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(Drama) An undercover FBI agent mistakenly murders the fiancé of the States attorney.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Fantomborne is a product of a phantom pregnancy. He arrives alone and scared in an alternate world,trys to come to grips with his loneliness and confusion, faces adversity, and eventually finds a friend.
(Drama) The assassination of Leon Trotsky seen as a ritual sacrifice.
(Comedy) Delusion and self awareness mix to create the potent cocktail that is Drinks With Devin. She is drunk on power, fame, and irresponsible life choices. And will likely wake up hungover. But that won't stop her from telling impressionable viewers how to be just like her.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) An artefact found buried in Antarctica reveals humanity is about to face its greatest threat and its only hope is a child born with the same DNA as Jesus Christ. A new take on the superhero genre.
(Kids and Family) The musical adventures of a rooster who hates to get up in the morning -- he'd rather stay up all night crowing jazz. When our chicken crosses the road to the Big City, he gets lured into the shady world of cockfighting -- can he escape to recover his girl and his dream?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A woman exacts revenge on the frontier Florida town that made her into a beast and a brigand.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A research project turns to the action thriller of the year by possibly becoming case. It is action filled, and maybe the drama of the century.
(Drama) Husband and Wife Relationship last for 7 Janmas or 7 birth lifes. This is a belief in Hindu mythology. Many Hindus in India actually believe in this. The story is about one such man Ravi Kulkarni from Mumbai, India.
(Comedy, Drama) Dr. James Page, beleaguered family doctor, goes after Medicare and the insurance industry at the expense of his practice, his marriage and his sanity.
(Comedy) It's a marriage of "Hangover" and "Raising Arizona"meets "Smokey and the Bandit"
(Comedy, Drama) In a world where all wars are fought by actors, a small band of talented soldiers still practice the ancient ways of theater. When America's directos army is disabled, only they can save the country from total destruction.
(Comedy, Drama) Two lifelong friends build a business together fixing problems in customers homes. The working day never fails to surprise in the weird and wonderful world of ordinary and not so ordinary people.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) a man with the ability to see other people with all their parallel versions,see that no one is in the right place,he use his sense of taste to rearrange the people,putting the right version of any person into the right reality,returning the existence to its normal state
(Comedy) A romantic comedy about a poor boy that makes it big in the novelty toy industry while trying to find true love. The problem is he falls in love with a beautiful woman that just wants his money. She betrays him to a competitor then tries to win him back.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) a new born messiah-ruler of the world,use Google Earth scanning technology to uncover the hidden wishes of all people and to rearrange and reposition them according to their true wishes and needs…
(Comedy, Drama) A short romantic comedy that focuses on Nathaniel and Laura in a hospital where an accident can bring two together.
(Comedy) Media moguls of their own home decorating network, who, because of a disastrous economy, end up losing their show along with their own home, their fortune, and eventually their minds; taking them on a wild reckless odyssey.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Its the classic story of domination In this case, its the XYNO'S vs the EVORG'S.The XYNO has a rubbery type skin, that absorbs as well as deflects.The Evorg's are a hybrid of the xyno's, but mostly stone structured DNA.
(Thriller and Suspense) ANAIKA, es una historia que se desarrolla en un ambiente dominico-haitiano .
(Drama) A young voyeur thrives in the shadows of Los Angeles until falling prey to a neurotic college professor and his seductress girlfriend who, together, drag him into their irresistible world of human depravity and degradation.
(Horror) The Theban King Oedipus by an act of Destiny kills his father, marries his mother Queen Jocasta and begets children.Modern English adaptation based on the original Greek play by Sophocles written in 423 BC.
(Drama) A man who feels trapped in his everyday life has a chance encounter with a 'stranger' in a coffee shop which ends up changing his entire perspective on life.
(Drama, Horror) A man is bitten by a dog/wolf and is cursed in modern day York. He goes to New York to escape his past, but cannot.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Music video for the artist Jupiter Apple, known as "Júpiter Maçã" in Brazil. This video released in 2009 and it was nominated for "Best Video of the Year" award at MTV's Video Music Awards Brazil '09.
(Comedy, Drama) A man's life changes in many ways after he finds out he is terminally ill.
(Comedy) Several over 20 somethings brought up by the modern media and are stuck in a rut with no identity and nothing to do and no reason to do it.
(Drama) Man becomes a machine in an endless cycle of mornings, noons, and nights. Inspired by my summer job in a factory.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) The Blind eyes of a 13 year old girl who is adopted , who's hopes are now nightmares , who body is broken, who she only her self can be emancipated from this fiendish Man.