Capital Risk a.k.a Uncommon Bonds

Creator: Randy Caba
Age rating: 13 and older
A violent corporate takeover compels a successful but clairvoyant and haunted stock trader to confront his mother's unhinged murderer... his father.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Elliot Freeman grows up in a violent household. His father, Samuel, suffered tormenting visions. Elliot too. Mental illness? Or an uncommon bond? When tortured young Elliot repeatedly experiences his father ferociously beat him and his mother, his nightmares torment him even as an adult.

Thirty years later. Elliot's married to beautiful Terese. She wants children. But he's not ready.

Then when he's voted the firm's Stock Trader of the Year, he discovers the company's secretly been sold to international investment titan, Kaplan and Associates. And that's when mysteries escalate: a co-worker is killed in an auto accident. Then a firm partner dies on a road trip. The stress invokes flashes from Elliot's past: A brilliantly bright hallway. A chrome revolver. One bullet. Recurring nightmares that expose blocked, tormenting memories.

But Kaplan's not as invincible as he appears. Japanese business overlords make clear his end-time clock is ticking and his wife demands a divorce too. Feeling the squeeze, Kaplan targets Elliot and leaves him for dead. But young upstarts and Elliot admirers, geek Joshua and sexy-smart Lynn are on Kaplan's trail. They slowly unravel his scheme through computer hacking and clandestine, spine-chilling prying.

When Terese discovers old hospital records, she realizes Elliot's childhood abuse. She finds personal checks made out to a lawyer caring for Elliot's father too. But he always said his parents were dead. Now she knows one is alive. And after evidence points to Elliot embezzling client capital, everyone begins to doubt his innocence. Drake, special investigator for the SEC, hospital-arrests Elliot.

But Terese can't accept his guilt and teams up with Joshua and Lynn. They help near-crippled Elliot escape the dark suit guarded hospital. Time to confront Elliot's past. His fears. His father. Because a fellow prisoner, an original Wall Street computer programming architect, holds a key... the key to Elliot's freedom. Still, the SEC and Kaplan are hot on Elliot's trail. But Kaplan's got his hands full too. A hostile takeover unraveling. A nasty divorce. Pleasing powerful Japanese bankers. Wall Street to bring down. And Elliot on the loose. But he's got a plan and he's sticking to it coolheaded, by-the-book.

Now Terese puts on her spy-ware dress and infiltrates enemy lines, Kaplan's offices. She nervously connects an inside computer to a remote server as Kaplan and cohorts work nearby. Elliot confronts his past: His father's ignorance and deep hatred. His twisted interpretation of the shared visions that shackle them. His reasons for killing Elliot's mother. But the clock's a ticking. Beaten down Elliot meets with the Wall Street computer architect in federal prison. The pieces begin to fall together and it appears that even Drake is in on Kaplan's caper.

But Kaplan's men catch up with Elliot's posse and now they drive to survive until dark suits intervene. Elliot is captured and imprisoned. And now Drake makes a deal with one of Kaplan's men, “Make sure this hangs on Elliot Freeman.” But Kaplan's feeling the clock tick too. A metal alarm sounds as he leaves the firm but he doesn't know why. His chartered flight is late. Then airport security discovers a hidden object in his case. Sweat drips from his brow. At a cyber-cafe, Joshua hacks into the office computer. He unmasks files and reroutes data. But when Kaplan's virus threatens his mission, Joshua's computer skills win.

Elliot is released from jail only to learn another firm associate is found dead. And now Terese's' best friend dies too. Drake and Elliot race toward the airport. They frantically search Kaplan's jet to no avail until they spot Kaplan attempting escape. Kaplan drops Drake with a mini stun ring. Drake misses Kaplan with a bullet. Then Elliot drops him with a well-deserved punch. In court, Kaplan is still seriously shrewd. But he is charged anew with murder as Kaplan's deadly scheme is finally fully exposed... the firm's CEO was having an affair with Kaplan's wife.

Elliot suffers a final dream. A dream inside a nightmare. Or is it a shared vision? Samuel attempts suicide by revolver. But now, money doesn't matter. Elliot will spare no expense at keeping him alive. For Elliot, Samuel's atonement for murdering his mother is to live.

And as shadows grow long, Elliot shares with glowing, pregnant Terese that his mother would have loved grand kids.

Cover artwork by author but credits also to Yuri Arcurs, Robin Mackenzie, and Nejron at

Latest Work

  • Video 2 - Psychological Thriller Storyboard Animatic
    Creative Notes:
    Innocence can be an indefinable quality. Minor changes. Upgraded video quality.
  • Script 1 - Randy's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Credits – An early version was in the Top 3 and is a Hall of Fame entry at, Top 10% at the Austin Film Festival, a semi-finalist at ScriptWorld and at Radmin Company (Top 2% out of 929 international entries).
    Concept – Innocence can be an indefinable quality.
    Genre – Psychological Thriller.
    Tone – Disclosure enters The Twilight Zone.

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