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(Action and Adventure) Talking head interviews, product placement including staff duties, on location in a cool hotel
(Kids and Family) A little girl finds a plant on the sidewalk of the park and instead of kept playing with her friends, she decides to grab her and planting in the center of the park.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) People that want to fight!
(Comedy) A comedy about a love triangle. a very strange one
(Action and Adventure) Overcoming obstacles.
(Drama, Kids and Family) When a sixth grader with a bad reputation for lying is expected to write a true story for school, she struggles for ideas until great-grandmother tells her, by way of photos in an album, the amazing story of Bob Dooley the parachuting monkey. But will anyone believe her?
(Action and Adventure) A man who decides to skip work but his day turns out to be worst than he thought. Learning what has happened to him made him realized how stubborn he was.
(Drama) This visually and verbally expresses the circle of seasons, life, and most importantly growth.
(Kids and Family) A regular day at school, Luis Andrade spends his day solving the impossible rubiks cube. Things are going well until things take a turn for the worst.
(Comedy, Drama) An alcoholic time traveler must use his powers to save his girlfriend after her unexpected suicide.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) demon hunter killing demons
(Comedy) Los conductores de Melómanos, le mostrarán al medio televisivo que serán los mejores en ésta rama.
(Kids and Family) Witness the writing of an actual chess game with real emotions portrayed be real people come to life!
(Drama) It's about a love story.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) This story is about a young girl who is confused about the world and her life. She wants to figure out what the purpose and the mystery of life is.
(Comedy) Another regular day until you get fired.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A girl falls in love with a lost hedgehog
(Action and Adventure) Basketball
(Action and Adventure) Tatiana is tired of working.
(Action and Adventure) no
(Action and Adventure) Girl loses duck, duck finds way home.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A short video to the song "Migraine" by twenty one pilots.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) After receiving an anonymous email, an experienced police officer and his apprentice get a lead on a missing 7 year old girl. They must do everything they can to find her, before the timer on the website strikes zero seconds left.
(Drama) This film is to express real life issues that occur today in our generation and society. It highlights issues that are growing and are more common. It is trying to develop ideas of what society can do to a person, and what one’s repression can do to themselves.
(Drama) I hard working husband loses everything and just wants his family back
(Drama) The struggle of religion
(Kids and Family) A lonely little clayboy just wants to have a friend to explore with on his paper airplane.
(Drama) The internal struggle of a girl trying to peacefully sleep when her life is nothing but peaceful
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Sarah gets hit by a car and has serious brain damage. This causes her to become a superhero.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The script is about how a girl named Joey gets beat to death and is dumped into Spring Lake.