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(Comedy) Albert, a warhammer figurine enthusiast and Jason, a mathematical genius lack girls attention. Yet after an unlikely encounter in their village pub involving a waxed dog, they have women flocking to reveal themselves on a daily basis.
(Comedy) Are you lonely, desperate, pathetic and in need of love? If you answered yes to all four you're probably Troy, Don't worry son, Feddi's gonna hook you up real quick! See how this all plays out on the debut episode from the upcoming Monster Feddi Series.
(Horror) Over six thousand bones found on site, only 11 full bodies recovered, 5 paranormal investigators, 24 hours they could never have expected, The goal is to live to sun up before they become statistics in the body count.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Las Vegas is running out of water(this is true). It's solution is to in the future pipeline water from elsewhere. In this movie the pipelines are put out of action by an earth quake at the same time the water reserves are drying out much faster partly due to a drought.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) The story of a cosmic interaction involvin three races. These are The Orphans, The Zeplins & The Humans.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Decisions, Lies, Deceit, Drugs, Friendship, Heaven, Hell, all these things that comes into the life of a young man just trying to do right.
(Kids and Family) An angst-ridden teenager struggles to overcome her handicap in order to break away from her protective mother and defeat the prejudice that makes her a target for the bully-factor.
(Drama) The story of a Hell's Angel chapter that operated acid labs and were being murdered by rival biker gangs and by government officials when the government went after the Angels in 1979 with the RICO statute.A dark psychedelic biker's tale of murder,paranoia,and conspiracy.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Allison and her five friends take a ski vacation to Switzerland. The trip is made up of fun times in a little Switzerland town till they run into hell. Abducted into the caves. Tortured daily in ways you'll never forget for information thought to be known.
(Action and Adventure) A man with a boring life and a job that doesn't pay enough tries to find ways of becoming rich.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) In the second book of the Prince Surya series, a serial killer is on the loose at Indravati and the prince tries to find answers to the mysterious deaths plaguing his capital city. His quest for the truth threaten his very fabric of existence and his sanity.
(Action and Adventure) The real history despite the differing depictions of what happened to destroy the entire star group.
(Drama) 20 Men of the Underworld depicts twenty armed robbers split into five groups led by Peter, the gang leader to unleash cruel criminality on citizens which culminated into series of rain of bullets with police.
(Thriller and Suspense) Swing Low can be described as a social thriller because the scariest monster in the world are human beings and what humans are capable of, especially when we are afraid of another race.
(Comedy, Drama) Story of Cowboy who creates revolution in IT world. Starts with friends and make a huge hit.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) The army of ants were crawling up his brain…he could feel that sensation…he felt himself losing his sanity and perspective of the world… but could do nothing about it…
(Comedy, Drama) A Psychologist keeps a young immigrant prisoner in her apartment
(Comedy) Three friends celebrate their graduation from high school with their senior trip aboard a Mexican cruise. The boys expect the trip to be filled with girls and partying but discover that a Mexican cruise still plays by America's rules until their last night turns epic.
(Drama) A death in the family leaves a curious fragment of speech forever unexplained — but not unexplored.
(Action and Adventure) The Greatest Story Never Told.
(Action and Adventure) In a country torn apart by political mayhem, corruption and economic hardships, corn artists take advantage.
(Action and Adventure) The roar of RARRR the tiger stuns the entire jungle. Firefighters rush to put out the fire in RARRR... fight ensues.. what happens next?
(Action and Adventure) Australia’s Great Barrier Reef develops a coral disease contagious to humans thus spawning the most deadly global pandemic ever seen or imagined, impossible to quarantine or control, that threatens billions of people and the very survival of life in the oceans.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) prisoners who exist in misery in a prison,bordering wall by wall a grocery store use their wits to visit the nearby store through a holes in the walls,to provide supplies for surviving and making their existence comfortable,without anyone ever to notice or to suspect them
(Comedy) Brothers leading the high and low life in New York are chased by tyrannical bosses and alleged hit men to Key West where all they want to do is rent a boat to Cuba to pick up a few cigars.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A journey in two dimensions where I want to understand what happened to life on planet earth.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) A coming of age comedy. A teenage girl adores her bad-boy uncle. They go on a road trip together and fight about what they should do along the way.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Adam the father of mankind come back from a space trip to God,to the present days Earth to find his declinig descendants disorganised and his wife Eva dead and long forgoten,only to teach a lesson to his prodigal descendants to live and to behave properly with each other
(Kids and Family) kids get lost in African jungle and encounter angry elephant
(Comedy) On a fishing trip, longtime friends Dan and Jimmy agree to tag along with Bill an old war vet and his socially inept neighbor Paul to have a better time.