"Cause & Origin"

Creator: Steven S. Greene
Genres: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
"Cause & Origin" tells the story of Tim Fitzpatrick, a 3rd generation Philadelphia firefighter "truckie," as was his late father who died in the line of duty. A severe fire injury give Tim 2 choices: retire or join Arson Investigation. You won't believe what he learns!

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 1 - "CAUSE & ORIGIN"
    Creative Notes:
    The Dalmatian Productions, Inc. team has been researching and writing this show for several years. This past summer (2015) we brought the script to the Philadelphia Office for TV and Film and the Philadelphia Fire Dept. who have advised that they are very interested in working with us on this project. Additionally, our story lines will include issues firefighters face today and educational tips.
    LOGLINE: "CSI in the Firehouse" Tim Fitzpatrick a 3rd generation Philly "truckie" firefighter is seriously injured in a fire that kills his boyhood best friend. Forced to either retire or join Arson Squad he learns this fire was arson as was the one that killed his father.