100 premises
28 wins
40 battles
First of Spring, Corey's Project
Flick Masterson -- a writer and educator -- visits with old friends and a student on the day before the First Day of Spring and along the way, meets a new friend. None of them knows, however, that it is his last day on earth as he is preparing for his suicide.
16 wins
21 battles
The American Dream, Blake's Project
The American Dream is a short film about a guy who graduated late from college and is looking to build his dream.
15 wins
21 battles
DARK SILENCE, Damir's Project
Young boy was the only witness to the murder of his family, he was placed in the mental institution. 20 years later he was released and he is heading back home. His house has become halloween attraction every year, and numerous hauntings were reported there.
24 wins
35 battles
Jack : Letters from hell , ROBERT's Project
Jack is back Stocking and Killing Hookers in the White Chapel District of London England 1888-1889 meat cutter by trade out for blood at night
20 wins
29 battles
Adverse Reaction, Dean's Project
A sci-fi, horror, thriller about two med school students who conduct secret trial testing on a new drug with amazing side effects. The Social Network meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
24 wins
37 battles
Sea Foam, Natalie's Project
Lana is a competitive swimmer with a bright future. One that is being forced upon her by her overbearing mother. After an accident leaves her mute and afraid of the water, Lana is sent away to recover. There she meets Zeke, a surfer who may be key to unlocking her heart.
17 wins
25 battles
Heyday, Jeff's Project
A football star returns to the game after a lengthy retirement and overcomes the obstacles off and on the field in a game that has changed significantly.
8 wins
10 battles
Equivalence: the gene controllers, nick's Project
What if a group of genetic scientists discovers a controller genome that could cure the most debilitating disease, cure all forms of cancer, and mutates into other life forms and controls any species genetic code transformation.
27 wins
46 battles
THE PULL, John's Project
When a struggling artist's parents, pull their financial support from him, he is forced to return to his small hometown to work in an industrial job, which stymies his dream of going to New York. Also he must leave his girlfriend who attends college.
20 wins
31 battles
RAVAGED, Robert's Project
With the help of God and the Devil, an intrepid young witch battles a powerful vampire to right the balance of the universe.
27 wins
44 battles
THE MAGI, Tom's Project
An eleven year old boy is visited by a little mysterious creature who will give to the world an extraordinary gift of life if the boy can prove that he has the “truest of hearts” and that he is worthy of receiving the gift of the Magi.
29 wins
49 battles
Ravenheart, Kris's Project
Professor Thomas Ravenheart and his family have just been given the responsibility for the family manor in backwoods Scotland as they’d just won a case in court. There has been a horrific murder at Ravenheart Manor involving two young teenagers.
22 wins
36 battles
REWIND, mike's Project
It's easy to see that Mike Daly, facing 40, isn't all that fulfilled . But he'll be in for the ride of his regretful life when, after a car accident, he awakens at age 18, in his old room, with a chance to do his life all over again.
4 wins
5 battles
Yellow Diamond, Hayden's Project
Vincent falls in love with his son's painting as he ventures towards a mid-life crisis. His wife Shirley, a political feminist, befriends their neighbour Reece, a woman with dark secrets. Sandy and Rebel form a teenage friendship, despite highly opposing characteristics.
27 wins
46 battles
TIME CADET, David's Project
As a Time Agent in the Time Terminal in 7065AD, ZENRET is routinely send to the past to make changes that affects the future of humanity. While on a one-day leave in the 21st century she falls in love at first sight with a man. Events thereafter are beyond her control.
29 wins
49 battles
Pacific Crest Trail, Scott's Project
Following the death of his father, FBI agent Chris Archer returns home and embarks on a two-week hike with his estranged brother Tim to scatter their dad's ashes on the PCT, unaware that murders bank thieves are hiding on the trail.
29 wins
48 battles
Melody is a young and a beautiful woman who has problems about her childhood. Now she doesn't know anymore what is real what is not. She tries to survive at this psychological state.
22 wins
37 battles
Mock Debate, Kevin's Project
A former A-list movie star, desperate to resurrect his career, accepts a job as a mock opponent to the US president in a rehearsal for the televised presidential debates.
18 wins
28 battles
355, Lee's Project
A young woman becomes a spy for the American Revolution vowing to take revenge for the loss of her lover, she ultimately saves the country from British rule.
22 wins
35 battles
Who Died This Semester, Sean D.'s Project
A masked killer stalks the students of a college campus. What do these events have to do with a tragic car accident three years prior?
25 wins
41 battles
law abiding citizen, pawan's Project
this is a story of ex navy seal who lives a normal life with his parents and is found of boxing ,one day his nephew died of drug abuse this changed his life totally and does every effort to get justice for his nephew.
17 wins
27 battles
The Power of Jasmine, Marc's Project
A NASA scientist finds herself caught in a conspiracy that may define the fate of all life in the Universe.
20 wins
35 battles
LOGLINE: 1933 Nazi agenda -- the master design of the perfect German specimen began. Several species including cats, badgers, ferrets enlisted in the project. The number -soldier, intelligent, disciplined, physically fit, focused -- the achievement of excellence.
8 wins
13 battles
Thick, Ryan's Project
A pair of bumbling thieves break into a mansion to steal an heirloom, but run into another pair of thieves looking for the same thing. Complications arise and they must all work together to find the heirloom, coming to a crossroads where only one pair can leave with it.
4 wins
5 battles
Laura , Brandy's Project
Memories of another. Kathy remembers Laura's life and she is trying to figure out what happened and to make sure that history does not repeat itself.