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(Comedy, Drama) 123
(Drama, Kids and Family) yamaha branding video
(Drama) A story of love and hate on a college campus, showing how men can prey on and play women to get what they want, and how women can scheme to find out the truth. So, it's like they say, the truth will set you free, but will this truth cost a friend or lover their life?
(Drama) I hard working husband loses everything and just wants his family back
(Drama) British gangster film where an aspiring athlete aiming to take part in the olympics gets caught up in the wrong crowd and his life begins to spiral down. Can he get his life back on track?
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Logline : A new prison warden discovers a condemned woman is seven months pregnant.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A woman takes ownership of her father's football team when he dies and asserts her authority by firing her General Manager. She must appoint herself head coach and lead her team through the season against extreme adversity, equipped with her brain, staff, and aging QB.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Victims of sexual assault come together to create a vigilante movement that will leave countless rapists and child molesters dead throughout the city. By being pressured by public opinion, religious beliefs, and their pasts, they struggle to discover what justice really is.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Travis' battle inside reaches it's boiling point when his brother dies and he's forced to again confront his mentally ill mother. Whether exploit his super-natural gift, or die trying, Travis heads off a downtown crisis with a maniac on the loose to seek self redemption.
(Drama) amantes dos
(Drama, Horror) Hanley's father, killed by an apparent "zombie virus", has been dead for 10 years. But now, as another similar virus spreads across West Africa, he starts to remember the details of his fathers death and finds that some things are perhaps better left uncovered.
(Comedy, Drama) Safe Sex PSA
(Comedy, Drama) It was one shiny Spring morning in the savannah. The birds started singing and the predators woke up to search for their food.
(Drama) ABout a person getting over the death of a friend
(Drama, Horror) A lonely writer meets a mysterious woman in the woods and learns eternal love is a double-edged sword.
(Drama) Seven friends are trapped in a restaurant with only one way out, to confess to the murder of their captors' son.
(Drama) After a very dramatic event in his life a very colourful and bubbly writer becomes somber, sad and grey. His life once again changes rapidly when a long forgotten face shows up and tries to put his life in order against his negative reception, while dealing with own drama.
(Comedy, Drama) Glendary College is the epitome of a small-town college. Calm and studious on the surface, the mixture of jocks, religious fanatics, and hippies is a powder keg waiting to explode. A homegrown rock band that was expelled two years before returns for an explosive homecoming.
(Drama) The story of a young man shaking.'s Wrong to rob a liquor store to raise money to have fun together., And his wife to be in that scene.
(Drama) A college student (Amy) reveals the journey of her mothers condition that has impacted her life.
(Drama) A head of state has been taken hostage by a revolutionary demanding change. The two with grapple with a world they which to fix, only to find that they are the ones who are broken.
(Drama) It's about a love story.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) An underdog Pro Football Quarterback must overcome tremendous odds, including his wife dealing with a rare form of Cancer, to defeat his former team in the championship game in historically dramatic fashion.
(Drama) This is a story about the strength of a girl who lost her parents and turned her life around by believing that she can succeed.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Marcus, a former member of a crime syndicate, attempts to leave after meeting and falling in love with Allison. One news is brought to the syndicate leader Adrian, Allison is killed and Marcus must enact revenge.
(Comedy, Drama) A recent college graduate decides to pursue the modern day American dream, going to Hollywood and selling his screenplay.
(Drama, Horror) Tina McPherson must over come and obstacle that she had never faced before. She must man handle a vicious murderer.
(Drama) I am utilizing this script for a class assignment.
(Drama) A teenage girl starts talking to a guy on Facebook that she doesn't know, she sends him a picture, he post it online, everyone finds out, she gets online abuse via ask Fm, twitter and Facebook, she starts to feels alone and like nobody like her.
(Drama) England 69'.Will has lost his memory and has been locked up in a clinic for 25 yrs.A doctor,fascinated by Will’s love of poetry and his talent for creating gardens unveils the mistery of his past to the detriment of his own career and restores Will his freedom and dignity