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(Science Fiction and Fantasy) The story is about a man who travels through a wormhole that appears over Mercury & all while thinking it is natural he gets stuck in a black hole only to be rescued in future 200 years from his time of depirtion. But there is a twist too!
(Kids and Family) Nancy and Jessica explain the benefits of adding accessories to your Spring and Summer outfits. Accessories have the ability of making an outfit more elegant or casual, depending on the event you are attending. We both love fashion and it shows! Just watch and enjoy!
(Comedy) Two high school kids plan a party for the weekend, in hopes to gain the attention of their crushes.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) if any producers or investors from any part of the world watching my film . if you like my short film and interested to make it as feature one please kindly contact me.
(Kids and Family) Bobby Blogs is an aspiring Vlogger and shares videos of his friends and family with his fans
(Drama) Antoine, a revolutionary, searches for his lost daughter, Zoe. Zoe is taken away from her mother, Chloe, a call girl during the French Revolution.
(Drama) FBI Agent Mari Lippmann goes to extraordinary lengths to exact revenge on the town that blamed her teenage-self for its tragic loss of innocence.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) When artificial intelligence is covertly created by a clandestine organization, the world's first superhero is concurrently born into the world and begins a quest to eradicate human trafficking.


(Comedy) Life is hard and death is harder. Let's have some fun, some adventure, some sex and Rock N' Roll. Let's reflect, fall in love, live out some fantasies and die with a smile. LUX is where it all happens.
(Horror) Rikki was born with powerful gifts. When her mother's attempt to kill her and steal them fails, Sandra turns her attention those, who are more vulnerable. Can Rikki find the strength and courage to stop her or will Sandra use her guilt to finish what she started?
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A man's journey for redemption is beset by his own demons, and those that become dependent on his generosity and vulnerability.
(Comedy) Patrick Argiro was rear-ended by a young girl as she was texting and driving. After 4 surgeries and years of therapy, he decided to address this issue by discussing how dangerous it is to text and drive and how selfish it is to do it anyway.
(Action and Adventure) Agent Stacey is about two courins who were separated to pursue the various careers. But one was murdered by her lover then the other plotted and avenged her cousin's death.


(Comedy, Drama) w
(Drama, Horror) A plagiarist teams up with a hypnotist and an astral travel professor to steal the richest place on earth, the graveyard. Plagiarist Steve astral projects to hell to steal an idea from a CDC chemist who died before presenting his research on a cure of all diseases .
(Comedy, Drama) A young African-American entrepreneur has seven days to put his best-friend’s wedding together and reunite and convince her high school friends that she hasn’t talked to in ten year to be bridesmaids.
(Comedy) This is a satire on a young boy who is not able to get the girls like other boy from his age does easily.
(Comedy, Drama) A twenty-something, motorcycle riding legal secretary decides to fight the complacency in her life and the music she loves by starting a Los Angeles-based pirate radio station during the grunge-rock explosion of the ‘90s
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) On July 4, 2076, a Mars astronaut defies his father and liberates a post-apocalyptic Detroit—where the gross national product is human flesh.
(Horror) When Lynn Starling revives the legendary Head Mistress, once led by her former lover and band mate, she suffers the same delusions that drove rock god Billy Eye Harper to murder and suicide.
(Drama) Black history means to define our purpose in how we exist, Black history begins with defining our roles in society by understanding who we are and how we can apply that knowledge in real life activity. Vido can be produced as a youtube presentation.
(Thriller and Suspense) A picture video song of While Angels Dance, nominated for a Pulitzer in 1994 by Author Ralph Cotton. Song Written by Nan Cassidy, Stan LaGrange and Ralph Cotton.
(Drama) The inspiring true story of the crew of the U.S.S. Pueblo, taken hostage by North Korea in 1968.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) In the land of Middle Earth, Sauron's forces are on the rise as his Ring Of Power escaped his grasp. It lands in the hands of an Elven woman Elatriel, join her on her epic quest to destroy the Ring or become corrupted by it, and fall into Sauron's hands.
(Thriller and Suspense) A year ago, Matt and his girlfriend Kate were in a car crash. Of the accident, only Matt's physical body survived, his mind as well as Kate were lost. Ever since, Matt's been in an asylum battling with the idea that Kate lives and struggles with ruthless mental turbulence.
(Comedy) A young man who has recently had experimental brain surgery is hired to paint the house of an eccentric woman. She agrees to pay him and his partner two million dollars on the condition that she will own them until the job is finished.
(Comedy, Drama) When Ben falls totally in love with upper-class, rich, pretty Claire he takes 20 years to realise that the problem with wanting something so badly really starts when you get it. Half a lifetime away he finds her again, along with his baby. Assuming she's alive.
(Comedy) Late night talk show with Donald Trump impersonator.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A lonely orphaned German boy drafted into the Hitler Youth has to chose between his imagined destiny and his new friends or the Swing music he loves when the US Army is about to destroy his village.
(Comedy, Drama) An unemployed sculptor tortured by childhood nightmares has to discover the meaning of Art before his house and his marriage collapses.