100 premises
8 wins
17 battles
Soup is Good Food, Patrick's Project
A recent dental graduate is visited by a Guatamalan woman he had met on vacation previously. But she showed up with their surprise daughter.
3 wins
8 battles
The Confrontation, Lisa's Project
Bella enlists the help of her brother to get revenge on their dad's boss for the way he has been mistreating their father.
6 wins
12 battles
Love in the Workplace, Bryan's Project
A sexually-charged character study centered around a high school aide in affluent suburbia whose increasingly turbulent private life begins to eclipse her duties to help a wounded pupil caught in the middle of a tormented teacher's mental breakdown.
16 wins
31 battles
war of wow, Lucio's Project
U.S has been attacked, these parents which have children will be called for combat over seas where they must leave their children and go fight. They are split up in war, they must fight in war while their kids struggle back home. wife gets stuck in a pickle war at war at war
4 wins
9 battles
'Mars General', William's Project
Dr. Jack Greyson is on his way to Mars to become the new Chief of Staff of Mars General Hospital in the year 2187. He encounters political intrigue, romance and physical danger. However, at the conclusion Jack is somewhat successful.
10 wins
21 battles
A secret service police decides to go for revenge after his Dad was shot by his fellow. Efforts to bring him to justice after several killings and threats seems to be fading after leaking of information and disloyalty by FBI employee.
18 wins
37 battles
Blood and Tears, Tembawantu's Project
When an orphaned boy receives a scholarship to go study at a prestigious university he believes he has found a way to save his only sister from succumbing to her disease, but the terms of this offer include testing a new drug - a drug that forever alters his mental sanity.
3 wins
6 battles
GANG WARFARE, randy's Project
Violent gang members are abducted from the street and dropped into the Middle East to assist the military in fighting rebel guerrilla fighters.
3 wins
6 battles
Falling Star, Dylan's Project
An alien girl assumes the identity of a comic book super hero created by a young high school student and must defend her new adoptive home world from an alien force hell bent on the planet's destruction
3 wins
6 battles
Raptor, Shane's Project
Set in the future. On the planet Valorous. Two insane men set out to over-rule two planets: Valorous & Earth. An elite group call's upon Raptor Gold. A teenager seeking adventure, a new life. A classic hero's and villain's story with a twist.
14 wins
30 battles
The Maze, matt's Project
A heart broken billionaire who lost his wife and daughter to a murder years ago now vows to bring the guilty who have not been prosecuted to his own justice system. He carefully plans and executes revenge on those who deserve it. Giving families of the victims peace.
5 wins
10 battles
Amnesia, Pablo's Project
What would you do if one day you wake up and nobody knows or remembers? Meet the new Amnesia series!
2 wins
5 battles
'Mars General', William's Project
The following is an updated script for 'Mars General'. In the current screenplay the ETA for Aces & Eights is 32 Days, not 92 Days
19 wins
39 battles
Holy Help Desk, FRANK's Project
Father Francis runs a kooky Help Desk staffed by a pirate puppet. Sidekick Mother Superior delivers the news and weather, and Yuggy Robinovitch cooks in the celebrity kitchen but ultimately intends to take over the business.
14 wins
29 battles
Sovereign, Josh's Project
When international serial killer "Sovereign" takes justice into his own hands, it's up to CIA genius Alec Swede to stop him; but the discovery of the assassin's identity forces Alec to grapple with his past and question who has the right to take a life.
6 wins
13 battles
The Curse of the Cat -Revision 1, neva's Project
Death is forever, or is it? In Jonathan's world of paranormal events, even death is something that can be part of a bad dream that makes an individual feel like they are going crazy.
4 wins
10 battles
Out of the Shadows, Elimihe's Project
Beguiled and supremely motivated, a Nigerian youth sworn to bring down Lagos to please his Maker under an Islamic fundamentalist banner, will work from within to destroy the group when he discovers that the leaders of his movement are profane politically motivated men.
19 wins
40 battles
Late Night Tinkle (Short Film), Peteandrew's Project
Deep down inside we all are a little terrified of public restrooms. Especially if its empty and you're alone.
5 wins
11 battles
Area 51, Dylan's Project
A former Navy Seal enters Area 51 on a classified mission in hopes of saving his wife after an extraterrestrial virus kills everyone in nearby Las Vegas, Nevada.
2 wins
5 battles
Lucas: The Legacy, Brandy's Project
400 year old vampire turns one woman's life upside down and she must face what he did to her. I want people to experience the anguish she goes through and I want people to gasp with the decision that she makes.
2 wins
5 battles
The Broken's - My wife is after me!, Kapus's Project
Mrs. broken had a terrible accident and she thinks that it was her husband's fault. From that day she obsessively tries to murder him every single time she gets a chance, but always ends up getting poop on her head. This hilarious comedy is guaranteed to make you laugh!
15 wins
32 battles
The scar on my arm, Josefin's Project
A story about a girl who knows that she doesn't deserves love. A story about a man who feels something missing in his relationship, but doesn't know what it is. When they met, they help each other find the answers they both need.
2 wins
5 battles
Nowhere Kids, Nick's Project
Friendship is tested in this comedy as two best friends are stuck in limbo, having just graduated high school and not knowing where their lives are going. One of the two decides he wants to make a film, and after finding actors, the project is on its way to something great.
12 wins
27 battles
Cut Open, Nick's Project
Driven by his twisted past, a young serial killer attempts to lure his next victim into his home, but must first gain her trust.
14 wins
31 battles
Breaking into "The Notebook" House, Daniel's Project
Dramatic Comedy: A troubled college student, his childhood best friend and a foreign exchange student find themselves in deep trouble when they go in search of the house used the movie “The Notebook”—but accidentally stumble across a meth lab instead.