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(Comedy) Larry Sterne of the New Orleans Police Homicide Department (or was he?) leaves the gritty city for a sleepy seaside town, falling in with philosophical beach cop Sgt. Bob, fighting minor crimes and pining after a mysterious chowder-slinging waitress and militant teacher.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) mix of all future movie sequences are produced in film,become the most wanted artifact in the present and everyone is ready to kill for it,cause those who have it,will rule the human population in the next 100 years,so an action hero who is accused of owning the artifact
(Comedy, Kids and Family) The worst team in the NFL (rights certainly required) hires the best fantasy general manager, to be their next real general manager. He's been secretly winning with the help of his all-female family though and, has to bring them to work to convince others of his vision.
(Action and Adventure) test
(Comedy) Anything is possible especially if you live in the Louisiana swamps in 1910.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) This film shows how Russian actors rehearse the Spanish story about Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the small town in the Middle Ural. The backstage life of the Ural theater that is full of Spanish passion is shown uncut and disregarding political correctness.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A mercenary is hired to take down a general who has been trying to take over a planet and start his empire.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Aliens discovered another species "Humans" and sent a messenger to them.
(Drama) team drama about bullying through social media after meeting a male online
(Action and Adventure) The leader of regiment of mostly Marblehead, MA, sailors saved the American Revolution multiple times, including the Battle of Trenton, the darkest hour before the victory.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) A traffic cop witnesses an inexplicable crime, before being drawn into events that signal the end of the world. A happy accident saves them, but the choice is then clear: Build a new life, or risk everything for those left behind?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) When reporters Mark Alexander and Ann Dubois travel to New Orleans to research the BP oil spill and its possible corporate culpability, they turn up more than they bargained for, illicit Wall Street greed.
(Drama) The game interface is the window of the hearing room, where you can ask questions to ‘Noyear couple’ The Mrs. ‘Noyear’ is very smart and trickily female that always lies. The Mr.’Noyear’ has a look of slow brain, simple and naive. He always tells the truth.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) It depicts the sweetness of being alive in your twenties in America.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In the late 19th century, a poor Irish girl becomes the toast of New York City by appearing in popular musical comedies, but falls victim to three powerful men each, of whom, is determined to win her hand in marriage.
(Drama) A girl falls in love with a lost hedgehog.
(Comedy, Drama) Four 30 something’s, dreamers are having a hard time growing up. Kicking and screaming the whole way, while trying to make their mark in the City of Angels.
(Action and Adventure) After WWII an orphan in Las Vegas struggles against the government, mobsters and Howard Hughes is win the love of his life and tell America about alien invaders in Roswell.
(Drama) Is a story about a young Gold digger who under estimates peoples because of their social class.Oneday she met an inferior look young guy who turn out to be more than she expected.
(Drama) Mistake Proof is the story of a perfectionist small-town newspaper editor who screws up big time, allowing something in the paper that angers millions and threatens his life and the lives of his colleagues.
(Action and Adventure) Do you love action films? Do you want to know what really happens behind the scenes during the making of your favorite feature films and television shows? Well if you do, then STUNT STORIES was made for you!
(Drama, Action and Adventure) The world is being infected by a demonic plague. Humans are being turned. Deigo and his crew try to stop it, but will they be turned in the process?
(Kids and Family) In a small town - Lavender Hills - live 2 best friends - Baa Baa Pink and Oink Oink Pig, where they work, fall in love and, of course, dream. The motto of the series is "Only imagination lets us fly!" These are lovely musical cartoons about love, friendship and imagination.
(Drama) When a man who uses his ability to see the future to help people develops feelings for a woman he rescued, he finds himself forced to take questionable actions to save her life
(Drama) Death will give you the answer
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Year 3,000 A.D. a solar storm impacts Spheropolis. Two young men have been plotting an emergency plan from Moon City. Does the deuterium fusion power sources could have a chance to get Spheropolis in orbit again or the high alternative energy technology could do?
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) A teacher's visit to the zoo , along with the school children turns out to be a horrifying experience , when a unstable zookeeper unlocks the cages setting free the animals . When the authorities evacuate all the visitors , she realises two of the children are missing .
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) When Global Killers obtain Global Killer Weapons, all hell breaks loose! Thus, advanced worlds, under Universal Mission Command, will send in teams of highly trained, gifted, skilled & equipped, Cosmic Agents to try to stop them! A Mixed martial arts, action packed series!
(Drama) A reluctant writer finally gets the courage to follow her repressed dreams and her ambitious boyfriend to Hollywood, but his dark secret and her reconnection with an ex, both threaten to turn her dreams into a nightmare.
(Drama) 9/11 as seen through the eyes of one man who survived. Based on the memoir of Artie Van Why; available for a screenplay adaptation.