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(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Estranged brothers Mike and Frankie travel across America to lay their Mother to rest. As they struggle to overcome their past, a bounty hunter looks to end their future.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) A burnt out international spy returns to his hometown and finds it overrun with human trafficking and prostitution.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) In the sleepy fishing town of Hoquiam, Wa, police officer-in-training Julian Grey begins unraveling clues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of an old friend. But what he soon discovers is the sinister underbelly of an old religion.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) Mickey West is a two-bit lounge singer in Nevada who moonlights as a private eye tracking down runaway daughters and wives. Mickey’s charm and good looks makes this easy money until he gets a job to lure a runaway daughter back to her rich, mysterious father in Mexico.
(Thriller and Suspense) Under his financial and marital strains, Jimmy Moretti accepts a risky job as an FBI Operative. He is an unlikely candidate for the position, which serves him. Jimmy quickly learns that the line between our government agencies and organized crime is its own state of gray.
(Thriller and Suspense) A Palestinian youth goes to America on a scholarship, but his dark past compels him to join a baseball team that pushes him deeper into a conspiracy that threatens the peace in the Middle East.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) A best selling crime author is approached at a book signing by an old lady with a story proposal regarding one of her ancestors that could solve a cold case murder as well as a mystery that has haunted the writer regarding his own past.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) 18yr old Princess Nisha has never seen her home country. A place that is she now to rule. A place that she knows the laws as written by her mother and grandmother but not those of her proxy. But ruling isn't her first priority. Finding out what happened to her parents is.
(Thriller and Suspense) Story about a man losing his mind when his car runs out of gas in the desert.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) After the local police wave off a missing persons case, a brooding teenager goes in search of his missing friend, but gets reeled into hazardous, unforeseen circumstances.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Two overly-dramatic cops interrogate a suspect that knows the whereabouts of bombs planted throughout the city, and it's their job to stop him. Only problem is, they have never, EVER faced a villain like... "this" before... Ever.
(Thriller and Suspense) A semi-retired police Detective is assigned to an unsolvable 14 year old jewellery heist cold case.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A single mom answers a job ad for an editor/journalist for a small paper. She moves her four year old to Ferguson Falls, but later finds out that the town is filled with...cannibals! What's a single mother to do?
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A small Pennsylvania town is plagued by darkness when a batch of unsuspecting teenagers decide to raise the dead by utilizing a Ouija Board only to summon up "DEATH" in the wakes.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) NYC-based ventriloquist/detective Van Trillo and his wooden sidekick, Sam Suede, travel to England. Their mission: to save the world by uncovering the guilty secrets that went to the grave with Lord Gooseford.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) When top assassin, Solitaire, goes rogue and starts making unauthorized hits, her former teammate and best friend, Jaci, is called in, to track her down and stop her. But will Jaci be able to save Solitaire, or will she be forced to put her down?
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) 45 year old Lunar models from the Apollo program are brought back to life. Tesla design Lunar rovers for the mission, The Russians weaponize the station with a prototype EM rail gun. Apple CEO Tim Cook enlists their engineers for help.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) False narratives abound. The corrupt cops, petty crooks, murderers and pimps control the city. The story follows these different shady characters as their own narratives intersect, but who can you trust in such a vile place? This is a movie script that has 3-4 parts
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Nancy Drew meets Madam Butterfly by way of Heroes.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Bill Bowman is a "Taker" - someone who must be there at the time someone dies to help them move on to the next life. His boss - The Man - is trying to convince him to retire, so he needs to train a new recruit at the same time as stopping someone making unauthorized Takes
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) Gabe Martin, former CIA, is suddenly pulled from retirement when his old Iranian interrogator, Cyrus, calls from out of the blue. He tips Gabe about a nuclear plot. Is Cyrus really trying to stop a plot, or is he using Gabe to CAUSE terror?
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A string of murders along with Big Foot sitings have been plaguing the town of White Lake. Two detectives from Baltimore are sent out to help with the investigation. The murders continue as well as things that are unexplainable.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) After an accidental murder, Sandra finds herself struggling with regret and facing a decision which could change the world.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Jessica is a high-class blackmailing whore, who falls in love with three of her clients. Together they take her on a journey that helps get over her hatred of men, that stems from the death of her mother and brother in a car crash, that her drunken father survived.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When ranch-hand Ben Marsh's fiance is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws now under the thrall of an ancient bloodsucking evil, he strikes a desperate deal with the gang's ousted leader to hunt down the band and rescue his beloved.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) "Breaking Symmetry" tells the story of what happens to a brilliant young astrophysics professor after she discovers a video tape holding the secrets to a revolutionary energy technology and the unsolved murder of another professor.
(Thriller and Suspense) A story about a man setting up his own design company, in order to sell to people what they really need.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) with ten teenager's trapped in a secluded mansion, they are going to have to hunt and think their way out to escape a killer, who is watching every move they make.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) the book of siliman is missing from many century .only one man has the key of the book .but all the demons of earth try to hunt him to have the book even the Satan it self . but if the demons have it. it will be the end of our world.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) After years of trying to outrun his past, a young man returns home to confront the family he left behind, unprepared for just how psychologically damaged they are after enduring years of abuse at the hands of a psychopath they called father.