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(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) The U.S. is military invaded by the communist Latin American countries and the economy is transformed into a communist one after exterminating the exploiters.
(Comedy) a film or tv series about an actor and the new manager he is interviewing, he's a BIT "shady" but GOOD.
(Comedy, Drama) This short film is about Penny, a shy college student, transforms herself into a French New Wave ingenue in order to gain the attention of her long time crush.
(Drama) Music video of studio tracks
(Action and Adventure) the lion king
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Bizarre and bumbling Detective Rex Boysex uses his knowledge of the underworld and detective "skills" to combat villains and solve the case. His unorthodox techniques routinely get him in a host of trouble, yet also endear him to his team.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Author Stephen Lancaster and expert paranormal investigators spend nine years researching the paranormal phenomena inside the world's most haunted restaurant, the Brentwood Wine Bistro. A full body apparition is revealed proving that ghosts do in fact exist.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) SPACE! (Pilot/Comedy/Animation): A workplace comedy on the International Space Station. When a meteor destroys Earth, five stranded humans on the International Space Station must survive each other.
(Comedy) A montage of characters from the web comic series "Cheap Secrets the Secreto Barato Show" set to the shows theme song. http://www.CheapSecrets.com
(Drama) all
(Action and Adventure) Lawrence Jay Ringo Memorial, CBD Cannabis Creator, Tim Blake Emerald Cup, Larry Gershman Gelstat, Will P. Wilson, AllDayLive, MediaCific, - Lawrence Jay Ringo (Memorial May 20th 2014 - Mateel Community Center Medicino California), CBD Cannabis Creator, Tim Blake Emerald Cup.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) Darkseid has a plan to reign over the universe and it leads to many of the darkest and best-kept secrets of the DC universe to be unveiled.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) a fairy lives inside his flower. a fairy's job is to bloom his flower at every morning .
(Thriller and Suspense) The UK Ghost Hunts team enter St Crispins Asylum for a real paranormal investigation, join us as we investigate the ghostly goings on inside this amazing building
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Game of Thrones meets superheroes
(Comedy) The main character is an Indian man who owns a convenience store and deli. He is subject to a health food inspection and tempers flare with the inspector declares that he found a vermin dropping. The main character is likened to the Indian version of Archie Bunker
(Thriller and Suspense) A story of a female con artist who uses multiple identities to pull off small time scams and then eventually graduates to bigger scams which attract the attention of her competitors.
(Kids and Family) Wizcore Provides SAP Internships and SAP training in New Dimension Modules
(Action and Adventure) Lawrence Jay Ringo (Memorial May 20th 2014 Mateel Community Center Medicino California), CBD Cannabis, Tim Blake founder of the California Mendocino County Emerald Cup - CBD Cannabis Lawrence Jay Ringo - https://www.google.com/#q=CBD+Cannabis+Founder+Lawrence+Jay+Ringo
(Drama) After the well known actor Franco Stenlight, finds the girl of his dream, he finds himself making the hardest decision of his life, choosing between his acting career, or taking a huge risk to be with her.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) This is a story about a boy and his family that never stopped fighting.
(Comedy) Family Values: The series..." Uncle Matt" wants to help his teenaged niece fit in at her new high school by entering her into the town's beauty pageant. Matt's takes matters into his own hands and breaks rules and sabatoges the other contestants to guarantee "Annie's" win.
(Action and Adventure) this is about a girl and her teammates having a big game is getting some success by practicing with each other and winning both games.
(Horror) This supernatural story is based on true events. Jam Master Jay was killed on October 30, 2002 and until this very day the killer? has not been captured.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) The residents of a small Texas town are shocked when 7 local residents are killed in a bank robbery gone wrong.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Science/Universe Documentary covering many topics including religion and spirituality, the future of humanity and life and death. Inspired by Carl Sagan.
(Thriller and Suspense) feature film based on the Amazon screenplay.
(Drama) "Mama's Man" is a song about child abuse. https://www.reverbnation.com/acewilliams/song/28818359-mamas-man-live-ruff-track *I Dedicate This Song To Gabriel Fernandez http://beta.latimes.com/local/countygovernment/la-me-gabriel-fernandez-20140819-story.html
(Drama) The Document Life of Music Artist Ace Williams - www.reverbnation.com/acewilliams
(Action and Adventure) A small time mob enforcer wants out of the crime world but is betrayed by his boss and left for dead. Now he must fight to survive in order to return home and protect the only thing worth fighting for... his family.