'A leg up'

Creator: mike mcclaskey
Age rating: 13 and older
A young girl that is just starting her rebellious stage against her already weak family, suffers a life altering (accidental) injury. With the unwanted aide of a Christian 'stranger', she overcomes her injuries and helps bring her family back together.
Synopsis: Thirteen year old KATIE HOLCHECK has the world by the tail. She’s smart, talented, and as cute as a button (whatever that means!). She has the kind of personality that makes others envious of her. Her only flaw is the fact that she knows she is all that.
Katie’s ten year old brother, KEVIN, is not as lucky. Kevin was born pre-mature so he suffers from the ridicule of being the smallest child in everything he does. Kevin also suffers from severe bouts of asthma, which keeps him from enjoying many of the family’s outdoor activities.
Their parents, MARK & JANET HOLCHECK, are as middle-America as you can get. Due to the economy, Mark is unable to hold down full-time employment. Janet keeps the family afloat with her teaching job and her involvement in the local church (even though she usually attends alone).
The Holcheck family’s life gets turned upside down when Mark, making money on the side mowing empty fields, accidentally runs over Katie’s legs with the tractor.
Katie awakens in the hospital to find her leg amputated from the knee down. In her eyes, she is now damaged goods.
As the family sinks further and further into the hole they have created, it takes a rugged Australian (think an athletic KEITH URBAN) named CHRIS CULLPEPER to pull them out.
Chris, an amputee himself, has heard about Katie’s accident and he ends up helping Katie (and her family) see that GOD has a plan for all of US, and sometimes, this is HIS way of testing us.
Just as Katie starts to realize that Chris is her guardian ANGEL, Chris reminds Katie that she is his ANGEL.

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