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(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) In 1951, idealistic America was at its peak, though at the Lawrence School for Wayward Girls, a dark secret lies in the ground. Five gifted girls fight to find the truth and sanity at the hands of an insane warden.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A taut rope. A struggling hand. A leg tied to a chair. A man talks to someone in a chair about their past while holding a rope.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) An experimental work where Andre Peniche changes his look during a haircut.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) TV show/movie . It is based around biker club when America is attacked by Russian, Korean and Islamic radical. When the military is destroyed the only hope is our nation's organized crime groups. The lost souls mc is gun running biker gang who through there shady dealings
(Drama, Horror) Based on true events. DECADENCE follows the exploits of one man as he aspires to the impossible. The film spans ten years and follows Drew Evans (Roger Cerqua) as he struggles with loss, rejection, hate and anger.
(Comedy, Drama) A hard-boiled Gumshoe detective from 1947 is transported to 2015 Los Angeles through a freak event.
(Drama, Kids and Family) Dyslexia My Life - By Love and Grace - Movie Storyboard - Inspiring script about one person's struggle with my learning disability. Sam, the author of the book Dyslexia My Life
(Drama) Inspired by true stories of an immigration lawyer having to deal with the issue of domestic violence and immigration law. It is heart-breaking story with a message of hope. With all the issues surrounding immigration right now, this movie provides another perspective.
(Drama) Two young men win a free trip to South Padre Island for Spring Break from a local radio station but run into more trouble than they bargained for.
(Comedy, Drama) Four 30 something’s, dreamers are having a hard time growing up. Kicking and screaming the whole way, while trying to make their mark in the City of Angels.
(Comedy, Drama) Like Twilight Zone or the Alfred Hitchcock Hour each episode has a different cast, director, writer and premise, the only thing each episode has in common is that the scene always takes place over a meal of some kind.
(Drama) 9/11 as seen through the eyes of one man who survived. Based on the memoir of Artie Van Why; available for a screenplay adaptation.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) this is a high school sophomore history project about the French revolution. Spanish Audio only.
(Drama) A young girl plans the arrest of her evil, shoplifting stepfather - with disastrous consequences.
(Drama) What if the soul could talk to the body...what would it say?


(Drama) Key Terms: Broad-casting, Talk Show, Production Studio, Editing, Programming, Department of Defense, Secretary of State, War, Peace, Contra, Towel, Power, Politics, Cayman Islands, Initial Public Offerings, IPO, Bell Ringing
(Drama) A drama short film about dreams during financial crisis in Greece.
(Comedy, Drama) The continuing adventures of 3 idiots who have survived the zombie apocalypse against all odds.
(Drama) REAL TALK MS There will be no script accompanying this documentary. It will officially be one of the rawest and most honest documentaries completed. By Tiffany Jaide Hightower WGA Registered 2013
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A sleek, sexy, action packed, neo-noir gangster story with sex, guns, a femme fatale and Asians.
(Drama) Music video of studio tracks
(Drama, Horror) This Video Trailer is about the supernatural horror based on true events!
(Drama, Kids and Family) Jeremy the rabbit and his new friends realize something strange is happening in the animal kingdom.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Forces of higher power both good and bad must fight for there right to rule Earth.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) The human existence is at risk when the last remaining human is on a mission to find a new planet to continue their survival.
(Drama) What happens when that one person - your standard bearer - dies? How do you pick up the pieces so that you are ready and willing to accept what comes next?
(Comedy, Drama) Mike helps Fiona, an angel who escaped from Heaven, to hide. One day, he falls in love with her, but the angel doesn't know what the human love is...
(Drama) A financially-unstable, drug-addicted woman, does whatever necessary to get her fix. In the process, she forgets about her three-year-old daughter in the vehicle.