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(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Creepy horror about a backpacker who couch surfs in a London home. The family who live there are not as they would initially seem.
(Horror) Found footage of Professor Hamby discovering a soul Egg
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Author Stephen Lancaster and expert paranormal investigators spend nine years researching the paranormal phenomena inside the world's most haunted restaurant, the Brentwood Wine Bistro. A full body apparition is revealed proving that ghosts do in fact exist.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When a man falls for a sexy bombshell, he finds himself an accomplice to her particular predilection: cannibalism.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) This story is the sequel to the Crenshaw Serpent, it also serves as a stand alone novel designed to introduce another major Demi-god. The sequels ''Roze'' and ''Fightstar's Fury'' will follow when I'm able to knuckle down and write them.