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(Kids and Family) Twelve year old Bobby Reeder has to convince his skeptical father to help him sell his new invention, Bubble Gum flavored soda pop. Perseverance prevails after they convince Wrigley Chewing Gum Co. to license it's trade mark, HUBBA BUBBA to their soft drink.
(Comedy, Drama) A high school freshman wants to be part of the most popular cool guy in his school but he tends to freeze in the spotlight and has no clue how he's going to pass the initiation.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) THE TINMAN is a comedy about an actor who, after repeatedly being mistaken for a killer he portrayed in a "real crime" TV show, is drawn into a crime syndicate in the middle of a turf war. He has six days to get himself out of this mess and, importantly, not die.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Chris and David Filmkakers set out to make a $5 back to the future script they bought online to show Stephen Speilberg
(Comedy) Cort and Al are off to the wild, wild, Western Michigan University for a high-noon showdown with the Bronco Challenge at AFB Bar and Grill. Will they mount this beast of a feast, or get stomped out?
(Thriller and Suspense) Unmarked is a story about a teenage girl and her boyfriend who venture into the woods and mysteriously disappear. The girls older sister ventures out looking for answers and uncovers a well guarded secret.
(Comedy, Drama) Journalism student Rory will attempt to find the identity of the man who stopped the tanks at Tiananmen Square in 1989 by completing a story left behind by his Pulitzer prize winning deceased father. He learns about himself, his father, and contrasts between East and West.
(Drama) The aught years of the twentieth century. A young lady fallen into a load of money has not a heart for any American men. One man will change her mind, through a vicarious sand amorous show that he supplies just for Rags.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) A young Native American will grapple and scheme as he merges his delusions with reality to save the last wolves of Yellowstone.
(Drama) Non-violent resistance (to a social evil such as slavery) succeeds if it is done with unswerving conviction.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A girl finds out that her father is soon to be a prime minister and is forced to live with him and his bodyguards. Some men are hired by the previous prime minister to kidnap her and the bodyguard have to do everything to protect her not only from them but her family too.
(Drama) Beware!Beware the Bight of Benin, for one that came out,forty went in. In 1850 ,a poor Brazilian farmer's son, arrives in Dahomey on a mission to reopen the slave trade with its mad, psychopathic king.Here he will remain for 35 years never to leave.
(Drama) In the Civil Rights-era South, a young boy defies all odds - including his mother -- and is determined to become a killer twirler and eventually becomes the champion “majorette” of Mississippi. Based on true story.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Bruce Lee meets the Blue Collar Comedy Tour in this story of loss, redemption, and backwoods martial arts hilarity - with a heart.
(Comedy, Drama) The orphaned daughter of a military man struggles against her growing attraction for an Army officer. Years after ending their whirlwind romance, fate throws them back together with her as his caretaker.
(Drama) A career minor league baseball knuckle-balling relief pitcher finally gets his chance at the majors and makes an immediate impact both on the pitching mound and with a family in distress.
(Drama) In the Depression era America,many are leaving for the Soviet Union where jobs are plentiful and socialism appears to be creating a better sociey for all..Howeveras war approaches this earthly paradise rapidly becomes a living hell.
(Drama) Berlin, 1730. After years of unrelenting cruelty and abuse from his father the king, the self-indulgent crown prince finally submits and becomes the perfect heir to the throne. Or does he?
(Drama) Sex, lies, scandals, murder, blackmail and of course glamour just a normal day for the residents of Sapphire Court
(Drama) Steamboat Springs meets Hollywood's Golden Era in a family saga focusing on six generations of Woodbury Women -- all different. Bloodlines are indelible so is the American Dream which may outlive some of them in pursuit. The saga beginsin 1880-1990
(Comedy) What happens when the head counselor of a summer camp wins the lottery and disappears into the night? A crazed former drill sergeant steps in and tries to make camp his own personal battlefield. Steven and his friends must take back the camp, by any means necessary.
(Drama) A young boy does not believe in dreams which he regards it as sissy but later on he becomes the champ of the world.
(Drama, Kids and Family) yamaha branding video
(Drama) A former US senator decides to run for president in 2016, he hires a Jewish soccer mom with no experience to be his campaign manager...he dies and makes her his heir? She presents a Contract for change with the voters.
(Kids and Family) asd
(Comedy) "Dangerous Addictions" is a documentary series that follows everyday peoples lives from within closed doors in order to exploit and attempt to cure their "deadly" habits
(Drama) Inspired by true stories of an immigration lawyer having to deal with the issue of domestic violence and immigration law. It is heart-breaking story with a message of hope. With all the issues surrounding immigration right now, this movie provides another perspective.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A likable Irish hustler is in way over his head when he gambles with money that he is suppose to be delivering to a drug kingpin in LA and loses that plus an additional 100,000 that he now owes to a Vegas crime boss. Mickey is given three days to pay or he will be killed.
(Comedy) Friends enlist two college graduates to convince a middle-aged couple that growing old together is easier than starting new families.
(Comedy) Commedia agrodolce romagnola