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(Drama, Action and Adventure) When man stops caring for the planet completely, the gods decide to punish mankind by unleashing chaos on Earth. Two families try to survive this apocalypse, aided by their love for each other and the pity of some gods who haven’t lost hope in humanity yet.
(Comedy) Mick's college baseball career and a shot at the majors was cut short in a instant when in 1974 he decides to play fast pitch softball in a rec league with his friends. As a grandpa he relives this special season as he falls asleep at his granddaughters softball game.
(Comedy) a Scotish man, a Welsh man, an English man, and an Irish man, all friends go on a stag do to Blackpool one weekend but things don't quite go to plan and it all ends up rather messy for them all when they get caught up in a sex trafficking ring from hell.
(Drama) Ernest Hemingway fights his nightmares of depression and sexual ambiguity to salvage his life by writing a new novel.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A Group of Independent Wrestlers stop in a small town for a quick show and Paycheck. But the Townsfolk turn out to be something the Wrestlers hadn't counted on, Escaped intergalactic Slaves who have seen Wrestling...and want to learn it to combat their Overlords!
(Drama, Kids and Family) Seventeen-year-old Minghua must face the dying and death of his father while confronting his dislike of the elderly he calls dinosaurs, his intermittent relationship with his girlfriend, and a brutish thug who wants her back.
(Comedy, Horror) A comedic stab at the tired paranormal genre. Plenty of laughs, paranormal evidence, scared giants, ghost stories, urban legends and funk... to go around.
(Action and Adventure, Kids and Family) Wright Brothers' Mysteries Indiesode 1 "Tourist Trap" iBOOKS - http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/wright-brothers-mysteries/id806908884 http://youtu.be/pf5AtMC6xl8
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Two down on their luck screenwriters concoct a quick payday when they kidnap a famous actress and hold her for ransom. Things get complicated when her husband has no interest in paying the ransom and the actress wants revenge against her husband.
(Comedy, Drama) Out of work and money, Joni is hired by her favorite author's mother to help him type his next book. With his career edging toward oblivion and his compromised health, Keith Grady is left with little option but to let a stranger into his world to help him finish his book.
(Comedy) A young struggling screenwriter finds inspiration in himself under the most unusual of cirumstances.
(Drama) A young adult struggles with a chronic psychiatric illness. We follow his mundane life through his narrative which becomes unpredictable and untrustworthy.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Your truth is written
(Thriller and Suspense) An ordinary man inexplicably wakes up in a different life and battles for his sanity as the two lives begin to connect through a horrifying prophesy.
(Drama) After their mother is sent to prison, African-American twin sisters Leah and Lena are individually sent to live with their mother's siblings. Though living different lives, they realize that as young black women they both share the same experiences of bias and judgment.
(Thriller and Suspense) Jack Garland, principal of a high school, watches his two youngest children get on their bus in the morning. That they are actually being kidnapped to silence his dissention in the district. His marriage now hangs in the balamce. Jack and Lacy must find a way to forgive.
(Horror) A group of friends stranded at a remote cabin must battle to escape a nasty practical joke compounded by toxic, deadly wildlife poisoned by an abandoned mine.
(Comedy, Drama) Schizophrenic Greg battles his mind and a homicidal pimp while receiving a series of wrong number phone calls that turn deadly through creepy meetings when Greg impersonates the alleged the caller is seeking.
(Action and Adventure) When Jane accepts a blind date in order to break out of her 'safe' existence, she finds herself caught up in a robbery at sea. When things begin to go wrong, it turns from robbery to murder, and she finds herself the only person who can save the lives of every one aboard.
(Thriller and Suspense) A twisted plot for revenge and a serial killer on the Most Wanted list surface at the same time in the same small town but who's doing what, and why?
(Drama) An almost perfect couple almost gets away with murder.


(Drama, Horror) A series of human sacrifices involves the newborn baby of a mob boss, who entrusts two professional killers with the task of finding and eliminating the executors of the crimes, who seem to serve ancient creatures called “Elohim”.
(Comedy) Following the life of Ben, a neurotic writer, and his womanizing sous chef roommate, Slade. Together, they experience and embrace life's precious and valuable gift of "WTF" kind of moments and situations.
(Comedy) Professional comedian Alex Klein gets forced to take his fiancé home for Christmas to meet his estranged family. Alex learns the only thing he had right was his family being a special kind of crazy.
(Action and Adventure) Wu-Ping is an American martial artist in China. He's been trained by a monk. He must travel to the USA and return a stolen item. He has an eclectic set of martial arts skills and is picking up more as he fights through a city dedicated to martial arts and combat.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) When a modern battle fleet arrives at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and discovers the Japanese ready to attack, time-travelers decide to protect Pearl Harbor and the Philippines, and go on to kill Tôjô Hideki, Adolf Hitler and their pro-war staffs. This is part I of the story.
(Drama) A woman silently battling depression is pulled into nightmarish dreamlands where she kills herself in unconventional ways. As the dreams begin take over her waking life, she can no longer hide the truth from those around her.
(Drama) A maverick detective investigating a homicide in Miami finds himself falling for one of the murderers: a runaway 18-year old girl who, with her twin brother, killed their abusive father.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Story of a family with a curse.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) The four X Files Agents are feeling the blunt end of an intense and ferocious investigation into the paranormal. A war is brewing among the alien nations and earth is the battleground. Society moves on despite factions of war and the agents seek help from non human sources.