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(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) After refusing to admit she was raped on a business trip, an attorney returns home to reveal a primordial side of her personality that affects her marriage and social life.
(Comedy, Drama) Two teenage school friends owe their lives to their parents, their learnedness to their teachers but above all their enlightenment to their friendship with two beloved animals, Semira and Pluto.
(Drama) A battered man battles against the voice in his head as it trickles down to his eight-year-old son.
(Drama) In 1876, a South Carolina town on the brink of a racial explosion becomes the battleground for an intense skirmish between black residents and the white men who want them eradicated. The result will help steal the state election and decide a presidential election.
(Drama) Sara a 35 yr old woman In a abusive relationship looking for a new start finds her oppertunity to leave when by chance she meets a younger man on line they become friends and dean flys from oregon to michigan to help her get her new begining this is our story.
(Drama) its a fact based on myself and leaving a abusive relationship and starting over with a friend who is younger then myself he on his own flew from portland,oregon to monroe,mi and stayed with me 3 mos and we had a romantic relationship.
(Drama) The final chapter of the "Redemption" series, where the characters come together and form the bonds that last a lifetime, but not without some big nasty bruises along the way.
(Drama) The story of an extremely troubled young man still struggling to recover from an emotionally vicious childhood and be a successful happy adult.
(Drama) Johnny's entrance into this world was the result of a perverted and repulsive act of violence. However as providence would have it, an act carried out with malicious intent turned out for good.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) An over-jealous boyfriend suspects his girlfriend of infidelity causing him to take rash decisions.
(Comedy, Drama) Elvis and Led Zeppelin, together and on the loose during a wild weekend in 1972 L.A.. If it didn't happen this way, it should have...
(Drama) A former drug dealer survives an attempted murder by who he thought was his best friend. Even though he felt angry and betrayed he made a decision to make a positive lifestyle change instead of choosing revenge. Through his journey he faces old demons and new opportunities.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) During a live Public Access broadcast, a brilliantly psychotic murderer ingeniously traps three top psychologists in a prison “safe room” with him. In a twisted, bizarre mind game, the killer attempts to – rather than kill them – destroy them psychologically.
(Drama) After the lost of his wife and his job, Stan Nicholas tries to save what was a family traditional Christmas for his five daughters. .
(Drama) This is based on true events involving a whirlwind affair with a real life "gangster" and the ups and downs of a controlling and passionate relationship (love-hate).
(Comedy, Drama) A middle aged man turns 50, has a heart attack, wonders where his life went, and sets out on a journey for a new one. Disaster and turmoil hit, and suddenly he's wishing he had his old life back. The journey back, turns out to be harder then the journey forward.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In this action/war film, a group of physically challenged Iraq War veterans who were all wounded in combat must return to Baghdad in search of a cache of Saddam Hussein's hidden money.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A strong-willed female who specializes in disguise and martial arts, heads up a 4 man murder-for-hire organization who assassinates villainous husbands; however the problem arises when she's hired to kill her father who abused her and thought long dead.
(Comedy, Drama) A young couple give birth to a child and then spend the next twenty years doing their best to raise her and teach her about life while learning a little themselves along the way.
(Drama) To be a transgender person your sexuality can impact everyone in your life. Finding out your spouse is transgender, when you believed he was man, was a lie that destroyed your marriage and family.
(Drama) When a Notorious Narcotics Dealer and the daughter of the former head of a Mexican Cartel are thrust together under deadly circumstances, their very survival depends on their common bond.
(Comedy, Drama) A Mafia boss upon leaving prison quits the mob and retires to Florida where he volunteers in a nursing home. In an effort to shake the home's residents out of their malaise he forms a successful glee club. Along the way love and revenge spice up the action.
(Drama) An ex-marine relives a tragic childhood summer when, as a motherless nine-year old and obsessed with a teenage girl, he expresses his naive love beyond the grave when he and his black ex-prize-fighter friend commit hidden, heart-wrenching sacrificial killings.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the middle of the 1850's, Jane gave up her children to the Sisters of Mercy in St Louis, cut her hair and spent the next twelve years, dressed as a man, looking for the man who killed her husband in a river boat gambling fight. She was fifteen and this is a true story.
(Drama) An reporter and a "Undead American" sit down and discuss what it is like to be a zombie in the world today.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) After the local police wave off a missing persons case, a brooding teenager goes in search of his missing friend, but gets reeled into hazardous, unforeseen circumstances.
(Drama) High School can be tough and the external pressures for teenagers can be overwhelming--especially when these feelings are kept inside. Get to know a group of teenagers who are battling the stresses of life while still looking “fine” to everyone else on the outside.
(Drama) When a person is deeply in love with somebody who turns out to be a sex addict, mental complication ensue. Whether such person continues to love the loose lover or not, really depends on one's strength of love.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Mother from Iran documents her life in the 1980's. Witnessing bloody demonstrations, abuse of women by the new regime, war between Iran & Iraq. She reached her goal to come to America. Her son was diagnosed with a blood disease and he lost his fight with dignity and pride.
(Drama, Kids and Family) People from ordinary backgrounds who have been deprived of something they deemed vital to their own self-fulfillment, ask themselves, “Why not me”, and respond with, “Anything is possible”, and embark on a path to obtain goals that almost seem too big to obtain.