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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Sloof is a wizard-scientist who runs a shop with Robot, his swiss-army assistant. Together they sell everything from love potions to shrink rays. But in their workshop upstairs, unbelievable adventures await as the two concoct new things to sell that defy imagination.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) iceman (the king of Himalaya) is a science fiction story about age old super power.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) CIA Agent Tyler Clarke is hurrying to a distress call from Nic and Jacob, kids currently in witness protection with the CIA, but will he be in time?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Against the odds, a young woman must traverse the galaxy to try and save her father who is stranded on a hostile alien planet.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Two modern-day brothers are lost in a nerdy fantasy world where all the common tropes from Video Games, Sci-Fi, Comic Books, Anime, are now a reality. Together, they must navigate this strange world to find their way back home.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) When technology has finally mastered disease, aging and death: This film follows Mathew, the last man do die a natural death. Revolutionary gangs, starter spouses, an island of human misfits and a mom-in-the-machine. Maybe immortality isn't the best idea after all...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Being a huge Fallout fan, working on this story has been a dream. I've completed Fallout 3, New Vegas and I'm still playing Fallout 4, so being a fanboy of the franchise I've been able to maintain it's authenticity whilst also bringing something new to the saga.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Two estranged sisters compete in a lethal tournament in the Triassic period via a tear in the fabric of space and time, one sister is an Extreme Sports Athlete, the other is a Law Enforcement Agent tasked with bringing the eccentric organiser of the event down.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) What if rejections are the way to your goal. What if our personal drama and conflicts recorded in our electronic screens were only the entertainment viewed in some higher else's devises.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) The eagle fights to survive after a surprise attack on earth leaves all earths major cities destroyed.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) If you're into action mixed with dark fantasy and mysteries, Death Mark will take you in an adventure through your favorite movie genres.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) In the future, even Kansas City is overcrowded. In order for couples to have kids they have to move to the past. Living room is time share time travel. You rent space in the past in order to have a future.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) A reality show where flat-earthers try to find the edge of the Earth.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Upon the corridors of the Tymeer capitol the wayfarer presents his seemingly profound doctrine of unity to the warmongering counsel. Dismissing the wisdom of the wayfarer, the Immortal along with "The watchers of Xan" wanders into the wastelands of Tymeer.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) if any producers or investors from any part of the world watching my film . if you like my short film and interested to make it as feature one please kindly contact me.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Seneca a cyborg in the future of 3030 is sent on investigation mission to search for weapon of mass destruction. in order to protect his world from the destruction. of it evil leaders of the Khad empire
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Milo Weatherby is the next Thomas Edison... at least he'd like to think so. For now, he's just an ambitious kid with grand ideas, a garage full of spare parts. The series follows Milo and his best friend Levi on their adventures that result from Milo’s faulty inventions.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) A fantasy like no other, in a time in history you never knew existed.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Tron meets Mad Max. Warpworld was the ultimate in Virtual reality. Imagine a new dimension where energy and matter can be molded into anything you wanted. The possibilities were endless until... Warpworld followes the efforts of one man as he tries to regain what he lost.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) This story is the sequel to the Crenshaw Serpent, it also serves as a stand alone novel designed to introduce another major Demi-god. The sequels ''Roze'' and ''Fightstar's Fury'' will follow when I'm able to knuckle down and write them.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) ''What if the fate of billions depended on a handful of people just like us,''
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) You've just died. Now it's the job of a deadpan, supernatural being known as The Death Agent to reincarnate your soul. Unfortunately your options aren't great.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) When the children from a fantastical steampunk town are kidnapped by shape-shifting foxes who have been driven away from their homes, a brave girl and her little brother must find a way to escape - and bring peace to these rival worlds.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) This is the Black Mirror set in World War II as the Nazi's experiment with science and the occult to create zombies, werewolves, and other creatures of myth.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Born with Fire, Fueled by Destiny. One Redheaded Stepchild, BEATS BACK, and Stands Up to become a Hero. THE GINGER. Because what the world really needs MOST, is an ORIGINAL SUPERHERO to save us from remake and sequels of old characters, and NEW MERCHANDISE to BUY!!!
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) 18yr old Princess Nisha has never seen her home country. A place that is she now to rule. A place that she knows the laws as written by her mother and grandmother but not those of her proxy. But ruling isn't her first priority. Finding out what happened to her parents is.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Twelve former Nazis were chosen to be part of a genetic experiment that would help the Reich last forever. They are still alive.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) A teenager with anxiety is contacted by his late brother through what appears to be another dimension. Trapped and afraid, he believes that he has died and is going to Heaven, but once he's in "Heaven", he realizes that he's even more trapped and lost than before.


(Science Fiction and Fantasy) The Legends goes that two lost aliens started recording their distant encounters. This is their film.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) Scifi crime film