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(Comedy) A series of comedy skits spanning all of human life, from ancient greetings at the dawn of civilization, to irritating ordeals with over-the-phone customer service.
(Drama) A vengeful slave, a first-mate struggling for his morality, and an unscrupulous lone passenger with ulterior motives find themselves in deadly and historically-altering circumstances on a slave ship voyage.
(Comedy) Desperate to get back into shape and fix his failing marriage, an obese former athlete joins a gym class run by “The King” a former doormat secretly hell-bent on ruining his marriage, job and everything he lives for in revenge for the most horrible of high school pranks.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) Its a National Pride for INDIA, emotions and handwork,sacrifices & ultimate achievement of hardworking citizen.
(Thriller and Suspense) The retired director of MI5, decides to infiltrate a Nazi-cartel in Brazil. The original objective was to take financial control of the Nazi-cartel, but now it is one of murder.
(Thriller and Suspense) In the year 2030 a retired assassin, now detective, is dealing with the lost of his best friend and wants to find and kill the person who did it. But, is held back by his boss, who gives him a weird case, which questions his life and reality.
(Comedy) mocumentary style comedy series
(Drama) “Scabs could be heal by time, but not the hurted soul which had abused by their lovers. Let a house is a home for children back.”
(Drama) One night, a man decides to rob a house out of financial desperation. He sneaks around, thinking no one is home, but comes across the homeowner in an odd state- he's drunk, in his bathtub, and is currently holding a gun. The night then unfolds in a very unexpected way...
(Thriller and Suspense) A bank robber is trying to make a clean getaway, and he's managed to lose the cops, save for one. He flees to a nearby farm to hide, it becomes a cat and mouse game between him and the lone police officer until backup arrives. However, things aren't exactly what they seem,
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) An artificial intelligence left only with knowledge of a world that no longer exists tries to find his own humanity
(Horror, Action and Adventure) Li is the lieutenant of the largest Triad boss in the city and takes care of his orphaned sister.  When she’s killed he discovers that his boss may be into darker dealings than drugs and prostitution.
(Horror) A police detective and his partner are on a case that originally suggests a bear mauling, but, as the killings continue, evidence begins to suggest that this brutal killer is actually a man.
(Drama) Stuck in an abusive relationship, a man does everything in his power to fix it but a new employee at his marketing firm disrupts everything he thought was true.
(Drama) Mike accidently packs up sensitive government documents after being laid off. He uses them to bail out others like him.
(Action and Adventure) A boy named Ahlmet finds a fallen star and must protect her from the forces in the world that would steal her power.
(Action and Adventure) Veronica open letters addressed to a previous tenant of her new apartment only to discover it is an old student seeking help from his old teacher. Her obsession and efforts to help him made her end up in the same institution where he has been locked up since his childhood.
(Drama) Matthews and Sarah find the perfectly situated house to bring their families together during the winter holidays. With families come baggage, what contribute to the trouble between Matthews and his life partner Dylan and Sarah's unexpected pregnancy.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Madeleine is adopted her life seems to go well but when a girl knocks on her door claiming to be her long-lost sister she believes the girl is a spy sent by another country she wants to uncover the truth but she gets Tangled in a mess she can't unravel.
(Drama) Twin black girls are sent to live with relatives after their mother is sent to prison. They grow up living different lives and, ultimately, want to live each other's lives. In the end they both realize they're just two young, black women growing up in modern day America.
(Comedy) DAPHNIS ET CHLOE is a teen romantic comedy that examines a hopeless romantic’s expectations on love and relationship when he first enters his first serious relationship. His expectations are shattered when he grapples the realities of mature relationship.
(Comedy) An arrogant punk must balance his hunger for the extravagant with his Uncle's demand to live responsibly or kiss millions of dollars goodbye.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Talented bi-racial female FBI agent teams with veteran D.C. cop to solve the systematic murders of oil lobbyists in the nation’s capital. The investigation triggers hazy memories of her Nigerian childhood which help crack the case and change the direction of her life.
(Kids and Family) What if... the hierarchy of the animal kingdom were combined with that of the office world? And a humorous look into the life of poor Mouse, a low level office employee working in an office run by Cats, and who's fallen in love with the Cat Lady Receptionist. Live action.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) In this very edgy fever dream of a film, a hit man is sent to kill a kid, but he doesn't have the guts to do it. However, is it worth the hit man waging war againt his deadly millionaire employer and his criminal compatriots?
(Comedy) Set in Beverly Hills, CA, the series revolves around teenager Mohib and his oil rich family: and his group of friends "The Sunshine Gang", who visit his LA club regularly and follows them through their day to day comedic adventures and conflicts in their pursuit of fun.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Game of Thrones meets superheroes
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) Darkseid has a plan to reign over the universe and it leads to many of the darkest and best-kept secrets of the DC universe to be unveiled.
(Comedy) Two men who claim to be a wizard and the reincarnated spirit of Jesus Christ take a twelve-year-old boy to the water park while being pursued by secret agents.