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(Horror) A young family move into an old house for a fresh start thinking they could fix it up as a family, but soon discover it's darkness & that even the spirits within it's walls want out!
(Drama, Horror) A family face grave danger when they are possessed by the spirits of an evil cult.
(Horror) A young man takes his friends camping with him. In the middle of the night, he is lost and thought to be dead. He comes back, possessed by an evil, ancient force that is now using his memories to hunt down his friends and loved ones.
(Horror) A chemical explosion in the middle of the night results in citizens of a college town becoming blood-thirsty ghouls. Several groups of survivors must try to escape and come together for one last battle, or all hope will be lost.
(Horror) While visiting a college town, a young woman and her boyfriend are attacked by a werewolf. The young woman tries to recover and rebuild her life, but she ends up becoming a werewolf herself, and as such, she becomes a threat to everyone she loves.
(Horror) A vampiric creature crash lands in a small town and begins to feed on the citizens. A small group of teenagers is all that stands between him and total domination.
(Comedy, Horror) A young woman invites her friends over to house-sit in the middle of nowhere keep her company after a break-up. They end up reading from an ancient book that unleashes evil creatures that they must fight to survive.
(Horror) A new breed of evil has risen with an insatiable appetite. . .for us.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A family’s attempt to make a fresh start for themselves, results in what they thought they were escaping, revealing itself for the horrific truth that they never could have imagined.
(Horror) Fear turns into a fight for survival as parents lose their child to evil.
(Horror) Sometimes the past still seeks vengence in the present.     
(Horror) Evil loves to disguise itself, especially in the innocent.
(Horror) Trapped, cut off, and mercilessly hunted by both mother nature and the dead.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) The young Allen Foster receives a mail declaring his grandfather's death. He's bequeathed a mansion in a far-off town. He moves there to spend his vacation in the mansion. The townspeople warn him about the haunted mansion but he doesn't give a damn to superstitions.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) An amazingly topical (and controversial) cautionary tale about overpopulation and environmental decay. Futuristic science fiction (with elements of dark comedy and even darker satire), "RESEDA GARDENS" is a much-needed SOYLENT GREEN for the 21st Century.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A son taken turns a vengeful mother to witchcraft, in a town bent on destroying her but what they do won't stay buried forever! Their actions will have unimaginable consequences!!
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) After his mother dies, Johnathan must go and collects his mother's belongings. But he soon discovers that her death may have been more than just an accident . . .
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Angelica holds Gunnar against his will. Joe comforts his childhood friend, Tiffany, after her fiancé suddenly disappears. Clues turn up, that reveal a shockingly horrifying truth, suppressed by a lifetime of lies.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) With the help of Zeus, a Greek warrior and his men embark on a journey of righteous vengeance while facing danger and death as they struggle to defeat their corrupt and deadly ruler.
(Horror) A songwriter with crippling writers block finds the inspiration for a hit song after accidentally killing a prostitute. He soon discovers himself chasing that inspiration into an unraveling nightmare world of drugs and death.
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(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A jaded man in search of peace has instead discovered a nightmare in a small mountain town. Plagued by a supernatural entity, he is thrust into a tempest where forces of evil and the power of nature itself are at play.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Ten students must survive the wrath of notoriously known ghosts from around the world whose evil essence is released from within stacks of camera film discovered in the attic of their rented house.
(Horror) Rikki was born with powerful gifts. When her mother's attempt to kill her and steal them fails, Sandra turns her attention those, who are more vulnerable. Can Rikki find the strength and courage to stop her or will Sandra use her guilt to finish what she started?
(Drama, Horror) A plagiarist teams up with a hypnotist and an astral travel professor to steal the richest place on earth, the graveyard. Plagiarist Steve astral projects to hell to steal an idea from a CDC chemist who died before presenting his research on a cure of all diseases .
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) On July 4, 2076, a Mars astronaut defies his father and liberates a post-apocalyptic Detroit—where the gross national product is human flesh.
(Horror) When Lynn Starling revives the legendary Head Mistress, once led by her former lover and band mate, she suffers the same delusions that drove rock god Billy Eye Harper to murder and suicide.
(Horror) A serial killer has terrorized the city of Phoenix for years with encoded cyphers (never solved) supposedly of names of victims he intends to torture and murder that day. His grisly m.o. is to remove each victim's left eye before drowning them. A clever mystery unfolds.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) In 1842, as the US whaling-for-oil industry begins to decline, a former-whaler and a chemist travel into the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts in search of crude oil. What they find isn't oil, and may not even be of this Earth.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A father must save his family from a haunting in their home linked to a massacre that occurred years before. With one of the original victims surviving, the father, a non-believer, must play devil’s advocate and deliver the original life in order to save his family.