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(Action and Adventure) A war is on the horizon and only one man can save us. They call him The Savior and he is our last hope. An immortal creature purses him; chasing him through time with unrelenting determination he he seeks to destroy mankind.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) a man turned stone sculpture continue to live inside the stone hallucinating a real world experiences,without realizing his terrible condition,but when strange occurances happen and he try to figure out what is wrong,he soon realize his stoned to death condition
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) in a reality where all inhabitants are ghosts doing the normal things as the alive people do,ghost girl find between the ghost pictures on her cell phone a picture of an alive man,only to be born as his wife called Eva,while he turn to be the first alive human called Adam
(Comedy) TV Commercial for Ceramics by human3DStudio
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) while on vacation in Amsterdam a husband delete and remodel his wife memory, using a hallucinogenic drug, changing her identity and personality and sell her into a sex slavery, after realizing that she is pregnant, but not from him…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) while massaged on his back a guy receive flashbacks of his past any time the points are pressed, starting to press a points on the front of his body, he received as a result visions and flash forwards from future,not satisfied from both he manipolate them,changing himself
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Advert for an orple product.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) True story about two top criminals in Amsterdam.
(Thriller and Suspense) A sinister Chinese General turned capitalist schemes to take vengeance on his mortal enemy, the United States of America, with what appears to be the perfect plot.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) writer who is diagnosed with constipation provoking as a result film-like states of hallucinations,use writing to cast out his disease as a film stories,until feel himself clean,realizing his reality is a projection of another ill person who created it to cleanse himself
(Drama, Action and Adventure) writer whose ideas are stolen from a Hollywood producer,intervene persistently within the personal life of the producer,becoming his hit by car accidental victim,sueing him for incurred physical damages he gain enough money to justify the larceny of his creative work…
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) space scientist who witness disappearance of people and objects is approached by his alternate selves who reveal to him that planet earth as well all other planets in the solar system are in fact the stages of evolution of the sun,projected as flash backs memories in space
(Comedy) Documental-musical.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) a man visit a neighboring country to gather the treasure hidden in a house chimney from his grandfather,but that the house is now a police station,so he must to commit a crime to be put in the police jail and have only 24 hours to find the hidden treasure and escape…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) a man and a woman who make an endless passionate love, realize how the reality around them collapse and disappear and they become striped alone in space, continuing to make love as two wrap around each other passionate alien species…
(Drama) The story tell about Glory.A young boy want to be a Actor in Hollywood .His favorite Actor is Sam Worthington John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. and he like Music too.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) former race car driver start gaining money in advance from published internet ad,buying Lamborghini and stick every spot on its surface with commercial ads of his sponsors,in a way to drive around the country with his vehicle to attract people’s attention to the car ads
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a careless clerk in the divine”God-Father”office where the names are given to people to define their personalities,traits and future activities in their life,is send down to Earth to fix the name and personality of lost and mixed-up woman and eventually to fall for her
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) God is the misfit son of the retired God-Father of the Universe,who mixed-up life,especially on planet Earth,so much that his father leave his vacation in Heavens to fix again the life in Universe,sending his son-God,with his best Angels of Life,Death,Love down to Earth
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) a Blade like christian personality inspired and encouraged by God or obsessed by the Christ himself,walk the world and kill every atheist, in his endeavor to turn to Christianity the entire human population, using words as weapons or invisible s’words...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) in future people don’t know how to live,so everybody use the records of different life experiences implanting them in their brains as a flash drivers,paying for using them to a high-tech ruling corporation,these who didn’t pay the bills are deprived from life dreams
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) National Geographic writer is send to investigate the mystery of a strange mountain in Sahara,only to discover that it's a high-tech device from future,created and send to produce food in the present for the future human colonies in space,cause Earth don’t exist anymore
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) an ordinary neglected boy who own an American Express Credit Card is given by mistake by ATM machine the sum of 500 000$ only to take a full advantage from the given chance and spend the money for self satisfaction,saving only the receipts for accounting to the real owner
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) an ordinary guy with extra-memo capacity is used from the secret services to preserve high level strategic secrets in his mind,but after a memory loss he start using the info for self benefit,only to be chased by the secret services who want him and their information back
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) What portion of your contribution to the decay of our planet?
(Comedy) That way you designed for when you're retired?
(Drama, Kids and Family) in a society where the entire population suffer amnesia and no one know or remember the others,a guy who have a dream memory of his former family,start a quest to find and recognize his family among the all amnesiacs,even if the family members didn’t recognize him…
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) a female ornithologist get to Norway to prevent a rare humming bird from extinction,being preyed from a genetically invented little human-birds,while she catch some of the human-birds and make conversation with them,she must to decide which specie to live and which to die
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) a man who years ago dreamed his death,realize that his day is coming soon,but instead to fear his death,he use his reinvented voice developed through the years,start breaking the walls of reality with his voice,revealing the fabric of reality to the core of eternity…
(Kids and Family) AOK SCHULSPOT