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(Drama) This documentary explores the dark side of feminism, world travel, abuse, and neglect.
(Drama) Marked by grief, a woman in her twenties tries to figure out how she feels about the polar opposite men in her life—two in the real world, two in her dreams & the two who haunt her for very different reasons. Themes include grief, love, guilt, friendship, regret & bravery.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Jack Carlson and Myles Jensen were once the greatest FBI Sniper team. A mission goes wrong and Jack is declared dead. 10 years later he is found alive. All Jack wants is to get back to his normal life only to find that his life will never be the same.
(Drama) Achieving the American Dream requires the fortitude to act unscrupulously.
(Comedy) Two brothers, Wilber and Reginald Goldenhill are visited by a lawyer, Irwin Webb, who informs them that their estranged father has passed away. This news sparks an adventure of reliving a lost childhood they never knew they had.
(Comedy) A popular clique at school that promotes inclusiveness soon finds themselves at odds with a former member after a tragedy occurs.
(Drama) In August of 1918, Dr. Dean asks to speak with Department of Justice agents about lights from Mount Monadnock being sent to the Atlantic Ocean. It was believed these were sent by German spies to their ships off-shore. He was found stuffed down a well the following morning.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kids and Family) An apprentice candle-maker waxes heroic to free his fantasy world from an oppressive Overlord.
(Horror) A notorious child murder whom have been terrorizing a small New York town was captured, and sentenced to death. Thing is he didn't stay dead. The killer is back from the dead continuing his reign of terror.
(Drama) Inspired by a true story
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Set in the early 1800s, two brothers captaining ships in the navy are torn apart by storms, death and the something a lot more sinister. The story begins to unravel, leading back to a dark secret hidden in their youth.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) Zombies take over a college campus after a top-secret product is given to co-eds.
(Drama) This is a story about finding love late in life. Edgar Bennet, and elderly recluse, is pursued by neighbor Sally, a sexy senior who has decided they should be together.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) A young girl with a troubled past moves to a new town in an attempt to put her criminal past behind her.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Have you ever wondered what happened to souls after they commit suicide? This Dramatic comedy is about a girl name Clair and her afterlife adventures.
(Comedy) To save their fledgling marriage a couple enters into a sex pact in an attempt to reignite the passion they once had for each other, but they find that sex alone isn’t going to stop them from becoming a part of the 50% that doesn’t live happily-ever-after.
(Comedy) When Ed (a severe introvert) loses his newsagent's job to a self checkout machine and is then threatened with eviction by his rogue landlord, he must team up with a criminal idiot and his nemesis neighbour to fake a kidnapping that will raise the funds to save his home.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Two brothers, following the death of their father, struggle to get to grips with life. Through determination, and chance, they forge an income in the rubble that the financial collapse the late 80's left behind, until further family tragic hits and the plot darkens.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Get a grasp of dealing with difficult types of relationships.
(Thriller and Suspense) Drake Santiago a British Intelligence Agent that took a set up, seeks to regain himself by hunting down the man who double crossed him, lurking in a hotel called Chateau Rouge,with the goal of winning a card tournament despite the odds and opponents.
(Action and Adventure) A man who was stranded on a remote island for two years returns home only to find that the horrors of the island are not quite done with him yet.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) In the radiated mess of the eventual apocalypse, Twinkies are trying to survive, build, and fight for a new world. But a new species of mutated cockroaches with a hunger for sweet Twinkie filling will do anything to enslave the new Twinkie race.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) There is a spectrum of the reality dimensions overleaping. Does the reality exist? Does death exist or life just repeats?  
(Comedy, Horror) Orphaned brothers Ash and Omar are stuck in rut. In trying to cheat their way to success they pick the wrong poison and trigger a comical zombie apocalypse.
(Drama) This Synopsis is Based Upon Facts that Chronicle the Lives of the Two Main Characters named Faraji Henderson and Dorraine Barfield through their True Life Experiences that are Displayed in the Story.
(Thriller and Suspense) When an aging actress of the silent cinema attempts to rekindle her dwindling career by remaking a movie in sound, a younger woman cast into the picture gets between her and the men she loves.
(Thriller and Suspense) A provocative, morally-complex thriller set in a decaying community in the Florida Everglades. Murder, police corruption, racial tension, family betrayals, bored teen brides, heartless killers from Miami, assorted nut-cases and a violent high school reunion are all elements.
(Comedy) Pierced college drop-out JONATHAN HARTMAN, 20, discovers the new wave of youth discrimination in the workplace, can’t get a job, uses makeup and his wealthy dad’s resume, clothes and Ferrari to disguise himself as a 52-year-old exec, lands a job with real pitfalls.
(Drama, Horror) A Virginian Slave is given a chance at freedom by an ancient Vampire, but could he be actually trading one enslavement for another?