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(Thriller and Suspense, Kids and Family) When Patrick moves to a new town, he is plagued by the angry ghost of a long-missing child who seeks his help. Unable to communicate directly, the spirit's impatience and anger escalates as Patrick fearfully struggles to understand what the dead child wants from him.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Although, the sleepy Town of Delft ( Holland )is a totally insignificant provincial hamlet,(for gotten)groundbreaking Historical Events started here,forming the USA-and UK-unions like the Pilgrimfathers´visit(1625) &Charles-2 knighting his nephew William-3 (1660-66)
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) A season montage of a big club
(Kids and Family) A Prince battles with a hideous monster. A power-mad ruler loses the only ones she loves. A mystic leader searches for his heir. A frightened people rebuild their world. This is a musical screenplay based on Mozart's opera of the same name.
(Drama, Kids and Family) A day in the life of Ricky and Eva, two Hispanic 13 year olds.
(Kids and Family) Guitar Show
(Kids and Family) This is a prototype project that helps thai people to learn and remember the words related to vive.
(Drama, Kids and Family) A day in the life of two Hispanic 13-year-olds.
(Kids and Family) A new Children's Adventure!
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Spider swears revenge on Chen, over a part-time job he applied for. He pushes him in a washing machine, causing Chen to shrink. They then enter a race over a girl.
(Kids and Family) Cheeky Charlie Crazy Car is a short story about Charlie. This will be a series of short stories in the future. At the moment, their are 2 stories.
(Kids and Family) Another Cheeky Charlie Adventure
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Animated Short Film by human3DStudio
(Drama, Kids and Family) in a society where the entire population suffer amnesia and no one know or remember the others,a guy who have a dream memory of his former family,start a quest to find and recognize his family among the all amnesiacs,even if the family members didn’t recognize him…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) a married woman live the perfect life she always wanted only one day to find her husband disappeared and while watching new hi-tech commercial on TV to realize that her husband has been a new 3d projected bio-organic pill for recovering her from widowed depression
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) a storyteller realize he exist cause a female writer write stories about him,when they meet and the woman realize that the man is the same man from her stories,she like him and decide to hold on him,continuing to write stories about him to keep him alive and existing
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) a musician with dysfunctional family-a crazy son and an unfaithful wife, start a new life with a female singer on a cruise ship, traveling around the world till the end of their days, working as musician and a singer to entertain people on board the ship…
(Comedy, Kids and Family) while painting and knocking eggs on Easter with his friends and family, a guy fall for a girl dressed as Easter bunny that entertain the kids in the back yard, only to have his eggs knocked by her till the end of the day…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Santa Clause with his dwarfs live on a small planet who collide with Earth every year on Christmas and then some crafted works fall dawn and that is how presents appeared on Earth,but this Christmas Santa and his Dwarfs invade Earth to take back Christmas Presents
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Advert for an orple product.
(Kids and Family) AOK SCHULSPOT
(Kids and Family) Santa's top elf takes things into his own hand's when he leaves the workshop to start his own toy company and compete against the big man himself.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) entire animated civilization of larky aliens exist on the Earth's orbit and every year around Christmas the two worlds collide,except the animated alien planet is just so little and tiny,this Christmas the alien planet get in the hands of a little girl who play with snow
(Comedy, Kids and Family) the bad witch is banished and expelled from the fairy world,doomed to live in our reality she use her magic sticks and tricks to transform herself successfully into any given character,which turn to be her VIP Pass to Hollywood,where she start to pursue an acting career
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Audiences will enjoy an uplifting, inspiring, sometimes thrilling or astounding, and highly entertaining news magazine series that puts a spotlight on the thousands of wonderful and giving things that people do to help others when it seems there is no hope and no one cares.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Moookie is a teenager and has just gotten his driver's license. His Dad gives him the keys to the family vehicle and he goes for his first solo drive -- and crash lands on Earth
(Kids and Family) A race car obsessed American Robin must defeat thugs and his ego before he and his woodland and wetland friends can win on the Speed Trail.
(Kids and Family) Treasure, predators, and a mysterious guest plummets one family into chaos. The odd way out is the only way out.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A twelve year old Montana boy’s summer of fun and girls is turned upside down after his mother suffers a terrible accident. With his father facing financial ruin, the enterprising young man embarks on a series of crazy schemes to raise money to save his family.