"Escape From: Sean Astin vs. GatorCroc"

Creator: Tim Pyle
Age rating: Everyone
As a low-budget monster movie plays in an endless loop over thousands of years, the film's characters slowly become aware that they’re fictional creations inside a terrible movie. They begin working together to escape not only the titular monster, but also the film itself.
Synopsis: Mick Guffin knows monster movies. And well he should: he’s a digital character in “Sean Astin vs. GatorCroc,” a low-budget monster film that has been playing in a loop for thousands—maybe hundreds of thousands—of years. As the movie restarts for the umpteenth time, Guffin is gradually becoming aware that he’s a film character.

The story plays out as it always does: Guffin discovers that a local laboratory has been experimenting with creature mashups, combining animals together to craft all-new super-lifeforms. Their latest creation? GatorCroc—a half alligator, half crocodile hybrid that combines the best skills & strengths of each!

Obviously such a terrifying monstrosity cannot be contained for long. And sure enough, GatorCroc soon escapes from the lab and rampages through the local town. Only Guffin and a loyal band of people he barely knows can stop the creature in an explosive finale.

Ultimately the town is saved, the monster is destroyed, and the hero gets the girl. Cue the closing credits.

But in a serious case of déjà vu, once the closing credits finish rolling, the movie begins playing yet again. Guffin once more finds himself going through the motions of the poorly-written narrative. He discovers that the rest of the quirky townspeople are also becoming self-aware.

Eventually they realize that the greatest monster they face isn’t a gator-croc hybrid, but rather is the terrible screenplay that they’re trapped within: a story full of plot holes, convenient story elements, special features, gratuitous product placements, and awkwardly-shoehorned-in celebrity appearances. If they ever hope to have a normal life, they must all work together to escape the greatest travesty known to man: Sean Astin vs. GatorCroc.

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