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(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) A man is cursed by a homeless gypsy to be lovelorn and it instantly comes true.
(Thriller and Suspense) Three crooks steal two big bags of cash from a money laundering place in the New York projects. Little do they know that two corrupt cops were suppose to pick up these two bags for their drug lord.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) ROOM DIVIDED IN TWO is a psychological detective drama with the elements of black comedy.
(Thriller and Suspense) The Story plays out as a reveal shot , that initially shows side shot of a male, as the camera zooms out it reveals who the male is facing, which is a woman. As the story goes on more is revealed and the scene eventually displays the woman catching the male cheating.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) After receiving an anonymous email, an experienced police officer and his apprentice get a lead on a missing 7 year old girl. They must do everything they can to find her, before the timer on the website strikes zero seconds left.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The script is about how a girl named Joey gets beat to death and is dumped into Spring Lake.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Two friends dish out an argument of their living situations.
(Thriller and Suspense) A couple are about to meet for a date, both of them in their way are contacting each other through text messages through their phones, not knowing that these actions will have fatal outcomes.
(Thriller and Suspense) The movie/script is about a boy named Brandon Pearce a freshman in high school, it is the last day of school because of summer break. When Brandon comes home from school he finds his mother dead, he is kidnapped by the killer and he must escape before the killer kills him.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A young man falls into a neglected forbidden love with a girl and will do the un-imaginable to obtain her love.
(Thriller and Suspense) Three people wake up in a room
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The Story tells a tail of how the H.I.V. Virus can be spreader to a number of host from one carrier to the unlimited amount of people who don't even know the host at all. Set in an Urban Setting with an array of different social statuses.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Derrick Falster is a raged drug dealer who has everyone in Manhattan New York feared.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) You thought you were playing an online game to mastermind the perfect crime ... but it is no game. FBI agent Mitchell Parker and his team race against the clock to stop the crimes happening. Love it when a plan comes together? Hold on, because nothing is about to go right!
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A boy without friends is an easy target for the bullies and almost dies, before he gets one of them to take him under his wing.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Mary, a 20-year-old, is a drug addict. Lost in her own world. She can't handle reality and would rather be stuck in her day dreams. In her high, she's visited by old memories. The ones that made her who she is.
(Thriller and Suspense) This is really inefficient
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) rtf, school
(Thriller and Suspense) A young woman suffers from a personality disorder.
(Thriller and Suspense) Murder of girlfriend makes boyfriend have a lust for revenge.
(Thriller and Suspense) A perfect relationship takes a violent turn for the worst. When its uncovered that Ronald has a borderline personality disorder.
(Thriller and Suspense) Our plot is about a cancer cure that has went wrong and has created a pandemic.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) The kid that everyone always overlooked suffered from chronic depression.
(Thriller and Suspense) A lonely man finds himself in an ongoing battle with his mental state and is haunted by the events of his past. How will he overcome his demons.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A couple go on a date and the guy enjoys the date more that the girl. The girl calls things off with the guy and over the next few years the guy becomes obsessive and begins stalking the girl.
(Thriller and Suspense) a young boy has been warned by his psychiatris that his newly discovered case of paranoid schizophrenia will cause him hallucinations, but is he really hallucinating?
(Thriller and Suspense) Personal Security
(Thriller and Suspense) A member of a crime gang decides to go straight and his formal partners start accusing him for hiding a loot, that they supposedly have lost.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Media is a blessing for humans but some people are making this medium a curse.We have to find those people and keep them away from Media and make media more reliable and trustworthy and there is a need for censorship for media.
(Thriller and Suspense) Story about a man losing his mind when his car runs out of gas in the desert.