The Sex Trip

Creator: Anthony Cohen
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Guys need to learn how to respect women, not just the hot ones, this is a hard lesson for a womanizer Eddie Greenfield, but he will learn to love a woman for her inner beauty not just her appearance. Hilarious comedy.
Synopsis: Eddie Greenleaf (30ish) is the best-selling author of a pair of books designed to help men pick up women.
He is also a handsome playboy who beds one beautiful woman after another without a thought for the consequences.
As Eddie is returning to his New York City loft one night following a romp with a supermodel, he is confronted by a homeless woman. She accuses Eddie of being a superficial womanizer. When he objects, she asks him to prove that he can see the beauty in all women by giving her a kiss. Of course, he refuses.
The next morning, Eddie wakes to discover – to his horror – that he has been changed into a woman. A beautiful woman (think Mila Kunis), but a woman nonetheless. This change leads Eddie (or, Edna, as he now calls himself) on a comical journey of self-discovery, as he learns what it's like to be on the other side of the sexual coin. Along the way, he comes to realize how shallow his life used to be and falls in love for the first time in his life with Jess, the pretty but insecure manager of a local homeless shelter (think Anna Kendrick).
Eventually, Edna works up the courage to tell Jess the truth about his/her situation, only Jess assumes it's some sort of a crazy lesbian come-on and tells Edna she doesn't want to see her again.
Heartbroken, Edna falls into a funk that is only exacerbated when she experiences her first period. When the hormones subside, Edna has an epiphany: She is going to write a new book, only this one will sing the praises of romance and love and teach women how to tell Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong.
The morning after turning the book in to her agent, Edna wakes to discover she has been changed back into Eddie. The curse has been broken!
We cut to six months later, and Eddie is at a signing for the new book, which is another best-seller. After the signing, Jess appears and tells Eddie she was wrong. Though not entirely sure why, something is telling her that Eddie really was Edna.
They decide to start over. Eddie asks Jess if he can buy her a coffee, and she happily accepts his offer. Together, the two of them walk out of the book store.
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