“EmpowernatorJune’s Fintech Adventures”

Creator: Russ Klein
Age rating: Everyone
The CEO of a corporation moonlights as unlikely superhero.
“Empowernator June” uses, shares & introduces the latest tech to empower us all!
"The Empowernator” fights crime while introducing the latest tech concepts & wearables! Episodes Include whiteboard animations!
Synopsis: The CEO of a Corporation moonlights as unlikely superhero. She is a tech pioneer!
As we travel through a brief history of her credentials, work history, publications & awards…
She wants to leverage tech to solve real world problems!
She wants to EMPOWER YOU to be your own superhero!!!

“EmpowernatorJune's FinTech Adventures” a TV pilot for series consideration. Each episode includes 3 episodes for different targeted consumer audiences and their related businesses. 
Along with "The Man In Black" (The Alfred to her Batman) they discuss key tech issues like public wifi risks, tech enabled education programs & 24/7 personal safety solution are explained simply and in a captivating way. 
3 minute embedded episodes: 
(1) EmpowernatorJune's Executive Women's Travel Collection is being considered for the new Tech Wearable to be developed in an Intel sponsored, Mark Burnett TV product development series.  
(2) Introducing a new product from a new company via an amusing story for a connected panic button for personal safety; 
(3) fun charity examples for: women tech education program grant & karaoke event for any charity with 5 steps on how entrepreneurs can create any movement.

After decades of working in FinTech, June realized the real prize is that tech firms invite influencers like June to a private access, as well as, theater pre-showing of movies like Starwars. Inherent in the video is collaborative efforts empowering others. The tongue-in-cheek message is: "Take your work seriously, not yourself."

EmpowernatorJune's catch phrase, "May the Tech be with You!"

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Superhero uses the latest tech & empowers others to be their own superhero!
    Creative Notes:
    I really admire my mother, June Klein. She was on the internet in the 70’s & in the 80’s she taught me DOS at home on a IBM XT. She has been DECADES ahead in the fields of Technology, Marketing and Finance. Empowernator June will provide television production quality entertainment via comedic superhero movements while introducing cutting-edge technology in a fun way with whiteboard animation.