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(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) We were a race born to be slaved. Placed here. Now, its up to one girl to free us.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) 4lbs is a drama/comedy about millennial super heroes who feel apathy towards the self destructing world. They can never seem to live up to the success of their super hero parents.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) In bologna there are severals criminals that earn money controlling market's books of the university. Dario and Alvise are students implicated in the most powerful criminal organization of this type.
(Drama) An urban trap Queen sees entrepreneurship & hip hop as an exit from the streets and opportunity to get out of her brutual career decision, co-starring affiliates of 448 Mafia, hip hop modern socialism rap group in this autobiographical drama. Will she beat the odds?
(Drama) A reinstaged documentary narrative about the daily strife of two small-time Berlin drug-dealers.
(Drama) A brother and sister are aspiring Broadway actors from the inner-city of Chicago that must fight through the trials and tribulations of making it out and to the big stage with financially unsupportive parents and the tough streets of Chicago in the year 1992.
(Comedy) Animated short with comedy and gore.
(Drama) A soldier returns home for her father's funeral and finds that she must expose a crooked insurance agent who has caused her mother to be suspected of her father's death. She must clear her mother before she returns from her emergency leave or be pursued as a deserter.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) An Italian Don enlists old friends to assemble an oddball crew and steal the 15 ft. square, 9-ton ceiling from his childhood church now in a Cleveland museum. Big job needing a big tunnel, a big crew—and some big balls, too.
(Comedy) Pregnancy can be 40 weeks of hell, and it is hard on women too. Two guys con their way into wealth by impregnating two wealthy girls. Only to get way more than they bargained for.
(Comedy, Drama) A twenty-something, motorcycle riding legal secretary decides to fight the complacency in her life and the music she loves by starting a Los Angeles-based pirate radio station during the grunge-rock explosion of the ‘90s
(Drama) Plagued with guilt over after causing her sister's miscarriage, Molly finds help in getting her life together with some angelic assistance.
(Thriller and Suspense) When a limo driver with a probing political bent uncovers a secret organization manipulating American society, he puts his life and that of the woman he loves in jeopardy.
(Comedy) when a bully teenager of 15 realizes that he is being less noticed in school he is willing to go back to being the arrogant and selfish
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A simple road trip gone haywire for Mr. White as he journeys into realms of Human Consciousness never traveled before. As he discovers The Exiled, The Curse and The Executed all hope shall be lost and regained.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) One terrorist organization in Pakistan would steal few missiles from Nuclear Missiles center & would launch those missiles to India directly. How India would react to this and how rest of the world would actively get involved here, seems to be the beginning of 3rd World War.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) “Charmed” + “Skeleton Key” / “Clueless” = “3Juvenated” http://www.3juvenatedseries.com
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) "Armed with only plastic filament and a 3-d printer can Rayzor Ray and his crew of misfits print a rocking chair? A fifty foot flexible hose? A chain capable of towing a car? A pedal car? A pirogue or will they need to print a hand pump to keep the 3-d print shop afloat?
(Drama, Horror) A story about some very troubled people who live in the very troubled United States of America.
(Thriller and Suspense) You are always told never to trust a stranger.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A Single Moment in Time can Change Everything.
(Thriller and Suspense) 37 seconds before you're about to die, if you're looking at your reflection, you'll see an old version of yourself warning you about your impending fate. But there's a little girl controlling this fate and if she can be stopped, the 37 second curse will be broken.


(Comedy, Horror) Four women from Austin, Texas are trapped in the home of a crazed killer.
(Drama) True story of a 1970 airliner that ditched in the Caribbean Sea and the efforts to rescue those who survived.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) An insurance fraud investigator becomes obsessed with a case he believes is a cover-up for deep-sea murder. The victim’s ailing daughter captures his heart, unknowingly causing him to enact vigilante justice while helping him discover renewed love for his estranged wife.


(Horror) Based on true events, a new home brings hope and comfort, but for a single mother and her four children, it unveiled unspeakable acts of horror that could not be escaped.


(Comedy) male freshman students arrive to their dorm at SUNY Albany at the beginning of the semester to find that a mix up has them bunking with a female roommate.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) When A.J., a college dropout, learns the love of his life is getting married, his slacker friend, Francis, convinces him to travel across country to break up the wedding. Through a series of mishaps along the way A.J. learns about life and meets the new love of his life.
(Thriller and Suspense) The mean reference is Psycho(1960).I imagined the moment before Norman Bates kills Marion Crane. I imagined what was passing on his head.
(Comedy, Drama) Two recently widowed army buddies set out on journey, forty years in the making, to visit all thirty Major League Baseball parks, while making new discoveries, like the perils of preparing their own meals or experimenting with fuel injector cleaner.