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(Comedy) What do a bunch of typical American Teenagers talk about when nobody is looking? A lot more than you would think.
(Thriller and Suspense) "All American citizens who are walking around the world are our potential hostages, Do not expect pity, your citizens are nothing but money walking. " It is a threat of murder frome home or international terrorists? or is an announcement of the inevitability of fate?
(Comedy) When the queen of daytime television is shipwrecked with her recently fired assistant, they have to learn to put aside their differences to battle the elements, a band of rogue pirates and worst of all, each other.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) In a zombie-infested world Brian a 27-year-old man is relentless to find another human alive.
(Comedy) The sliding doors of the elevator open and Andy and Matteo look for the first time. That look will give rise to a succession of emotions, dreams and fragments of life. A unique link will take them within their careers, Europe and the rest of the world. Over all, over time.
(Thriller and Suspense) When a colleague is killed, Annabel Marx becomes the victim of a sinister plot to destroy EJ Carter. Annabel falls in love, but fears the man she loves is the murderer.
(Drama) A 14-year-old girl wants to use her beautiful singing voice to become a famous music artist and help her family move out of the small apartment they live in, in Brooklyn, New York.
(Comedy) When getting arrested, being in love with Vic Manos and a fire - East and West Coast collide together! Geraldine and her BFF Jane Spot unite in an event that know one expected.
(Comedy) An unpredictable but lovable girl moves in with her reliable, but love-struck ex-boyfriend who copes with her newly declared lesbian sexuality.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Jacko, a parrot raised in a whore house with a foul mouth from Singapore arrives to Vancouver as a pet for a rich old lady, and a Chinese developer "wants house for high-rise." The Chinese developer will stop at nothing to get the house but Jacko will outsmart them all.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A subway train Conductor has become a vigilante on behalf of his fellow colleagues who have been victimized by straphangers.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) It follows 3 characters in this story in 1985. One who who struggles to get what he wants and other two exactly get what they want when they want.
(Drama) Unhappy with his life and marriage, and an armored car driver uses the confusion and panic of the 9/11 Attacks to fake his death and begin a new life; until a twist of fate reunites him with his now remarried wife on her honeymoon.
(Comedy) Two feisty sisters get one helluva lot more than they bargained for when they go along with their shyster lawyer to increase the terms of their divorce settlement COVER PICTURE BY PETER CLARK FEATURING JAMIE HEARD AND GEORGINA SUTCLIFFE
(Comedy) Two feisty sisters get one helluva lot more than they bargained for when they go along with their shyster lawyer to increase the terms of their divorce settlement
(Thriller and Suspense) who are aliens.aliens are our future who want to comunicate with us.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Two survivors of the only documented Xenomorph encounter have been recruited for a top-secret military expedition to their Homeworld, just as an extra-terrestrial finds its way to Earth.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A New York mother makes a claim that aliens stole her young children after school.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) A Toys R Us employee winds up being the only person who can stop a massive alien invasion.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Aliens and humans do co-exist... Gwigglies spurn a double invasion! Joe, a loner whose luck at life & love runs out until he meets Splash! who came through the shower via a portal in the Bermuda Triangle. See the journey unfold as Joe & Splash save the world from the OWD's?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Near future. Alien Group enters the USA army. They want to learn and soldier skills. But for them it is not easy. They are clumsy and awkward.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) The Surgeon General has determined that aliens are among us. Our nation’s most powerful and mysterious spy, the genetically altered “superhero,” Agent Orange, manages to infiltrate their stronghold in Central Asia. But the “aliens” are not what they seem.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A young girl from another planet crashes her spacecraft on Earth to be found by a couple who can't have children. Will she stay with her earth family or be rescued by her parents?
(Comedy) this is the same movie that is gray's marriage, slithly changed! Gray, Meryl in Waterbird!pastor Johnson, wants the college! well will he and his firends be let!!? must we see then! Anita is not wanted by her dad! Big guy is tough though! The aliens probaby exist! well may B
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) A young Film Maker must face his worst fears when he discovers his friend has become a zombie on an isolated farm.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) Two Nerdy brothers team up with three Aliens and go in search of a missing piece of their broken spaceship so they can make it home.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) There alien must go through the journey finding the missing piece of their ship's navigation. Along the way their face some problem, adventure, fun, and the bully of all time. With the helped of two brothers their meet, they continue to find a way home by any mean necessary.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) An alien Family comes to earth for a vacation, but instead of a vacation, they find them selves being chased by the military. They are helped along the way by a secret agent, and some good hearted people, that help them get back to there spaceship and back home.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Weyland Corp. has again tried to capture and control the alien creature. This time it ends up on earth and a battle between Humans, Aliens, and Predators.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) With Alien 3 & 4 moved out of the way, the story takes off after the evens in Aliens, keeping the saga alive and healthy.