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(Drama) A financially-unstable, drug-addicted woman, does whatever necessary to get her fix. In the process, she forgets about her three-year-old daughter in the vehicle.
(Comedy) A hard worker man go in confusion. His family life is interrupted by a strange doctor. By this moment he needs help, and all his family try to find a solution. But it seems very difficult.
(Drama) A child lost, a tragic misunderstanding, and nobody learns anything.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) OVER MY DEAD BODY! is a deranged screwball comedy set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Los Angeles, 1942. Two hack screenwriters find themselves crammed into a sweaty studio lot office, racing for a deadline, stopping at nothing to outdo each other - even if it means murder!
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Three men are transported to another realm where they are used as pawns to start an inter dimensional war.
(Comedy, Drama) Like Twilight Zone or the Alfred Hitchcock Hour each episode has a different cast, director, writer and premise, the only thing each episode has in common is that the scene always takes place over a meal of some kind.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) It's to submit my script and hopefully make a movie out of it.
(Comedy) Two cops pull off a robbery at the wrong gas station when the men to whom the clerk owes money arrive demanding payment.
(Action and Adventure) When earth is invaded by a toxic gas, people are evacuated to space. Two teenagers are left behind, they are left with no choice but fight for survival.
(Drama, Kids and Family) Phoebe is just your simple high school girl, basically a nobody who's being raised by her Father and his Girlfriend and their baby. Being a nobody in school she develops a crush on one of the older popular kids. The beginning of a Love Story.
(Comedy) Set in an East Coast prep school in the 90s, Privates follows a girl grappling with her identity in her parallel storylines as a nerdy middle schooler and a rebellious high schooler.
(Drama) A pretty talented young woman sets out to take Hollywood by storm.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) 'Serenity' meets 'Bourne Identity' - woman is found floating in space with no memory. She embarks on mission with her new allies to find Forest, an immortal prisoner like her, in hopes of discovering who they are and why they are hunted for latent dark matter within them
(Kids and Family) It's Mr. and Mrs. Smith - minus Brangelina. The world's most famous couple is having domestic issues. On Christmas Eve, Kris Kringle struggles to find a way back to the North Pole after an incident instigated by his unhappy wife finds him stranded in inner city Los Angeles.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) a scientist chosen from higher powers becomes SuperSam just in time
(Drama, Kids and Family) Newport RI: The Series Newport, RI: The Series is an idea, born from a gallery viewing of artist, William Heydt’s, “Newportant People”, watercolor series of paintings.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A disillusioned Afghan vet has to rescue a Jewish autistic college student who discovers Al Qaeda's bank transfer information and diverts their funds to an Israeli charity.
(Drama, Kids and Family) When Levi Wagler, an Amish boy, receives a scholarship from a prestigious college to play basketball, he must choose between following his tradition/religion and stay on the farm or pursuing his true dreams, basketball.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Four hard working sisters had dreams of marrying a railroad man and moving to the city for a better life. There were serious accidents, thrills, and fun as the courting blossomed.
(Comedy) The newest hit game show is a crash-course in bad driving. Gridlock USA has what everyone craves: crashes, brawls, and ten million dollars for any set of drivers able to drive 30 straight days without an accident or violation in a domed city with nothing but bad drivers.
(Drama) An erotically adventurous young married couple travel a drag racing circuit in 1964 while being stalked by evil forces that lure them to a desolate dragstrip in a dimension not of our own for a final showdown.
(Comedy) An aspiring student screenwriter and her best friend concoct an outrageous scheme to initiate a bidding war for her screenplay.
(Comedy) Spoof of the Social Network. Mark Zuckerberg wants to be a dentist like his dad, but pymetrics shows him that what he should really become is a computer programmer.
(Drama) A young girl plans the arrest of her evil, shoplifting stepfather - with disastrous consequences.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) A teenager enraged with the AIDS virus seeks revenge on all men leaving a trademark behind to inform them they were subjected to the AIDS virus. The truth of what is happening in our everyday world and a story that none of us can afford to ignore!
(Drama) A classic "B"movie style car and bike film set in 1970's American south. American Graffiti meets Easy Rider.
(Comedy) The Semi-Professionals is a comedy film for all the family. Set in Lancashire, a group of relatively new Territorial Army Soldiers find themselves caught up in a kidnap attempt on the Prime Minister's daughter and inadvertently end up kidnapping her from the kidnappers.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) A screenwriter and an actress investigate a real murder case while talking about movies...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Two space-faring conmen and their robot seek to profit from peddling world peace to alien races, but accidentally release Melgor Lich, the most diabolical criminal in the Universe.
(Action and Adventure) A band of mercenaries are hired to save the lives of scientists captured by East African pirates while they were performing routine tests and experiments in the region. Will the brutal leader of the pirates kill the scientists before they can be saved?