Creator: Philip Tatler IV
Age rating: 17 and older
A sleepy fishing resort becomes a gateway for sinister beings after a bumbling New Ager accidentally opens a porthole to another dimension.
Synopsis: In the off-season, Chincoteague Island is nearly deserted but for a core group of locals. One dreary winter afternoon, Obadiah and Fern – two of the island's few young people – take a walk on the beach. They become aware of anomalous activity – animals behaving strangely, a friend's metal detector going haywire, a sonic boom, etc. This culminates in their encounter with a strange man wandering the beach, carrying a package addressed to "Mr. Flower."

The two young men are then plunged into a mystery involving ancient occult entities that serve a creature known as "the Eyepole." Mr. Flower, a well-meaning eccentric, has accidentally summoned a group of extra-dimensional beings to Chincoteague. Slowly, these exert their power, forming an alliance with Flower.

Flower and his familiars host a rally where those in attendance are quickly controlled by a combination of empty promises, atonal music, and drugged refreshments. Fern succumbs to the allure of the cult, leaving Obie alone in his battle to deprogram his brainwashed friends. Flower recognizes Obie's strength of will and invites Obie to reign with Flower and Eyepole over their sycophants. Obie resists while fighting to find a way to return the marauding creatures to their place of origin.

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