100 premises
8 wins
13 battles
The Evidence, Jude's Project
Three men go on a mission to find evidence incriminating the Russians for their involvement in the war in Ukraine, only one returns with the evidence and with a war.
4 wins
5 battles
There's Something in The Woods, Anthony's Project
A New York City couple vacation in the upscale Berkshire Mountains after experiencing a miscarriage. When an interpersonal secret is revealed, the truth becomes rigidly painful. And the Psychic Turbulence unleashed .. manifests within the darkness of the rural woods.
20 wins
36 battles
My Masterpiece, Helena's Project
This story follows the life of a peculiar 12 years old boy, who ambitions to become the greatest painter, who ever lived. His path to success as his relationships will be affected by his conceited and egocentric personality.
21 wins
38 battles
Never Turn On The Light, Terence's Project
Father John Tale cares for the demonically possessed. His patients constantly die and Tale spirals into alcoholism as a result. One day, he takes on the case of Megan Mason. Tale doesn't have high hopes for Megan and decides to kill her. Unfortunately, she escapes...
16 wins
28 battles
Universal Church, Emiliano's Project
A person tired of everything in his life goes wrong, tries going to a church and have the solution to their problems.
19 wins
33 battles
Undead Warriors, Richard's Project
A black ops team are sent to South Africa to search for a missing Envoy. They find themselves at the historic Rorke's Drift where they discover an ancient curse has been used to summon the dead, pitting man against the undead and eventually, the undead against each other.
4 wins
6 battles
Love, hate, and deceit, dontivia's Project
princess ruby kills her parents to become queen by teaming up with the witch and king don. Things start To go down hill as king don gets greedy for land and the witch wants revenge. Her future husband martin must find a way to fix what she has done.Love , deceit and revenge
19 wins
36 battles
The Talisman , Jeff's Project
A down on her luck college student finds her fortunes changed when she buys a “lucky” necklace, only to discover too late that each blessing comes at a terrible cost.
3 wins
5 battles
A family man, Manuel's Project
Walter is a surgeon with abandonment issues. His solution is to cripple unsuspecting local towns people in order to prevent them from leaving. Can the cops catch up to him before he does this to his own family?
16 wins
30 battles
Miami G, Peter's Project
Miami G, finds himself in a hostage situation after rescuing a girl on-the-run unknowing to him, from the hands of two gunmen with a car he is to deliver, then feigns insanity when he is set up by the gunmen.
5 wins
9 battles
The Invisible Voice of Centaur, Lydea's Project
In today's life men are needing a change. It is happening all over the world. A rebirth is about to happen as they search to discover their Invisible Voice.
9 wins
18 battles
Who Shot Jack?, Helena's Project
The biggest gangster in the neighbourhood, Jack, was shot dead. A million dollars are missing and the only person who could have any answers is in a comma. The detectives Russell and Billy will try to make sense of this and answer the ultimate question, who shot Jack?
9 wins
17 battles
Vanessa', Mary's Project
Six African American women reunite after years of separation. Well hidden secrets revealed; old wounds reopened; temper flares and personality surface. Six women overcame obstacles that would rip a friendship apart, but instead their bonds are stronger than ever before.
9 wins
18 battles
The Ring King, Quincy's Project
We experience the mundane and the joyous, all set to the heart-rending and frenetic pace of what fighters feel they attempt to achieve greatness. The one thing both fighters come to discover is that all they were required to do in boxing was to create a legacy.
18 wins
34 battles
A Woeful Inclination , Dylan's Project
A bored sister, an oil tycoon father attempting to force his son into the family business all cause strains on each person's personal life. The effects of the quarrels and dealing with life end in tragic and harrowing events for each family member.
3 wins
5 battles
How May I Help You?, Syed's Project
After accepting the help of a mysterious stranger who claims to be his guardian angel, a heartbroken suicidal young man must battle his inner demons to reclaim the love he once lost.
5 wins
9 battles
Forgetting the Fight, Matthew's Project
FORGETTING THE FIGHT, about a retired fighter struggling to raise his kids while dealing with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) caused by years of fighting.
11 wins
21 battles
IPOpia, Jeff's Project
Two MIT students stumble get lucky and create a game changing technology, and stumble their way in the process from concept to market.
4 wins
6 battles
A Product of Me, Jeral's Project
The film displays how your environment can trap you in its cage. The film displays the struggles to keep a dream alive between two friends to get to college. The overall message is don’t become a product of your environment.
3 wins
6 battles
'Mars General', William's Project
Dr. Jack Greyson is on his way to Mars to become the new Chief of Staff of Mars General Hospital in the year 2187. He encounters political intrigue, romance and physical danger. However, at the conclusion Jack is somewhat successful.
3 wins
5 battles
Freedom, Piret's Project
Beth lives with her dog. She dreams about becoming somebody, being useful for humanity. She plans to learn French and guitar play. But this far she has never had time for this because she have had to work in market for living. But one day she gets inheritance...
14 wins
29 battles
The Maze, matt's Project
A heart broken billionaire who lost his wife and son to a murder years ago now vows to bring the guilty who have not been prosecuted to his own justice system. He carefully plans and executes revenge on those who deserve it. Giving families of the victims peace.
6 wins
12 battles
Love in the Workplace, Bryan's Project
A sexually-charged character study centered around a high school aide in affluent suburbia whose increasingly turbulent private life begins to eclipse her duties to help a wounded pupil caught in the middle of a tormented teacher's mental breakdown.
16 wins
31 battles
war of wow, Lucio's Project
U.S has been attacked, these parents which have children will be called for combat over seas where they must leave their children and go fight. They are split up in war, they must fight in war while their kids struggle back home. wife gets stuck in a pickle war at war at war
6 wins
13 battles
Raised to be Rockstars, Mads's Project
Three disillusioned Uber drivers are recruited to attack LA’s rich party crowd with deadly fireworks, but their suicide mission turns heroic.