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(Drama, Action and Adventure) The competitors for the Tag and Women's championship titles compete in exhibition matches. We're keeping our eye on Zennith Lue. LJ and Jaymin trade more shots, but it looks like Jaymin has full control. Can Roy defeat Voltage tonight to get into the #1 contenders match?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Jaymin sends Cupid to attack LJ and Roy before the match with Sam. Whitney and Kat are at each other's thoats! Voltage learns more from Hiro. The last week before Gold and Glory is full of great matches.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Introducing Blaster! The first Women's and Tag Champions are crowned. Johnson X has a problem with the Sword Brothers. Who will win the number one contender's triple threat match? Can the Ebeniezer defend his title against Sam Heathman? Where do we go from here?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Burly Dog has a problem with Johnson X, since he injured Sheep Skull at Gold and Glory. Drama among the Women's division. LJ confront Jaymin. The show tonight goes off without a hitch featuring Roy the Gun in a match with his assailant Cupid in the main event.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Burly Dog wants payback on Johnson X. KryZtal representing DSW makes her debut. Tonight is full of inter-promotional ranked matches. Cupid goes to take on Blaster in the main event before the Washington State Tank Championship Tournament.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Jaymin take Blaster to the Washington Tank Championship tournament where they meet many new wrestlers. Artemis Treads and Roger TKO from SBWL. Savage David from ICPW, and The Thing from AESW. It looks like SBWL is trouble, but who will fight Blaster in the finals?
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Jaymin addresses the BLUW and DSW roster for All or Nothing.Sheep Skull keeps going after Johnson X. Cupid starts targeting the new Tank Champion and his title. Zennith Lue and his crew make their move. What is Z-Nation trying to accomplish? All or Nothing is looking hype.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) All or Nothing is right around the corner. Ebeniezer addresses DSW and their actions. Sam and Lue fight for a Washington Tank match. Carly tries to get into the Woman's title picture. Burly Dog messes with Johnson X more. The anticipation for All or Nothing is unnerving.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Jaymin introduces the tag team and women's divison to BLU Wrestling. Jaymin, and LJ get down to business discussing each other's intentions. Cupid continues to cause problems through out the night til his open challenge. Who will come take him on?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Jaymin Zane starts off his new wrestling promotion with a Championship premier tournament. Who will be the first ever Brave Legacy Universe Champion? Who is that wrestler, and why is he challenging the brand new BLU Wrestling Champion? Display of Strength Wrestling steps in.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) The adopted son of an explorer goes back to his homeland, in the harsh oriental rainforest, in order to find an artifact that his father wants to see again before he dies.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) the final fight between the aliens & humans to get power box . finding out power box on earth & fight for that box .
(Thriller and Suspense) A deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus spreads rapidly in West and Central African. A dozen infected Russian health workers are to be flown home for emergency care, but their flight is shot down by separatists and the disease begins to rampage throughout Russia... and beyond.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Aliens attack earth. Why it is called World War IV?? Interesting question. Check the full synopsis !
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) A young prince, seeking a queen for his kingdom, goes on a quest to many worlds that leads from danger to marriage to the tragic loss of a wife and daughter, eventually to happiness and reunion. Shakespeare’s, Pericles, Prince of Tyre, re-imagined in a sci-fi universe.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Chief Inspector Henry Gargan is a policeman married to Molly, a beautiful attorney who tries to get her work-obsessed husband to relax a bit and stop taking murder on his watch as a personal affront.
(Comedy, Drama) Two brothers descend into a world of violence, corruption, lust and betrayal after they take a job working for a psychotic crime boss.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Adventures of a 12yr old boy who finds a gem that transports him between a fantasy and real world.
(Kids and Family) Follow this family of 6 as they travel the world and learn about history and culture while experiencing the real-world of traveling with a big family.
(Comedy) Wrongfully accused of murder, four comedians are forced to run from the police -- then must prove their innocence by hunting down the real killers themselves.
(Drama) This drama manifests the realisms of humanity in present day-Philadelphia through the story of Hank Hall. The bitter realities of inner city culture have heightened Hank into a street level optimist.
(Comedy) its awesome
(Comedy, Drama) UCLA student Aron Sykes decides to send out a YouTube video to the biggest celebrity in the world, Janey Richman, asking her to have sex with him. Surprisingly, Janey actually agrees to his proposition, with one condition: He can't tell anybody about it. Ever...
(Drama) Wounded is a love story. Love between a Hollywood movie actress and a young English soldier wounded in combat in Afghanistan. Like many love stories, this one ends in tragedy. It is also a story of war and the damage this causes to people's lives.
(Drama) A young female Soldier is brutally raped in the Army in Iraq . When the base is hit she was wounded and ended up in the hospital in the states in a coma, she can hear her visitors but can not speak ...not all her visitors want the best for her and some even want her to die.
(Action and Adventure) In a post WWii Europe the recovery of looted art becomes a way to heal many wounds and start anew. Different reasons push 3 different persons to join forces and travel behind the iron curtain to search a hoard of ancient manuscripts.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A man anxious to escape the present and a grieving woman are transported back in time to the American Civil War.
(Drama, Horror) Joel watches on helpless as his brother lies dying on his hospital bed. But after a chance meeting with a vampire, Joel steals his blood and injects it into his brother to try and save him. When things go wrong Joel has to hunt down the very monster he created.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) A college student named Owen starts hunting down and killing all of those who have abused and bullied him throughout his years alive. While the police try to catch him at any cost.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) When man stops caring for the planet completely, the gods decide to punish mankind by unleashing chaos on Earth. Two families try to survive this apocalypse, aided by their love for each other and the pity of some gods who haven’t lost hope in humanity yet.