100 premises
65 wins
70 battles
Fahrenheit, Miriam's Project
Based upon Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451, this story follows the journey of Guy Montag, as he combats oppression of speech and artistic expression driven by the tyrannical president Beatty.
57 wins
66 battles
The Zone, Kris's Project
About a group of people trying to survive after terrorists attack every US settlement with a population larger than 30,000 souls using dirty bombs.
50 wins
57 battles
Poacher, Ben's Project
An American military veteran heads to South Africa to work as a poacher hunter. After being ambushed and left for dead, she must battle her way through ruthless poachers and deadly African wildlife -- all while protecting a critically endangered Rhinoceros calf.
52 wins
62 battles
Mow the Damn Lawn, Scott's Project
Deadbeat slobs Jeff and Hollis have 24 hours to mow their lawn; otherwise they face a fine of $100. Shouldn’t be that hard, right? But Jeff and Hollis aren’t exactly the most motivated individuals. For these guys, it’s going to come down to the last minute.
49 wins
58 battles
Mooned: The Deepthroating of America, Jeff's Project
When a loner conspiracy-theorist and a skeptical reporter set out to uncover the truth about the Moon landing they fall down a rabbit-hole of CIA conspiracies: the truth about JFK, weaponized LSD, the gay bomb, etc. With the CIA hunting them, they have to tell the world.
51 wins
61 battles
10 DAYS AFTER THE RAPTURE, Ramon's Project
Johnny due has been chosen by God to live in the days of the rapture of the church and a fallen angel Abaddon , who fought in the first heavenly war, wants to win the favor of God helping Christians on earth.
54 wins
67 battles
Picts, Mr's Project
In 208 AD Rome mounted one last invasion of northern Britain; their aim, to conquer or eradicate all the tribes north of Hadrian's Wall. What followed was three years of guerilla warfare, genocide and the death of an Emperor.
35 wins
40 battles
Home Planet, J.W.'s Project
In the near future, a probe discovers a potentially habitable planet. When a crew is sent on a mission to explore this new world, they soon find out that what they believed to be Earth's only hope for salvation may actually lead to its ultimate destruction.
43 wins
52 battles
Evolution_process, Thirumal's Project
Have you ever wonder why life is so difficult this struggle? This Book gives most of the answers when you read carefully for life . Examples given in such a simple language even kids can understand and relate in their life.
37 wins
46 battles
The Man Who Solved Riemann Hypothesis, Zeeshan's Project
A doctorate from Harvard, Claimont James sets out to prove overnight one of the most fiendishly, difficult puzzles of all time namely - the Riemann Hypothesis - that takes him in a spiral of self-destruction.
35 wins
45 battles
Born Again, Linde's Project
A Fundamentalist Christian woman discovers that her four year old daughter is experiencing past life recollections. In turn, the woman is forced to examine her faith and her life's events.
26 wins
32 battles
Wrong Number, steve's Project
When Jane accepts a blind date in order to break out of her 'safe' existence, she finds herself caught up in a robbery at sea. When things begin to go wrong, it turns from robbery to murder, and she finds herself the only person who can save the lives of every one aboard.
30 wins
40 battles
Rideshare, Tina's Project
A reclusive writer with old-fashioned values browses Craigslist out of boredom, and spots an ad for a young person looking for a ride from Farmington, NM to Reno, NV. He agrees. When he shows up he discovers that it's an attractive, yet trashy, young woman.
16 wins
19 battles
The Grand New Game, james's Project
A former MLB star player, who's career was shortened by owner enforced steroid use, inexplicably helps foil a plot by the same owner who's developing a new form of performance enhancement through neurogenesis .
26 wins
35 battles
Crude, Sina's Project
An Oil CEO and journalist are kidnapped with bombs set for mass destruction unless they agree to an oil clean-up via a critical phone call.
34 wins
47 battles
The Fallen, Alex's Project
A band of battle-tested Vikings escort home their injured king when they meet an out of this world warrior for they could never have been prepared to fight.
29 wins
40 battles
Taxi Driver, Razwinani's Project
A successfully business woman who is 50 years old is dating 5 different men. She is crazy about them. She is denying her daughter to date a laborer who works at a construction company. Her daughter is a medical doctor and she is in love with a construction worker.
32 wins
45 battles
Dropped Call, Gio's Project
When 17-year-old Russell Murphy accidentally comes into possession of a government-issued cellphone with surreal abilities, he becomes an asset to the CIA, as well as the target for an extremely powerful terrorist organization, and a conquest mark for their leader, Santana.
23 wins
32 battles
Mr. Miserable, Z.'s Project
A disgruntled baseball player discovers himself as he falls for an international photojournalist during an unexpected interview that winds up taking him around the world.
32 wins
45 battles
In Captivity, Kevin's Project
The owner of a sea life aquarium is kidnapped by two, young activists, who attempt to convince him that keeping dolphins and other cetaceans in captivity is wrong. Meanwhile, the police, along with the man's daughter are in a race to find him.
18 wins
25 battles
In God's Shoes, Kimberly's Project
In God's Shoes is a movie about Before The Foundation of Earth and Future/Prophesy The gift God gave me as a SEER A Seer is someone whom have vision of future
17 wins
21 battles
Evolved, Kevin's Project
Brian knew things had changed when he saw that the car he had been thrown in front of was now wrapped around him and he was perfectly fine. The only problem now is he has to run. They are coming.
29 wins
42 battles
The Descendants of Wonderland, Christy's Project
Wonderland is a wasteland and most of its inhabitants have made Earth their new home. A war for control of Earth will reach Alice Martin's door step for only she can wield the original vorpal blade that can defeat the newly awakened Red Queen.
28 wins
40 battles
First of Spring, Corey's Project
Flick Masterson -- a writer and educator -- visits with old friends and a student on the day before the First Day of Spring and along the way, meets a new friend. None of them knows, however, that it is his last day on earth as he is preparing for his suicide.
22 wins
30 battles
The Gathering, John's Project
The Gathering is an animated adventure documenting the epic journey of the animals to Noah's Ark, which resides at the summit of the Mountain of Gathering. The main characters are drawn from Biblical symbolism; they use their spiritual gifts to accomplish their mission.