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(Action and Adventure) When the King is drugged on the eve of his coronation, his aides persuade his look-alike cousin to impersonate him at the ceremony. The King is kidnapped, and the imposter must continue the charade as they attempt to find and rescue the King.
(Drama) A married Chilean woman’s happy life in Canada is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of her long lost ex-husband whom she believed dead under torture during the years of Military Junta in Chile of General Pinochet.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) “The Mire” logline: In our age of terror threats, the serial killer has become an afterthought, has disappeared from the Bureau’s priority list...Oh, wait, here comes one now...
(Comedy) Our hero, Johnny has it all, fame, fortune..and a ten mile long penis. But deep down he's just another lonely guy looking for love.
(Comedy) "Curb Your Enthusiasm" meets "The Sopranos" when a sappy, middle-aged guy tries to make his friends and neighbors believe he's a mafioso. But, in reality, he's merely a schlep for the real wise guys down at the mob social club. Starring Johnny 'Roastbeef' Williams.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Miguel Leonis, is run out of Spain in the 1850's and arrives in early Los Angeles. He quickly steals, bribes and marries his way to grandiose wealth and power. With a private army Leonis amasses a fortune but he returns with a vengeance as his decsendants squander it all.
(Comedy) Immortal dancer Rosatie Galletti beaten by the invincible time, converting the idol into that pitiful collection of wrinkles, hair pieces, coatings, silly pretensions, strange grimaces and an object of laughter, the lady responsible for causing the shedding of so many tears.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) a storyteller realize he exist cause a female writer write stories about him,when they meet and the woman realize that the man is the same man from her stories,she like him and decide to hold on him,continuing to write stories about him to keep him alive and existing
(Action and Adventure) "DIE HARD" on the Titanic. Ex NIS agent is on a modern day replica of Titanic when the vessel is hijacked by an international group of terrorists. He is forced to join forces with an old adversary, to save both themselves and 2500 fellow passengers from a watery grave.
(Action and Adventure) "The Hyena" series of story books are in several parts viz. Part-1: The Brave Children & The Wounded Tigress; Part - 2: The King's Marriage & The Diamond Tri-statue of Peacocks: Part - 3: The Mystery of Lost Gangsters & The Devils' Mountain: Part - 4 :The Witch Turner; etc.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) In a modern society where couples are interracial, some families are still traditional and live by the old ways. We live in a world of bullies, thieves, and killers, and also a world where some are sworn to "protect and serve." They say it's natural, some call them "Heroes."
(Drama) A true 1930's interracial love story between an English bohemian heiress and the musician son of a Georgia sharecropper. Their love buds in Venice, blossoms in Paris and withers in London when the heiress's mother learns of their relationship.
(Drama) An accomplished Hollywood actress is hiding behind a debilitating personality disorder. Accepting an award at a Rocky Mountain film festival, she falls for her handler, a local real estate broker. They find love, but now they struggle to find trust.
(Action and Adventure) Action packed Western with surprises. Town taken over by outlaws to rob a train carrying gold by the army.
(Comedy) An LA Conman finds redemption as a drug-counselor in the small town of Moscow, Idaho.
(Comedy) "A small-time drug dealing screenwriter ends up in Moscow, Idaho after a hazy night of drugs, parties, and a botched execution plan. Now he must lay low as he works at a rehab center helping others overcome their addictions while also facing the own demons of his past."
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Former major league baseball player, whose career was shortened by owner enforced steroid use, gets revenge on said owner by helping to foil his attempt in creating an untraceable enhancement through neuro-genesis.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Chance Hayes, a former major league baseball star, gets revenge on owner who enforced steroid use on him, subsequently shortening his career. Hayes gets revenge when he assists in foiling a plot by same owner to form a "super team" through neurogenesis.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) A former major league baseball star, whose career was shortened by enforced steroid usage through ownership, helps get revenge on said ownership, who are trying to develop a new form of enhancement through neuro-genesis.
(Action and Adventure) 3D fantasy film, describing the story of two young men went to the thrilling world of animals happen next.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) In a world where the internet is crushing the software industry through piracy, one man finds himself in a situation which can help prevent his software company from going under. He has just 48 hours. Can he do it? Or will it be too late?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) a computer hacker is connected with the Eye of retired God-knowing and seeing everything in the past, present, future,only to replace the tired God and undertake his job, using the modern technology and the endless divine knowledge to set things right in the universe...
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) our universe is one of the many eggs into the God's garden,but it is the only addled egg,which God try to heal and clean away,through his anty-chaotic pills,who appear on Earth as a humanity spiritual leaders of all times,who failed,that is why he send a new messiah...
(Thriller and Suspense) In 1880 Wyoming, a vigilante group, after massacring an entire family, must not only contend with a witness but a revengful curse by the dying mother that seemingly comes true.
(Action and Adventure) A Shoshone hitman sent on a mission to Canada changes his mind and way of life when he sees the "target".
(Drama) A southpaw fighter from Boston devotes his entire training for a shot at the title. He gets his chance at the title, but loses due to a sudden distraction at ringside... Now, he must find his way back to the top, but he must also fight for his pride to contend once again.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) "Three Coins!!!Three Times!!!Three Parts of Devil!! ...and One Mad Coin Collector,who collect them all into one whole Hell!!!"
(Action and Adventure) Languishing in the Major League scrapheap as a Dodger scout after blowing out his arm, Rex Gardner uncovers a geriatric pitcher that could be the answer to the Dodgers’ prayers and save his job if his rickety knees can reach the mound.
(Drama, Horror) violet 25 returns home after her families death to find more horrid discovery dead bodies in a under ground cave . with the help of her child hood friends john ,jake justin and adam. together they try to solve they mystery and discover evil vampires.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) It's something for those who like a deep and thought provoking story. It contains elements of different genres. It's something for everyone. Except kids.