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(Drama, Horror) A lonely writer meets a mysterious woman in the woods and learns eternal love is a double-edged sword.
(Drama) Seven friends are trapped in a restaurant with only one way out, to confess to the murder of their captors' son.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A UFO crashes into the Atlantic near the nation’s capitol during a fierce winter storm. A team of international scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of the empty flying saucer as children on shore discover giant footprints in the snow leading out from the ocean.
(Drama) After a very dramatic event in his life a very colourful and bubbly writer becomes somber, sad and grey. His life once again changes rapidly when a long forgotten face shows up and tries to put his life in order against his negative reception, while dealing with own drama.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Shark Week meets The Purge.
(Horror) In Norse mythology there is a creature called the sea serpent. The sea serpent is of the species mosasaur. When the polar caps melt a sea serpent that has been frozen comes to life and starts attacking people( some reptiles like the Canadian forest frog can really do this)
(Thriller and Suspense) Three people wake up in a room
(Comedy, Drama) Glendary College is the epitome of a small-town college. Calm and studious on the surface, the mixture of jocks, religious fanatics, and hippies is a powder keg waiting to explode. A homegrown rock band that was expelled two years before returns for an explosive homecoming.
(Thriller and Suspense) This is really inefficient
(Drama) The story of a young man shaking.'s Wrong to rob a liquor store to raise money to have fun together., And his wife to be in that scene.
(Comedy) A comedy about a love triangle. a very strange one
(Comedy) Two friends Hamid and Steve one are lucky with women the other one are not. Hamid is the luckiest one that has girlfriends anytime ad Steve is the pity one. Steve explaining what kind of girls he wants from now and Hamid is planning to receive his new girlfriend.
(Horror) The beautiful painting is a must have for her teenage child who suffers a life of pain, for the petrified mother, getting rid of of this evil can't be soon enough.
(Thriller and Suspense) A young woman suffers from a personality disorder.
(Drama) A college student (Amy) reveals the journey of her mothers condition that has impacted her life.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) THE MILLION DOLLAR TRIP is a road trip comedy featuring, three problem ridden friends who travel a chaotic 2,800 miles in four days, to collect the winnings of a radio contest.
(Drama) A head of state has been taken hostage by a revolutionary demanding change. The two with grapple with a world they which to fix, only to find that they are the ones who are broken.
(Drama) It's about a love story.
(Thriller and Suspense) Three crooks steal two big bags of cash from a money laundering place in the New York projects. Little do they know that two corrupt cops were suppose to pick up these two bags for their drug lord.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) An underdog Pro Football Quarterback must overcome tremendous odds, including his wife dealing with a rare form of Cancer, to defeat his former team in the championship game in historically dramatic fashion.
(Kids and Family) New creatures with tremendous marketing potential. The Grimples is a childrens story about an adventure that turns the underdog into a hero. It will need to be narrated (Anthony Hopkins?)as it was written as a book. The core message is a positive one to believe in yourself.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Many companies are currently trying to resurrect extinct animals from the ice age and other time periods. This movie is about a russian company that tries to create a park for such animals in a artificially created lush valley in the Arizona desert.
(Drama) This is a story about the strength of a girl who lost her parents and turned her life around by believing that she can succeed.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Marcus, a former member of a crime syndicate, attempts to leave after meeting and falling in love with Allison. One news is brought to the syndicate leader Adrian, Allison is killed and Marcus must enact revenge.
(Action and Adventure) A seemingly average man unknowingly finds himself in the after-world...
(Comedy, Drama) A recent college graduate decides to pursue the modern day American dream, going to Hollywood and selling his screenplay.
(Drama, Horror) Tina McPherson must over come and obstacle that she had never faced before. She must man handle a vicious murderer.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) During a gun run in Mexico an outlaw motorcycle gang clashes with a violent narco cult hellbent on summoning the Aztec version of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
(Comedy) What do you do when you realize you put more thought into choosing your career than choosing your relationships? You use the criteria list that got you the dream job to get the dream man. Emily is getting serious about finding Mr. Right and she’s got the list to prove it.