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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) A young man, who works at a sex robot factory, steals female parts to build his own robot. To his surprise the robot has artificial intelligence capabilities.
(Drama) An Urban Romeo And Juliet
(Drama) A Drug deal that could go bad
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Beta fish examines toxic masculinity through the lens of 3 archetypes: The Alpha Male, the Beta Fish, and the Lone Wolf. A semantic mixup sparks a conversation with a new roommate about why a so-called "Fighting Fish" would be considered submissive to an Alpha.
(Drama) A father rips his autistic son from his life.
(Drama) A hard working father tries to teach his son life lessons while restoring a classic car in the backyard. The father is presented with a moment that he instinctively knows, were he to get it wrong, he might lose his son to the streets.
(Drama) After the death of their parents, Anthony and Kevin have had to tackle every obstacle life throws at them together. Now they must face one more obstacle, the decision of telling each other a secret they’re keeping from each other.
(Drama) Use and abuse of power. The young boy is a metaphor for a young democracy.
(Comedy, Drama) A recently divorced housewife, a cam girl, and their spoiled friend navigate the love-hate cycles of being  young and single in Los Angeles.  
(Drama) A film born in the high school senior year of class at a typical small New England town. The year 1972-73 was far from typical it was more like magical.
(Drama) I am a Yale University Law & MIT Political Science graduate. I've overcome trauma from being shot in 1990. I was hit by a car in 1999. I am a Reborn Christian. I am a vessel for Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, & The Holy Spirit. I am a member of The Skull and Bones Society.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Todd Middleton is questioning his heterosexuality in a world where it's illegal to be straight. Punishable by banishment or death. Will the love of his life Crystal Albriet a lesbian questioning her sexuality, be able to save him?
(Drama) How far you would go to ensure the survival of your children, how long would you be able to catch up, go hungry and chill be humiliated. In this story a woman of fiber shows that to raise her children she is willing to lay down her life for them.
(Drama) A charismatic female has her loyalty tested when an old flame resurfaces and throws her life into a downward spiral.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) This particular video is more of an advertisement of the project, BACKOUT. It basically gives you a short introduction of the storyline, a work-in-progress of a poster with taglines and images; along with some information (photos) of the creator and writer.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The interwoven storylines of two brother rivalry and fight for control of their father criminal business, set amongst the seedy backdrop of local life in Vegas.
(Drama) A gritty, corrupt urban city government presents layers of challenges to prosperity. Rose, a sociopathic real estate developer, mother of two leads a fierce network of orphans. Rose builds a fortune via manipulation albeit corruption, conspiracy, murder, and love.
(Drama, Kids and Family) Prejudice attitudes and destructive cultural habits are changed when a young “blow in Yankee” psychologist arrives in a County Cork community and becomes involved in one family’s trauma. “Tom’s Place” has Guinness, football, river dancing and quirky Irish humour.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) An overly sensitive husband entangles himself in a treacherous deal with a wolf-in-sheep-clothing, only to become desperate to BACKOUIT!
(Drama, Action and Adventure) My story is based on a boy who working as an engineer and doing 9 to 5 job. But he is not satisfied with his life so he decides to change his life and doing efforts in mma field. Lot of things happens in this story by the means of sex, drama, action and you will fall love...
(Comedy, Drama) An offbeat screenwriter's life is hilariously turned upside down and he's nearly killed several times, when he seeks out the creator of the Lone Ranger to ask him why he named the sidekick, Tonto (Spanish for dumb shit).
(Drama) On her first assignment, a journalist investigates the sudden death of a local, reclusive musician, while his family must come to terms with all that’s left behind.
(Comedy, Drama) A retired MMA fighter opens a gym for the underprivileged, minorities, transgender, gays, lesbians, disabled...from all walks of life to teach them philosophy, self defense and life. At the end of every episode, there is a MMA fight.
(Comedy, Drama) Five strangers move into a 5-Bedroom apartment on the upper west side and bond while they struggle through the obstacles of life in your late 20's/early 30's surviving together in New York City.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) On Jonny's 16th birthday he inherits the ability to jump in to other people's bodies while he is sleeping. At first he is unable to control is abilities. His family have kept a secret from him, his entire life. They are Dreamers.
(Drama) Chicago Hip-Hop legend Costill is trying to cope with the death of his sister Monica while trying to deal with the pressures of his new record deal, and the fact that he killed Cash, the person who murdered his sister. But, did Cash really die is the real question?
(Drama) A book on bullying, cyberbullying and psychopathology
(Drama) A young woman in her early twenties recovers from an abortion alone, alongside a bad break up whilst looking back at her unique relationship and how things lead to their untimely demise; accepting the fact that her best friend turned ex-boyfriend may never be sorry.
(Drama) Michael, a young man with a past from the streets, has gotten his life together and left his old life behind. After witnessing the murder of his mother, Michael quickly grows up and walks away from his sordid past.
(Drama) The story is about a guy who loves a girl named Anjali, A medical student girl who finally falls in love with him. The story begins when Ajay named antagonist turns threat to her, who attempts to spoil Anjali's life. Anand saves her from him and decides to marry her.