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(Comedy, Horror) people pay to an agency to adopt and deliver souls from outer world, choosing them from a “YourGhost” web based catalogue, using them to obsess their deceased children or just as companions…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) in a society where high tech film cameras that know everything about anything are used everyday by people,instead to use wikipedia,but when actual facts don't fit the camera database,the camera start adjusting the facts to its statistics,kiling anyone who isn't fit enough...
(Drama, Horror) a man realize he exist as an obsessive ghost in another man's body,while the man is asleep,in a way to continue the relationship with his still alive wife
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) man who is teleported by a chair to different places and times,having different families and personalities the chair stay always the same,the man realize that the chair is in fact a death sentence execution chair who offer to the executed person,to choose his afterlife
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a man turned stone sculpture continue to live inside the stone hallucinating a real world experiences,without realizing his terrible condition,but when strange occurances happen and he try to figure out what is wrong,he soon realize his stoned to death condition
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a detective visit an art gallery with still life alike human exponents representing the horror in the moment of dieing,discover that they are copies of real victims killed by the artist through an instant polyuretane body covering,sealing the death agony inside the foam
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a scene of unjustified murder in 19th century England school for young shapshooters is invariably projected every year in the exact time of the murder in the same place by the glowing memory of the spirit,justifying his death through showing it to others through the times
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) because of the overpopulation of the world,the unborn souls can’t born anymore and start using the bodies of the sleeping people to experience the life they can’t have,but while doing so they start killing each other,reducing the human population as a chance to be born
(Horror, Kids and Family) a woman using hellish herbs get in Hell to choose between the most aggressive horrific creatures, selling her soul to make a contract with them, to born one of them as her own child, whose quest in life will be to ruin her oppressing husband’s selfish life…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a man start searching and following his wife after she is asleep to uncover that her body is obsessed by unborn ghost who use her body to meet and have a relationship with another already dead ghost obsessed body,both having a family together...
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a guy who realize that the room next door is occupied from a people from near future,discover that the entire building is occupied by people from different times and he is there to discover they exist on a next level of existence after once they had died on Earth…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a moon expedition go awry when after landing on moon surface the human astronauts collide with a local aggressive form of life, which turn to be a human controlled surrogates-an avatars unconsciously controlled from the sleeping humans of earth, who dream about the moon
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) a prolific woman with many children is visited by few little larky hellish demons inside her house, who while playing with her children,fight with each other to satisfy her fulfilling her wishes,trying to win her love and appreciation,in a way to be born as her next child
(Comedy, Horror) recently deceased ghost start using another body to meet and work with his widowed wife who work on a night shifts to continue and prolong their life together…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a detective who use book projecting device,while reading it zoom projected on the wall,discover a hidden strange texts written inside the letters of the original book text,he start research and discover messages printed from the spirits of the victims,killed by book author
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a poor guy who is hearing voices is advised to start stealing and committing crimes to make a fortune,but when he commit a mass killing to rob a bank and is sentenced to death,the voice appear to him in a human form,reveal that he has seduced him to take him to his death
(Comedy, Horror) after a divine revision of after-life the Death is dismissed and send in retirement down to Earth, so to meet the ends Death post an auction of his services on internet to work for those who pay the highest bid…
(Horror, Action and Adventure) the spirit of an oppressed Indian tribe female ruler get in the Hell to choose the most Kraken like horrific ghost to be born as her monster child to protect her tribe and annihilate the oppressing Spanish conquerors of her world in the late 16th century Americas…
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) In a futuristic world of population explosion, hunger and deep poverty, the government runs a bizarre plan of feeding its masses from their own dead until suspicion arises of disappearing bodies.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) At the beginning of the twenty first century two tragic events occurred that shook the world. Two sacred stones of great religious value disappeared mysteriously from their resting place:
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A psychiatrist develops the ability to transfer his mind into other peoples’ bodies. However, during the process of these tense transformations the strain overtaxes his brain, slowly driving him into a madness of a murdering, knife wielding sexual psychopath!
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A web-series featuring the combating video diaries of the brilliant Dr. Henry Jekyll and evil Mr. Hyde.
(Horror) Сутулый зашибленный подросток чтобы вернуться во времени и спасти погибшую в автоаварии Мать должен найти Сурового Маньяка, похитившего у главного героя часы перемещения во времени.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) A gladiator must save Rome from the outbreak of the world's first zombie plague.
(Comedy, Horror) A Canadian tour train through the Canadian Rockies takes on passengers infected with zombism after they have stood outside viewing a new comet coming close to earth. Canadian Olympic Fencers rescue the train from the "Lickers" using their skill with foil and teamwork.
(Drama, Horror) A heartless hit man unwittingly unleashes a zombie virus and finds his humanity, and love, as his life fades away.
(Comedy, Horror) There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your “undead” life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer – get a SAG card!
(Comedy, Horror) There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your "undead" life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer - get a SAG card!
(Horror) Rachel's a typical teenager. She likes hanging out with her friends, falls asleep in History class, and can't wait to get her driver's license. Rachel just learned something very surprising, something that will change her life forever. Rachel can raise the dead.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Will Mrs. President escape Dallas or does the Secret Service fail again?