates while playing poker. The screen play attempts to show not every date may go the way you expect it to. In search of the perfect relationship, friends share there worst experiences in trying to find there true soul mate.