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(Drama, Kids and Family) A high school QB who starts out as 4th String on his team, goes thru many hardships and pain to lead his team to the State Championship...
(Comedy) I truly grew up in Radio Shack. My parents had a playpen for me in the backroom when I was an infant. I spent my formative years exploring the products and becoming the geek I am today!
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Drama) Nextword was bors as a web series but I would like to become a movie. it's a sci-fi story and talks about Ronnie, a guy like many others, but has a pen donated to him by his grandfather before he died. Ronnie finds out that pen has the power to change the course of events.
(Drama) Ray after personal difficulties, manages to build a new life with his wife Ely. However, sometimes the past returns and in a disruptive way. This leads him to go on old roads, which bring him toward the extreme decision to "kill" the problem, and real problem is a man, Phil.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) This movie was inspired by the Irish urban legend "Elisa Day".
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Based on Victor Surge character's, Slender Man.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) A sting operation gone wrong leaves $10 million in the hands of a man with nothing to lose and a secret weapon in his pants. Beverly Hills Cop meets Boogie Nights in the style of blaxploitation.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Ken & Barbie Doll share unconditional love as 2 revolutionaries threatening the status quo due to the example of their bliss.
(Kids and Family) Alice is a chubby girl who wants to dance. Ballet and Tap didn't work, but she meets a teacher who begins to call her Aziza and says she'd be a great bellydancer. She travels to foreign countries where she eats strange foods, meets interesting characters.
(Drama) When two sisters begin to question the secret sins of their father done 25 years earlier along with the death of their birth mother, the father must come face to face with his past.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) Grace is a girl with a vicious agenda. Tragedy took her life but the need for revenge has revived her. She has become a freak of nature who tears apart a town to either set it right or wreck it. A story of murder, rape and lynching in this brave beautiful world.
(Comedy, Drama) Follows the lives of 5 very different women in dealing with their love lives and work in various loosely interrelated tales all set in NEW YORK CITY
(Comedy) Three guys invisible in the social arena decide to take an untested Erectile Dysfunction medication to gain an edge and find their situation hard to deal with.
(Drama) When Jack is released from jail, he’s determined to leave behind everything that led him there. But when a dangerous game unfolds and old small town secrets come to light, Jack is forced to ultimately choose between the life he’s always known, or none at all.
(Drama) Amalia Bennett had a nasty break up with her ex boyfriend David King. It had taken a toll on her and this has caused her to move back home with her mother, grandmother and cousin Avril. She meets a new guy Alexander Petrov while at therapy, the two gets along really well..
(Kids and Family) Nothing embraces the space race to Mars like the "Escape Velocity Prize." There are only 2 teams left in the competition. One is well-funded and politically connected. The other is a rag tag band of misfits whose pilot is one of the best. If only he can believe.
(Thriller and Suspense) Sexually assaulted as children, Korinne and Peter have lived most of their lives as unknowns. Still operating in the shadows, they have returned home and they won't stop until everyone responsible for their abuse pays.
(Thriller and Suspense, Horror) The Civil war has just ended and fundamentalist Sheriffs in the South are organising another war to overthrow the Union. Supernatural consequences threatens to ruin their plans for a Confederate ruled country.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) At the end of the seconds world war there is an unexpected turn of events. The Nazis drop Nuclear Bombs on Britain. Our protagonist Blair Horne and Her Husband Bryson are frozen for 300 years. However after 171 years Bryson is taken by the Nazis in the year 2117.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) Follow the after-life adventures of a group of different people who make into Heaven to meet their galactic leader, Ghadevel (GA-DA-vel). Ghadevel is the chairman of the galaxy and is more like humankind than you realize.
(Thriller and Suspense) Emyr, a young student is given the opportunity to 'change the world forever. He uses a mysterious item that has the ability to kill anyone it's user wants. Emyr goes through psychological torture, as well as a major decision that changes his life forever.
(Comedy) Two underachievers frequently find themselves involved in nonsense fueled and embarrassing situations; due primarily to their obliviousness and the over analyzation of meaningless details in their lives.
(Comedy, Action and Adventure) This story is about the mystery surrounding Oak Island. It's a comedy and an adventure story, that leads the characters to search for the treasure of Templars, but doing so by thinking outside of the box.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) Caid: aww heel naw god aint pickin no favs today
(Comedy, Drama) Two brothers find a grinder that belongs to the devil.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) When it comes to dealing with emotions, it could arguably unanimously agreed, there is one emotion that cannot be controlled…, the emotion of love. This got me curious to find out if it’s actually possible to somehow just stop yourself…, from falling in love.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) He could fix anything, including an endless war in the future!
(Action and Adventure) A marine biologist student have some will to do good for humanity without caring herself deep in sea . when she succeed she found everything love, patronage by her friend and people though she lost her one foot in sea but her friend fall in love heartly deep in sea.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Two lovers. Two assassins. In a post nuclear - apocalypse world, what will happen when their paths collide? Who is Willie? How did he predict the apocalypse with such prophetic accuracy?
(Drama, Action and Adventure) All or Nothing: Cupid looks to step up his game against The Sword Brothers. Is Jaymin ok? He's dealing with a lot of stress. All the titles are on line tonight. Burly Dog and Johnson X settle the score. Roy and Ebeniezer fight for the promotions. What's going happen now?