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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Frankie Stargazer discovers a power in the universe that effects the whole world. The answer to evil will elude the wicked. Frankie is an interesting, mystical warrior with powers to fight crime, while he's living the life or a regular teen
(Kids and Family) the boy found roses fields and women
(Comedy, Kids and Family) In Jungle Town, detectives Honey Mane and Bob Grizzly are forced to put aside their differences in order to track down a gang of cunning bank robbers.
(Kids and Family) Ollie the Otter is taken from his natural wild home environment, similar to little Nemo’s plight in Finding Nemo, Ollie and a group of domesticated animals must find their way back home.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Chester Green was a typical soccer and video game loving 13 year old until his widowed father remarried and he discovered his stepsister was a real witch!
(Comedy, Kids and Family) This is the third in a series following the character of Bessie DuBlanche, a girl who is able to float. In each episode, she meets a new character with a different super power and gets to know them.
(Drama, Kids and Family) The history of the individual is the history of the world. Anna Aizic shows us this as she reveals the tragedy, and secrets of her family as well as the love and humour. She wrote these letters to her children, thankfully she is allowing us to bear witness as well.
(Drama, Kids and Family) This is a full length documentary premiering in NYC on June 24th, 2011. We wanted to share this short clip of the opening credits with our fans :) It features footage shot over a 2-year period while in production of - A TIGER in the DARK: The Drew Evans Story.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) In the year 2055, a government funded program has been created to prevent giant behemoth-like creatures from entering Earth's dimension. Two recruits, fresh out of the academy are sent on a routine mission that is about to be interrupted.
(Drama, Kids and Family) Relation between son and mom
(Kids and Family) Cartoon
(Kids and Family) a different way of life
(Kids and Family) The leader of "baby boomer" tourists in Ireland meets a mystic who introduces him to the existence of the enchanted realm. He soon leads his group of women on a quest to find the stolen coin from the Leprechaun King's Pot of Gold and solve a 1500 year old mystery.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) HOLY COW is the fun and funny story of Christy, a special calf born on Christmas day and the three children who help save her from the slaughter. It is occasionally outrageous and thankfully, heartwarming in only two or three places.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) It's 1899 and two best-friend teenage girls spend the summer coming to grips with growing up in an exciting new world filled with telephones, movies, and cars; one tries making up for ‘stealing’ the other’s boyfriend by talking her out of becoming a nun.
(Kids and Family) In a world filled with the beauty of nature, a boy starts his journey, the journey of a lifetime.
(Kids and Family) An ardent Millipede discovers how to learn from Instinct and understand Knowledge.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) The daughter of an ocean researcher befriends a life size seahorse who has emerged from another world under the sea.
(Kids and Family) The musical adventures of a rooster who hates to get up in the morning -- he'd rather stay up all night crowing jazz. When our chicken crosses the road to the Big City, he gets lured into the shady world of cockfighting -- can he escape to recover his girl and his dream?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Animated cartoon feature of The Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria, based loosely on history with plenty of fiction/fantasy elements added for an animated film.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Twelve-year-old student wizard Corwyn Daniels and his pals have exciting and magical adventures. Corwyn accidentally rides a Black Dragon and survives, which results in him developing uncontrollable “wild talents.”
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) An animation story about an alien and a boy
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A girl must win a bicycle race to finally gain the approval of her father.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Two young cucumbers are recruited by a bottle of ketchup to join an insurgent army to overthrow the tyranical reign of an evil jar of jalapenos.
(Kids and Family) A family fantasy on the order of ET.
(Kids and Family) In Prohibition era Toronto, a tough young girl searches for her boxer father with the help of a boy who believes his dead radio star parents were really aliens.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is back, but now he’s all grown up, This Christmas Kevin is not HOME ALONe anymore Because now he’s got a wife and family, And this Christmas his Eleven-year-old Son Mac gets left behind and is HOME ALONe.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) a couple in emotional and financial crisis who are about to lose everything they have except their love and trust for each other,only to discover that while passionately love and trust each other everything they want appear automatically around them to comfort their life
(Kids and Family) Each episode of Poptart Sprinkle & The Candy Kidz uses circus apparatuses as a tool to help children face their fears, find their creative voice and to facilitate breakthroughs in the midst of breakdowns.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Jorge, um contador farrista, irresponsável e desgarrado da família ver a sua vida mudar radicalmente a partir de uma farsa montada por ele e pelo seu melhor amigo, a fim de enganar os pais, forjando uma falsa família pela qual se apaixona de verdade.