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(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Mark's life is going nowhere but up until an old friend comes back in his life leaving a trail of blood and questions in his path. Mark is soon faced to question all of things in his life, including his loved ones and even his own sanity.
(Drama) This subtle, elliptic film follows a couple who return to the place they first met, exotic and seductive Goa, in the hope that this holiday will lift them out of the emotional and sexual despondency that their relationship has lapsed into.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) Alien abductions permitted by the US government become unraveled by a desperate man searching for his missing daughter.
(Drama) Our Revolution of love and education for all the children of the world.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) The paradise Dr. Kovak has lived in slowly shifts into a startling discovery of who he really is.
(Drama) A black janitor in 1937 uses a railroad spike to become a world class sculptor and shatters a long held racial barrier. But standing in the way is an unforgiving White America and a Nazi sympathizer who blames the janitor for the death of his daughter.
(Action and Adventure) A group of aging Viet Nam veterans gather together to fight a gang in a small town. Expendables meets The Over the Hill Gang.
(Horror) The four become involved in more than they ever expected, as they unwittingly release a hidden horror of unadulterated evil on mankind.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Two serial killers compete for the attention of the media.
(Drama) After 27 years of striking out in romance, a hopeful romantic meets the girl of his dreams by chance, who just so happens to be the daughter of the man he killed years before.
(Comedy, Horror) Halloween is Jake and Frank’s favorite night of the year, if only because it’s the only time they don’t stand out in a crowd. You see, they have been dead for the last six years and these two zombified frat boys just want to have a good time.
(Action and Adventure) Two young woman, one from LA and the other from Hawaii, using their special skills, form Black Sand and Coconut Investigations in Honolulu. They run their business off a 50 cabin cruise Captained by Jim who takes a active part in the business and a sometime farther figure.
(Comedy) A comedy about an over confident filmmaker whose career is at risk when his focus breaks down and the studio decides to bring in a competitive filmmaker to co-direct his film.
(Drama) A man who has severed connections with his family returns home for his father’s funeral, and struggles with coming to terms with unresolved emotions.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) After the 2003 occupation in Iraq by US military forces, there were mysterious accounts of groups of soldiers disappearing. Some say that the US government is performing experiments on soldiers trying to make a super soldier...this is the eyewitness account.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Someone's killing the Hollywood Monsters (The Mummy, The Hunchback and others) and it's up to a down-and-out Dracula and a monster-hating detective to solve the crime.
(Comedy) A TV producer must stop her unscrupulous reporter from ruining her career and reputation with slanderous lies.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Before high school track star can break his family curse, he must first use track and field to break down the barriers of racism, face challenges of acceptance, and learn the meaning of true love.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A man wakes up from a coma ten years later to a post-apocalyptic landscape presumably the result of an alien invasion.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) When William Ackerman’s childhood sweetheart is driven to suicide by her money-hungry parents, William embarks on a vicious killing spree of revenge and madness.
(Drama) A bittersweet story by award-winning American playwright Gina Quartermaine, “At Last...” is a dramatic short film about the reunion of two long-estranged sisters who come together under mysterious circumstances. http://www.GinaQuartermaine.com www.GinaQuartermaine.com
(Thriller and Suspense) Un uomo sta per morire e deve fare i conti con la sua vita. Alla fine dovrà fare la scelta più difficile di tutta la sua esistenza.
(Horror) A group of college students join together to chronicle the lives of five vicious serial killers but get more than they bargained for when the killers are found to be alive, possessing powers granted to them by an angel of death that could bring about Armageddon.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) "The Diamond Chasers" is an action adventure about a reckless, young airshow pilot who experiences the adventure of his life when he takes a job to deliver an envelope of synthetic diamonds to a reclusive scientist.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A world like ancient Rome, but with magic and mayhem. An ordinary man becomes the god of war.
(Comedy) Three months from grad school, two self-absorbed "wingmen" lose the credits they need to graduate and are forced into a spring break service trip in Mexico; when the destitute village floods after their mistakes, they must learn to put others first or lose everything.
(Comedy) A teenage boy discovers that a teenage girl is living in his closet... and that she is in fact God.
(Horror) When Alex uncovers the secret past of a brutal vampiric Union General, he and his son are hurled into a fight for survival against an army of the undead; an army hellbent on passing along the General’s blood legacy.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Pierre "Jeremy" Deveaux was the best Mountie in Canada - until he was deported because he was actually born in America. Now working as a Mall Security guard in the states , Pierre stumbles upon a plot by a french-terrorist. Zany absurdity ensues.
(Action and Adventure) One heist. Five hustlers. Eight million dollars. If they can pull it off, their lives will change forever. But the stakes are high, and they get more than they bargain for when they go up against the cartel in a US bordertown.