CENTIPEDE'S LOVERS By Victoria Yousefi

Creator: Victoria Yousefi
Age rating: Everyone
A story about two centipedes gay talented singers and hip hop dancer friends . Their goal was to move to City they found a way and reached their dream first night walking in the City they met a famous record producer and shortly after were nominated for Emmy Awards.
Synopsis: Life for these two Trans-sexual Centipede's friends in Jerusalem was demanding. Finally they moved to New York City to launch their careers as a hip-hop dancers and singers.The first night in the City they were so excited and wearing their high heels shoes dancing and singing together New York, New York we are here. The music gay producer Aldo accidentally found their unique talent. He offered them to record their voice and their unique hip...hop dance in his luxury studio in Manhattan.The main character, Nogly created a hip hop song and had a dynamic voice with her friend Avly. "We are Lovers "

Oh....my name is Nogly I'm not an ugly. I have a lover....his name is Aldo. I'm not a different....I wearing an outfit....We have a talent Oh...We not the different...I have a Lover....you have a husband.....I'm born this way.....you are born that way! I have a talent I'm not ...silent....you shouldn't hate us.....begin to love us. We not a different....Oh...you not a different!.

After a few auditions album in Central Park and around the big apple, their album became number one in the world of centipedes and they had a tremendous view in Centipede's You Tube. They were successfully nominated and won the Emmy Awards.
These two gay friends humbly opened the door to be free and believe in yourself and love others like your self.

This is a funny, whimsical story with humor and dedication to our
Gay and Trans- Sexual communities around the world.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Victoria's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The Centipede's Lovers is talking about gay and trans-sexual communities around the world.The main characters are very talented hip, hop dancers.They shared their story while they were protesting in the Gay Parade in New York City. After they met the famous record producer their lives got changed. They were nominated for the Emmy Awards for their creation song that the preference is yours.