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(Drama) A rock star, twisted by fame, fortune and addiction, confronts a choice of futures when he's left holding baby he never expected to have.
(Drama) Jackson imaginary friend never went away. In fact he wants to stay! Jackson's mental disorder forces him to live with Donny and put up with his controlling nature and sarcastic attitude.
(Comedy) A ladies man is forced to serve probation in the Florida Keys; on the condition he doesn’t have any sex.
(Drama) a disabled man attempts to commit suicide on his birthday. his best friend rushes him to hospital. but he's soon confronted with a major moral dilemma. rush him to hospital, or respect his best friend's dying wish.
(Thriller and Suspense) It's 1990 in a border city. One DEA agent has put in jeopardy his professional career, and his life for one case. He now has to confront a cartel, an underground operative organization and the agency he swore an oath. In one week the sun is setting on John Marquez.
(Thriller and Suspense) An intern uncovers a secret behind his investment company as he finds himself caught in a conflict between two sides. With time running out until an attack on London and a promotion promised, the intern must decide which side he is on, his own side or the greater good?
(Drama) A dramatic musical following the lives of two people after their violent breakup, featuring the music of Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway
(Comedy, Drama) 1875 San Francisco. A rich railroad baron builds a 40-foot fence around the small house of our humble hero to push him from valuable property. As small war erupts between the two headstrong men, they are forced to contemplate what it really is they both are fighting for.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) I'm adding the character, Etienne into the story
(Action and Adventure) This action adventure chronicles a modern American revolution. History is about to repeat itself.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A tough, female Army captain 
is assigned to protect the newly elected Pope Peter - a new breed of “rock star” pope. His progressive views 
ruffle feathers, and terrorists vow to fulfill a bloody ancient prophesy that will signal the end of the Catholic Church.
(Thriller and Suspense) A man finds himself on the run after discovering his wife has framed him for the murder she commit.
(Drama) The small town tension of elected officials versus lawmen runs everyday life in an 1853 trading community, but when an innocent merchant gets caught in the middle and used as a pawn; can either side win while trying to blame on the other for the merchant's demise?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) The president seeks vengeance on the companies that don't give their employees heathcare in the worst way.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Aftermath follows Parker and Sophie as they struggle to pick up the pieces after a tragic accident leaves Hunter, Parkers brother and Sophie’s boyfriend, on life support. A coming of age story, both trying to find themselves after the accidents shakes them to their core.
(Comedy, Drama) Growing up in a racially charged world, two teenagers are trying to find their place through the birth of an underground music genre later known as “hip-hop”.
(Comedy) A new kid arrives at school, but whose first impressions of him will be correct?
(Comedy) A timid mid-level manager must kidnap his idiotic narcissistic boss who is framing him to take the fall for illegal sales of a toxic chemical to a ruthless dictator.
(Drama) A Hospice nurse discovers how patients can end their own lives.
(Action and Adventure) A survival show where a physically challenged person will be left in a randomly chosen city to survive for a day using few chits she/he can use to communicate with people around.
(Comedy) When Ben's girlfriend is hospitalized after a car accident, he meets who was listed as her Emergency Contact - an ex – who happens to be a woman - that wants her back.
(Comedy) This show is Live every Saturday night from my bar in Ecuador , I am Canadian and owning a bar in Ecuador .new guests, travelers, locals ..no script we go live ,,,banjo player ..a whether dude,, gay hair dresser, and me bar owner just do this for fun.
(Kids and Family) Collection agent VP Ellen Smith is going back home to foreclose on a former best friends home at Christmas. Ellen loves her job and personally makes it a point to do the foreclosure but ends up realizing that she's been wrong for years.
(Comedy) A young and extremely dedicated, fairy godmother may be offered the career opportunity of a lifetime, if she can turn her back on a handsome, pure-hearted university student, that has brought her the happiness she usually brings others.
(Comedy, Drama) It's 1969 and three teenage boys from Brooklyn head upstate to camp for a summer of drug sex and rock-n-roll.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) For the last one century scientific knowledge uplift the human-beings quality of life from bottom to top but if we can’t utilize our own knowledge properly whether we like it or not it will definetly become the source of our own destruction.
(Comedy) A homeless man pretends to be his twin-brother, the mayor, in order to elicit a bribe from the mobster he owes money to. But when the mayor starts to bow out of his re-election race, the homeless man is forced to truly play the part.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) Anne and Charles, children of British monarchy, were abducted and sold to work on a tea plantation in Ceylon. Anne secretly planned an escape. Anne died and Charles returned to London and pledged vengeance.
(Comedy) A frustrated red head with an inflated ego seeks to take over the world.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Creepy horror about a backpacker who couch surfs in a London home. The family who live there are not as they would initially seem.